How to Win More Clients on Black Friday with Amazing Proposals

Posted by Abbey Claire Dela Cruz | October 26, 2020 | proposals,

The one-month countdown to Black Friday 2020 is about to begin!

It’s this time of the year again when you can shop for just about anything. At much better prices, of course.

Shoppers and retailers are now busy in anticipation of the holiday shopping season. A recent study shows that Americans shop online during this time, spending an average of $300.

For business owners, this is also the season when they need to step up the game as competition is at its blast. Everyone’s all out in driving sales and traffic.

With the flow of amazing deals comes a flood of opportunities too. Whether you’re a retailer, an agency, a freelancer, or an independent contributor, you can also benefit from this yearly event. Why not use this time to send out proposals to your prospects? 

Proposals are a great way to let your prospects know what you can achieve for them in a specified time. And considering the technology, you won’t have to block off schedules for face to face meetings. 

Here’s a list of helpful ways on how you can win more clients this Black Friday 2020 by sending proposals.

Let’s start!

  • Know what your clients need

There are surefire ways of identifying what your clients need at a certain time. For instance, a boost in marketing demands is one of the most popular during Black Friday. Most merchants, if not all, are all out and about in campaigning their business deals.

If you’re a marketing expert, you’re exactly what they need. Here are some of the tips on how to pinpoint the needs of your clients based on your niche:

  • Listen. Grab your phone. Make a quick call. This helps in knowing what they really need and how you can formulate your proposal moving forward.
  • Ask questions. You can conduct a quick survey. Ask about what they think lacks in their strategy. They may not realize it, but you can help them identify their needs through your questions.
  • Study their website and social media channels. As an expert, you can track the online progress and pinpoint the elements that might be lacking. In this way, you’ll have plenty of room to prove your expertise as you discuss more channels.
  • Bring new tactics and ideas to the table

This is where you’ll prove your worth. What new ideas do you have that can catch their attention? Can you create a website? Can you facilitate SEO initiatives? Leveraging on these fresh ideas will surely increase your chances of getting approved. 

Bringing solutions to business leakages makes you look more professional and serious about your craft. Don’t be afraid to propose tactics that you believe are beneficial to them. It shows you’re enough of an expert and that you’ve been in the industry long enough.

No client will brush off new ideas especially if that’s really what they need. Remember that Black Friday is an event with notorious competitions. New ideas are extremely needed. 

No matter how they respond to it, this just means that you know what you’re doing and you just want to extend your services.

  • Avoid jargons

If you’re a web designer, avoid explaining things in the most technical way. Yes, you might look smart, but it doesn’t help at all if they don’t even know what you’re blabbing about.

Make sure that when you write your proposals, you’re writing in a language that they use. Stop writing solutions in complicated prose. 

Try these tips:

  • If your product or service is highly technical, slow down the pace of information. Write it in short paragraphs and not a huge chunk of words.
  • If jargon is unavoidable, please include a short translation or description so any reader can understand.
  • Use graphs or tables to explain complex data.

Apply these tips and experience better results.

  • Use proposal templates

If writing isn’t your forte, no need to worry!

Prospero has a long list of templates that you can use depending on your expertise, industry, and services. Plus, they’re all professionally well-written.

With all the rush that’s going on, it’s all the more important to have a standout proposal. Availing proposal templates can mean a faster and more efficient sales proposal process. 

Using proposal templates, almost 100% of the work is done. All you have to do is to add and remove details that are relevant to your specific client. With this, your work will be done in just a matter of minutes.

  • Showcase your Black Friday deals

Not just huge enterprises but even independent contributors and freelancers can also take part in the Black Friday celebration.

To insert a holiday flavor to your proposal, why not also offer a pretty good deal for your prospects? You can provide services at a discounted price too. Doing this could tone down the formality and might boost your open rate too!

  • Craft an easy signature method

We’re past the era when we have to send out PDF copies and have our clients physically sign them.

Although wet signatures are oftentimes necessary in some cases, digital signatures can provide a breeze to both clients and businesses. 

Prospero’s technology allows you to send out proposals through a publishable link. This link will direct clients to your proposal in one click, then sign it directly from there. 

prospero proposal template

Once signed, you can be notified via other third-party apps like Slack and Gmail, or just monitor your proposal statuses on your Prospero dashboard. Either way, your work is minimized and your clients can revert faster.

  • Reach out to prospective clients

You’re now on your last phase.

There are several ways on how you can reach out to prospects. Perhaps the most common is email. Just craft the best subject and message, then you’re good to go.

If you want to seal more deals efficiently from your website to Prospero and then to your CRM account without going through every step manually, check out how you can create a seamless sales funnel. This would literally help you convert more leads to clients using user-friendly software and applications.

Wrap Up!

Black Friday may be the start of a notoriously busy season, but this is also an opportunity where you can unleash your potential and get more things done. 

With outstanding proposals, you’re just an inch away to a great Thanksgiving holiday as you achieve more projects and connect with more prospects.

If you want to now start your Black Friday journey, check out Prospero. This user-friendly platform will deal with your standout proposals so you can focus more on client acquisition.

We’re cheering for you!


She is the Marketing Manager of Prospero. She specializes in content writing, marketing, and SEO.