How To Create Your Consultancy Website in 2022 (Step by Step)

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A consultant is an expert in a particular field that works by providing solutions and valuable information to people at a fee. Consultancy firms help business persons and investors achieve their dreams by giving them particular advice that helps them move forward.

To be more beneficial to the population, a consulting firm should have a website that is well designed and fully equipped depending on the field of consultancy it serves.

Unlike another website, when creating a consultant website, you should be very keen and confident with the information you provide on the site to ensure that your website is great and perfect because most of the potential clients will first visit the website so as to make a decision on whether or not they can trust you with their business and therefore having a fantastic website may make all the difference and convince them to do business with you. 

During the creating process, make sure that your abilities, skills, expertise, experience, and unique solutions have all been highlighted on your website. Your professional website is your chance to develop an online presence, clearly demonstrate your distinctive strengths, establish your authoritative standing, and persuade clients to cooperate with you.

You may wonder how you will be able to create a consultancy website, yet you do not know how to choose the best design to create an outstanding website and user-friendly to both you and your clients. This should worry you no more because, in this article, I am going to educate you on the steps to follow until you successfully create a consultancy website of your own.

 As a consultant, your success rests on convincing others that you’re an expert in your profession and that you can provide meaningful outcomes for customers. Your web presence is frequently the very first impression your consulting business will make with a potential customer.

A well-designed website will instill confidence and trust, which are two important factors in converting leads to customers. In contrast, a poorly designed consultancy website will create doubt among the clients making them run away from your consultancy firm.

Reasons for creating a consultant website

It helps you to make your brand known to the world.

By creating your own consultant website, you become outstanding from other consultants whereby you can reach out to people from all parts of the world. Having a website creates you a chance to gain the attention of a potential online client. A website is an easy-to-access online format whereby you can demonstrate your personality, work ethic, and talents to the world.

A website helps you to market yourself.

A consultant ought to have a website because it is a highly effective marketing technique to attract new clients passively, as many people look for new contractors through their networks and web searches. Well, if you are able to rank as the best in the search engines, many business persons will look forward to utilizing your skills to their advantage.

Being able to utilize the search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization is one of the advantages of owning a consultant website. Consultants require a website so that, at the very least, you own the first-place search result for your name online, ensuring that the first impression you make on potential clients is a favorable, self-shaped one. Giving your website a unique name in line with your skills and area of specialization gives you an upper hand in the search engines; hence a higher number of clients is almost guaranteed.

It makes you relevant amongst the young consultants.

Creating a personal website may appear to be a very Idealistic thing to do, but older independents also require a website to demonstrate technical proficiency. According to a website, “not only am I exceptional at what I do, but I’m also up on current best practices.” Today, practically every professional function is influenced by technology in some manner, so demonstrating a level of technological knowledge is never a bad thing.

The process of creating your consultant website is quite challenging, and therefore, you are required to seek help from an expert who will guide you through the entire process of creating a successful consultant website. 

Below are some of the key processes towards creating a successful consultant website; make sure to follow them to the end.

  • Choose a domain name.

The first step when creating your consultant website is to choose a domain name for your website. As a beginner, you have little knowledge about what a domain name is and its role in your website’s appearance. A domain name is an address that Internet visitors use to access your website. A domain name is a unique identifier for a computer on the Internet. Computers use IP addresses, which are a string of digits. Long strings of numbers, on the other hand, are difficult for humans to recall. Domain names were formed due to and are today used to identify entities on the Internet rather than IP addresses.

For your consultant website to appear professional, acquiring your domain name is advisable rather than using the free domains that you do not bear their ownership of. Also, make sure that when choosing a domain, the quality is not compromised, as this would scare the potential client away. The domain name is the first impression of your website, and therefore you must be very keen in settling on any domain name.

  • Choose a suitable web hosting plan.

Next, you must research and develop the best web hosting plan that suits your interest. Web hosting might sometimes be costly, making it almost impossible for a consultant to manage.

By this, the consultant is cautioned towards acquiring an expensive web hosting plan which they might neglect within the shortest period. Well, creating your website using WordPress is free, but when it comes to the domain name and Web hosting, you must pay.

