5 Ways HRM Software Can Help Your HR Manager

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Human resource management is critical and not an easy-going function as it seems to many. Human resource is the strength and most precious asset of an organization. That is why HRM is an integral part of a firm, and the chief objective is contributing to organizational success.

The function becomes a bit complex as it deals with different personalities and fulfills their needs. Human resource management has multiple functions which even may be interrelated to each other.

Companies make efforts to resolve the complexities of hiring and retaining the professional workforce by designing and implementing different strategies but do not get success each time.

The businesses of this 21st century need a modern solution to succeed in managing human resources. It’s high time to adopt technology and not rely on the traditional methods with several inefficiencies.

One of the solutions to make the HRM process better is to use human resource management software. Most companies are now realizing the need for this software in their day-to-day HR functions and activities.

The article talks about how HRMS can redefine the work culture and ways in which it can lessen the workload of human resource managers. 


How HRMS Process Can Redefine The Work Culture 

To run the organization smoothly, it needs the constant efforts of HR managers. Whether it may be hiring for a vacant position, salary calculations, keeping the workforce engaged, or listening to their demands to retain the best talents, HR managers play a prime role.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult for managers to handle all the functions single-handedly, and they get overloaded by work responsibilities.

As a result, the effectiveness and productivity of the managers get reduced due to the overburden of duties and responsibilities. 

The duties performed by the human resource managers are repetitive and consume a lot of time. Therefore, to increase the accuracy of the process, companies need to adopt HRMS Software which will also lessen the workload.

Organizations that have already been taking advantage of the technology tools have experienced a change in their work culture.

According to The Economist, 73% of the organizations are satisfied with the returns they get by automating the processes. 

The positive change in the work culture comes when the employees are satisfied with the management. The productivity and the enthusiasm of employees are necessary to accomplish the goals of the company.

By automating the process, the speed of completion of the tasks gets increased. When the workforce is paid correctly on time, complaints are resolved timely, and employees are better engaged, the work culture will undoubtedly enhance.

5 Ways HRMS Assist HR Managers

As discussed above, the HRMS can bring positive change to the organization. So, let’s see how the software can help HR managers improve the process.

Hiring, Recruitment, And Onboarding

Hiring new candidates is an ever-going process, and its need increases as the company grow. Getting the right people at the right time is a core HR activity.

To fill a single vacant position, managers have to make several efforts, go through different resumes, shortlist candidates, and organize team meetings and interviews. Manually performing the task can be time-consuming and will involve more effort.

How software helps here:

  • The software can promote the vacant position on various social media channels and help get more applicants.
  • Preliminary scanning of the resumes can be automatic, and managers need to look at each and every application they receive.
  • It saves managers time as managers only have to take further actions on the resumes that are scanned and are in accordance with the mentioned criteria.
  • The interview scheduling of the selected candidates can be done quickly through the software. Automated emails are sent to the applicants with its reminders.
  • New employees can make their self-onboarding and complete all the formalities without the involvement of the HR managers.  

Payroll Management And Statutory Compliance

The most essential task that HR managers have to perform is processing the payroll of employees individually. Mistakes and errors in the salary process can negatively impact the employees and their productivity of working.

Calculations of the salary involve considering various aspects like attendance, leaves of employees, tax deductions, and reimbursement.

Therefore, timely completion of this process is necessary so that the employees get their salary as expected.

Along with that, the process should be compliant and in accordance with the laws of employment and remuneration. 

How software helps here:

  • Ease in the calculation of the salary of each employee. All the aspects like leaves, time, and tax are considered and linked to automate the calculation of the salary.
  • Most of the software takes care of the laws and makes regular updates whenever changes occur in the laws and rules.
  • The mode of payments becomes more secure as they are integrated with the bank accounts of employees. 
  • Employees themselves can get the information or the payslip without involving managers.
  • Software is integrable with different accounting programs and auditing software, which makes report generation and maintaining the information easy. 
  • The process becomes more accurate as the system signals the errors before making the final payments. 

Attendance, Leave, And Performance Management 

Monitoring the employees’ attendance and working hours becomes necessary in order to pay them correctly. The process to mark and register the attendance punches of the workforce manually is not possible.

A record of the employees’ ins and outs is necessary to maintain a discipline and code of conduct. Having no rules through which the employees are bound for the leaves and time will make the working completely unorganized.

Along with that, evaluating the performance of the employees will make the management aware of how the tasks are carried out and what outcomes are obtained. It also helps to encourage the teams and employees that are performing well. 

How software helps here:

  • Elimination of the spreadsheets to maintain the records of employees’ attendance. The cloud-based software saves the data securely, which is easy to access. 
  • The payroll software is linked with the time and attendance module so that employees are paid accurately. The overtime and early going of the employees are also calculated effortlessly.
  • Employees can apply for the leaves online, and the approval process can be set on a hierarchical basis. 
  • The allotment of leaves can be done, and on the completion of the paid leave balance, deductions are automatically made on additional leaves. 
  • Performance reviews and evaluation of each employee with its report generation can be done through software, where even a single piece of information is not missed out. 

Employee Engagement And Retention 

Retaining the talents of the company is vital to reaching the objective. The increased employee turnover ratio will also increase the cost to the company and adversely affect the work.

Studies have shown that employees will stay with an organization if they are satisfied and their needs are fulfilled. Therefore, motivating employees and appreciating them for their work will give good results.

Another important aspect is also to keep the employees engaged. The employees involved with the organization tend to perform better and help retain them with the company.

This will also increase the productivity of the employees and positively impact the work. The HR managers have to take steps so that employees will have a sense of belongingness. 

How software helps here:

  • Human resource management systems will keep the teams engaged through different activities and constant communication. 
  • HR managers do not need to constantly look at the employees’ engagement as through the self-service portal, the engagement surveys can be conducted.
  • The results of the surveys conducted will be collected and presented in the form of reports so that the employers can take steps to improve and make required changes. 
  • Virtual activities can also be held to keep the members and the teams connected even when working from home.
  • When the employees are satisfied and kept involved in the activities of the company, then automatically the employees will remain with the company. 

Data Management And Report Generation 

The data and information are needful for any business. HR managers have to handle and maintain several sensitive information of employees.

Recording the information on paper can be risky, and the chances of losing the information increase. If the data and information are lost, then the business will have to suffer a significant loss.

When the company is able to record the data, then they will be able to generate reports and make the analysis based on it. To evaluate the performance and study the condition of the working, proper reports are required.

As in the CRM system, the data is handled precisely the same way the HR managers also have to maintain the records precisely. Manual handling of the data can be complex and even more difficult when the company size is large. 

How software helps here:

  • Secured management of the data on cloud-based platforms. The authority to access the data can be set priorly. 
  • Based on the data collected, the reports can be generated, and their representation can be done easily. 
  • The cycle for report generation can be kept, which may be on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.
  • Any valuable information is not left out by the HR managers, and they are able to take the correct actions required.
  • The workflow gets more streamlined and makes the working of the human resource department productive and effective.

The Bottom Line 

The Human resource department binds the whole organization, and managing every single employee-related aspect comes under their responsibility.

The task HR managers perform can be assisted by the HRM software to increase its effectiveness and reduce the burden on them.

The article mentions how the HRM software can help the HR managers and make their work better.   


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