7 Better Proposals Alternatives to Create Fantastic Proposals

Posted by Didi Inuk | March 6, 2023 | All, proposals

In today’s business world, companies must constantly strive to streamline their operations and optimize their resources to stay ahead of the competition. One of the essential tools for achieving this goal is the use of business proposal software.

This software helps companies create professional and effective proposals that can win them new business and retain existing clients. It automates the proposal creation process, enabling businesses to save time and resources that can be better utilized elsewhere. In this way, business proposal software can be a valuable asset for companies looking to improve their sales and marketing efforts and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

So, what proposal software is the best option for you? In order to decide, you must first understand the different functionalities and features that the several options on the market offer. Then, you must understand how these features will impact and elevate your business offerings.

Better Proposals is a popular option in the market that you can use for proposals, and it offers some amazing features. However, it might not be the best fit for all kinds of businesses.

To gain maximum benefit from proposal software, its features must satisfy your particular needs: robust content library, customizable templates, analytics, and integration with other tools.

Are you looking for the best alternatives to Better Proposals? Check out our top selection below.

Why Do You Need a Proposal Writing Software?

The main reason you should get proposal software is how much it simplifies the whole proposal-making process for everyone. These platforms are made to automate that process, which allows you to share them and track their success way faster than you used to. 

This software offers additional features besides creating proposals. Better Proposals, for example, can make the sales process easier by showing or sending all the price details and promotions you have available for your services. 

Apart from that, you get a full platform that lets you negotiate with your clients and get into an agreement based on the initial proposal or contract you sent them. One of the main issues with sending proposals is that it’s easy to forget about them, and it’s challenging to track their progress. 

Proposal platforms help you know how your proposals are doing, the results they get, and the things you should change about them. Naturally, the analytics and tracking features of each proposal software are different, but all of them strive for the same purpose. 

Besides that, some proposal websites include integrations and allow you to collaborate with other digital marketing tools to keep you from losing the information you had when using them. This allows you to send several proposals and handle various projects simultaneously. 

All these features can help you increase your sales and revenue if you learn to take the most advantage you can of the features of the proposal management software you use. 

7 Best Alternatives to Better Proposals

Better Proposals is an excellent proposal software, and using it brings you all the benefits you would need in a proposal management website. Regardless of that, you can see if other options fit your needs better than this one. 

Do you want to know those alternatives? These are the seven best you can find online: 

#1 Prospero 

Prospero is a great alternative for freelancers, small businesses, and enterprises of all sizes. You can easily create a select a proposal template from its niche-specific content library and customize it to suit your needs.

If you’re more hands-on, you can create a proposal from scratch and import elements that suit your business and personality.

Out of all the alternatives mentioned in this article, Prospero offers the cheapest pricing plans for equally competitive features. Apart from that, its offers analytics that allows you to see the number of times someone opened your proposal; how long they kept it open, and the status of your proposal. This allows you to effectively follow up on your proposals.

Prospero offers several integrations with other collaboration and accounting tools to make it easier to track your proposals and make the right sales moves at the definitive moments.

Are you looking forward to closing your deals as soon as you can? This app offers a legally-binding digital signature so you can type, upload, or draw your signature for your proposals. It works out of the box for both big enterprises and small businesses, so you can get it regardless of what your goals are when sending proposals. 


  • Excellent customer support 
  • Wide range of templates for businesses from various industries
  • Intuitive platform 
  • Free 14-day trial (No credit card required)
  • Top-notch analytics and tracking 
  • Integrations with Zapier, QuickBooks, Stripe & Slack.


  • Not many invoice integrations 


  • $10/mo

#2 Jotform 

Jotform is one of the most popular software for proposals you can find out there, so you should go for it if you are looking for a mainstream option. Why is this platform that popular? Because it allows you to make professional proposals with all the sections you want with the software’s free proposal templates. 

Although you can customize them as much as you can, this software’s proposal templates allow you to state the customer details, your purpose with the project, its start and completion date, the payment terms that best fit you, and any other fields you want to add.  

Real estate companies, human resources teams, and even healthcare facilities can benefit from what Jotform offers. However, small business owners or solo users can also use it. 