For the WordPress platform, paying for both the domain name and web hosting is motivating because you will only have to pay a fee range of $2.5 to $5.5 per month. A good hosting service will also ensure that your website does not go down and loads promptly. The following are some well-known web hosting firms that offer low-cost starter packages:

    • 1&1 Internet Hosting
  • Installing WordPress software and its configuration

The other step is to install WordPress on your computer. WordPress is a platform that allows you to create your consultant website free of charge. WordPress is a free content management system (CMS) that has been around since 2003 and is used by thousands of websites. It is user-friendly and allows anyone to quickly and easily create a simple website. WordPress also includes a lot of options that let you change the design and behavior of your website, so even if you need something more complex than a simple website like the consultant website, WordPress is still the best option. 

These capabilities include various themes that let you create a professional-looking website without hiring a web developer. A number of third-party WordPress plugins are also available. These plugins perform a variety of additional purposes within WordPress, such as enhancing your website’s search engine ranking.

There are two main ways in which you can install WordPress on your computer, as explained below.

  • Use one-click-installation to create a website with WordPress:

Nowadays, almost all well-known and dependable web hosting companies offer one-click WordPress installation. If you choose to join a hosting firm, your “one-click installation” should be available either during the account signup process or in your account management panel. You only have to get to the preferred hosting platform, choose the hosting plan that best suits you, type in your domain name, fill in your other details as required, indicate your hosting period, and then go through the payment details. Create your account, and once you log in, you will be able to install WordPress with the help of the one-click WordPress install. 

  • Install manually

In case your web hosting provider does not have a one-click WordPress installer, the other option is to install it manually. Manual WordPress installation can take a long time, especially for inexperienced site developers. Here is how to go through with the manual installation process.

1) Here’s where you can get WordPress:

2) On your desktop, create a new folder and unzip WordPress into it.

3) Find and rename the file wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php.

4) Now enter wp-config.php, add the required information, and save the file once you fill in the gaps.

5) Now go to your hosting FTP and log in. The FTP URL is normally, and the username and password are the same as when you signed up for your hosting account.

6) If you find a file called “index,” delete it. Then, on your FTP server, upload all of the files from your WordPress folder.

7) After you’ve finished the previous steps, browse to the URL, fill in the forms present, and you will be ready to continue with the website creation process

You may customize your website with WordPress. By going to the WordPress login page, you can utilize WordPress to customize your website. In your web browser, type your website’s URL followed by “/wp-login.” To get to the login page, press Enter. You may also get to this page from your home page’s right sidebar by clicking the “login” link.

  • Create a unique look for your website by using customizable themes.

After successfully installing WordPress, it is now time to look for designs and themes that best suit your skills as a consultant. Your website appearances and first impression are highly dictated by the design and themes you decide to use.

With WordPress themes, you can make your website appear and feel exactly the way you want it to in a client-friendly way. At the end of the day, the website’s purpose is to attract more clients and increase their confidence, so the larger part of the design must consider the client’s welfare. 

WordPress has ready-made patterns that you can alter to your own in a way that symbolizes your skills, knowledge, and your intentions to your clients.

There are dozens of them to pick from on WordPress, and most of them are completely free, while for others, you need payment. It is advisable to first go through all the themes available in WordPress and settle on the one you feel comfortable with. 

When it comes to the theme, you need not worry too much about it because you can change the theme of the website any time you feel like depending on how you want it to appear.

For a consultant website, the theme ought to be professional and not fancy. As you work on the design of the website, creating a logo for your website might be an additional advantage.

  • Create the architecture of your website.

To make your website appealing, you must create an outline of what your website offers and some other details. To make this possible, You’ll need to construct web pages. These are internet documents that readers can view via your website.  While there are many distinct sorts of web pages, the following are the most important:

    • The Homepage. This is your website’s primary page. It’s the first thing readers see; thus, it’s crucial.
    • The contact us page. This page explains how your users can get in touch with you. Depending on your industry, this could be critical.
    • The page contains information on the author. This page provides new visitors information about your website and/or company. Typically, businesses will tell their “brand story” about how they came to be in this section.
    • Store on the Internet. This is where your readers may buy your goods and services. Depending on your industry, this can be critical.
  • A page for a blog. This is where you’ll find all of your blog postings. This will be a crucial component of your website taxonomy if you plan on releasing articles for users to read.

Final thought

WordPress takes a few clicks to create a website, and it is much easier. For a consulting website, every page should be created in a consulting way, and the blogs provided should be client-focused, informative, and engage the clients. By following the above process, you will end up with a complete and functioning website.

Once you’re done with your consultancy website, boost your revenue by creating professional proposals with Prospero. It has a number of customizable proposal templates, ready-to-use content, integrations, and many other powerful features. Sign up for Prospero now!

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