  • 24/7 customer support 
  • Excellent free version 
  • 300+ templates 
  • 30-day-money-back guarantee 


  • Expensive paid plans 
  • Slow mobile version


  • Starter – Free 
  • Bronze – $34/mo 
  • Silver – $39/mo 
  • Gold – $99/mo 

#3 PandaDoc

PandaDoc is ideal if you are looking for proposal generation software for free. This software offers a freemium version, so even if you don’t get access to all its features, you will be able to at least make, share, and sign documents and collect payments. 

However, it’s best if you switch to the paid version when you can since, apart from its features, it includes more integrations.  

We recommend you use this platform if you are running a small or mid-size business. Nonetheless, it still works decently if you use it for an enterprise. 


  • Freemium platform. 
  • Offers several integrations. 


  • Slow-performing mobile app
  • No phone support. 


  • 14-day trial 
  • Paid plans starts at $19/mo. 

#4 Proposify

The best thing about choosing Proposify as your proposal generation software is that it allows you to customize any of its templates as much as you want in a matter of minutes. Customizing this software’s template is not difficult at all, so you don’t need to be an expert on the matter. 

You can also adapt previous templates into new proposals.

Do you want to use proposal tracking software? This software’s metrics feature helps you track the progress of your proposals and projects. Proposify works its best for big companies and enterprises. 


  • Tracking and analytics 
  • Simple template customization process 
  • Third-party integrations 


  • Not budget-friendly 
  • Only supports five active proposals  


  • Free version 
  • Team plan – $49/mo 
  • Business plan – starts at $590/mo 

#5 HoneyBook

Although it has features that can be used to create proposals, HoneyBook is primarily a customer relationship management tool (CRM), so it includes many other functions to help you manage your business online. 

You can use this platform to manage your projects, send and receive invoices, and book clients. Apart from those features, HoneyBook has excellent integrations such as Calendly, Gmail, Google Calendar, and QuickBooks. 

Instead of working with big teams, we recommend you use HoneyBook for small businesses or single-person endeavors. 


  • Various integrations 
  • Proposal creation


  • Too many features can be overwhelming


  • Starter – $16/mo
  • Essentials – $32/mo
  • Premium -$66/mo 

#6 QuoteWerks

QuoteWerks, like the other platforms on this list, claims it can save business owners time and increase their sales. How can this software increase your sales? It gives you interactive PDF proposals and a wide variety of templates for you to pick the one that best suits your company’s style. 

Needless to say, you can customize the templates with the platform’s drag-and-drop builder. 

You can integrate this platform’s template with the customer relationship management tools you used in the past. 


  • Simple sharing options 
  • HoneyBook, Gmail, Google Calendar, and QuickBooks integrations 


  • Lack of CRM features 


  • Standard – $15/mo 
  • Professional – $21/mo 
  • Corporate – $30/mo 

#7 Bidsketch 

Getting to the last platform on this list, we have Bidsketch. This platform is excellent for creating freelance proposals and for use with small businesses, but it doesn’t work that well for big companies. 

This software’s proposal analytics tell you what clients do with your proposals, so keep an eye on that feature to track your progress. 

Needless to say, Bidsketch allows you to make and edit proposal templates without spending that much time on them. 


  • Tracking analytics 
  • Simple template customization 
  • Friendly UI and UX 


  • Its platform can get slow at times.


  • Solo – $29/mo 
  • Team – $79/mo 
  • Business – $149/mo 

Ready to Make a Choice? 

While Better Proposals is an excellent business proposal writing software, that offers all the basic features you can ask for in a proposal platform, you can benefit from what other options give you depending on your priorities, needs, and budget.

It’s best if you evaluate what you need the platform for and pick an option that offers just that instead of going for Better Proposals for default. The average win rate for business proposals is 44%, but picking the right proposal tool can make that number increase a lot. 

However, different factors can change the success rate of your proposals.  


Even if you don’t know how to write a proposal, many software programs and platforms can help you solve that quickly. Options like Prospero are beginner-friendly and available for both big and small businesses.

Prospero can help your business create a consistent and cohesive brand image across all your proposals, which can further enhance your reputation and credibility with clients. In this way, it can be a valuable asset for companies looking to improve their sales and marketing efforts and stand out in a crowded marketplace.


Idongesit ‘Didi’ Inuk is a Content Marketer at Prospero. She has a passion for leveraging content to drive meaningful conversations and help her clients reach their goals. When she's not creating content, Didi spends her time reading, watching series, or trying new cuisines.