Grow Your Business: 7 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

Posted by Prospero Team | July 12, 2023 | marketing,
brand awareness

One of the surefire ways to scale your business is to increase brand awareness. Once you curate a following and develop a reputable brand for your business, then customers would surely take notice. 

Having a strong brand would help you generate trust among your customers. Not only will it make your business stand out against your competitors, but it would also build customers’ confidence and loyalty.

With that, we have listed some tips on how you can amp-up and increase awareness for your brand.

Communicate better with your customers

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Nowadays, product selection or price is no longer the only basis that drives consumers’ purchasing decisions. A company or business’ brands now play a great part. Aside from brand reach and awareness, consumers are now assessing “what a brand says, what it does, and what it stands for.”

In order to keep up with these changes, you must communicate with your customers and cultivate a better brand for your business. Taking the time to research what the customers expect from you would be a good place to start.

Because even if you managed to reach a greater audience or market, some consumers would still not bat an eye at your products if your brand does not resonate with them.

Rather than solely focusing on expanding your brand reach, take time to first establish your brand purpose and how you can better connect with the consumer. Build a clear, creative, innovative, and, at the same time, relatable, human, and grounded brand campaign.

Since we are now in the digital age and we have never been more connected than ever, this should not be that hard.

For instance, you can communicate your brand message as well as improve your customers’ service using social media. This would allow you to have a conversation with your actual customer so that you would know first-hand how they feel about your products and what you can do to make it better.  

Another way that you can utilize the power of social media is to use it as a channel for your brand campaign. You can use it as a platform to share your business’ vision and mission.

Embrace digital marketing

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In today’s digital world, charming digital customers have been one of the top priorities of businesses. Building a reputable brand online has become an essential practice for almost all new businesses.

Even if you only run a small business, your reputation online is still a great determinant for your success. That being the case, you should incorporate digital marketing into your brand campaign.

Digital marketing simply means using the internet to benefit your business. This could mean having a visually appealing website, better reviews on Yelp, higher search ranking on Google, better engagement on social media like Twitter and Instagram, and so on.

All of these are important factors that affect your customers’ purchase decisions.

To put it into perspective, let us take you for example. You want to buy jewelry outside your town. Rather than cluelessly driving around looking for a jewelry store, you would instead Google search for a jewelry store near you before driving. 

There is a big chance that you would then go and drive to the store that you see on the first page of Google. Thanks to the power of digital marketing, that store now gains a new customer.

Based on that example alone, you can already see how digital marketing has been weaved into our consumers’ everyday life.

Create engaging content

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As you start to embrace the power of digital marketing, you must also have a sound content strategy for your brand. This way, consumers can get to know your brand even more.

Since content is the voice of your brand, you need to make sure that the content you are producing is of high-quality and is aligned with your brand message. Apart from that, you must also increase and update your content more often. This way, customers are more likely to return and engage in your website.

However, creating more content while still maintaining its high-quality can be quite difficult sometimes. Thankfully, websites like Canva, Prospero, Constant, and many more have made content creation a lot easier. Prospero, for example, has ready-made content that could help you get proposal writing done quickly. 

Execution is also a critical part of your content strategy. You must utilize all mediums, channels, and platforms in order to have a better audience reach for your content. This way, you could amped-up awareness for your brand using your engaging content.

Use native advertising

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Native advertising is an extension of your content marketing. It could help you reach other niche markets and build credibility for your brand.

In simple terms, native advertising is paid content. Rather than publishing content in your own platform, you would instead publish in sites like the New York Times, Forbes, Rolling Stones, Variety, and so on.

It is important to know that native advertising is not just blatant ad content. Native advertising is content that blends well with the overall website. In fact, a study shows that consumers looked at native ads 53% more frequently than display ads, some of which even said that it is the type of ad that they would share with their friends or family.

Being referenced or mentioned on incredible websites could give prominence to your brand. Since websites like New York Times and Forbes are already trusted by most consumers, getting nods from them would surely improve the reputation of your brand. 

Apart from that, you would be exposed to different markets that you are unable to reach before.  

Partner with influencers

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Social media has changed the way we do influencer marketing. Unlike before when celebrities are the only major influencer, nowadays anyone with a massive following on social media can become one.

Influencer marketing is having your brand or products mentioned or endorsed by influencers. These influencers are individuals with a dedicated following, either offline or online.

Since social media is now entwined with our everyday lives, online influencers have then become important market drivers. They help increase brand awareness as well as propel consumers to avail of our products or services.

In fact, influencer marketing is on track to be worth up to $15 billion by 2022, with Instagram being the most tapped social media website for influencer marketing. 

However, before partnering with any influencers, you have to make sure that their beliefs, advocacies, and the content they produce are on par with the message of your brand. By doing so, you would be able to send a consistent message to your customers.

Organize brand building events

Events are a great way to introduce your brand to consumers. Whether it is online or offline, events are an effective way to build hype and get consumers excited over your products or services.

Events conducted offline are mostly gatherings or conferences where you hire trade show models to promote your products, hold contests to keep attendees engaged, have a face-to-face discussion with critiques about your products, and many more.

Since all these are traditional approaches to conduct events, it has been proven effective and tested by many companies or businesses before you. It is especially helpful when launching new lines of products in the market.

Online events, on the other hand, are different. It does not always require several people to gather in one place. An example of a famous online event is 11.11 and Black Friday Sale on e-commerce sites. It does not necessarily require people to gather in one place at the same time, but it is still a massive event online. 

As more and more businesses are moving online, several seminars and conferences have been held online as well. Rather than gathering people in one place, they can just listen to the program online and have an online conversation with the other participants instead.

Protect your trademark

Acquiring trademark protection is important because it gives you an exclusive right over your royal logo, slogan, business name, and so on.

It might seem trivial but your name and logo are a crucial aspect of your business. Your business/product name is what differentiates you from your competitors, and your logo is an identifier that customers used to distinguish your products in the market.

By having your trademark protected, you are essentially protecting the reputation of your brand. Since no one is allowed to use it or copy it without your permission, you are always certain that the customers are receiving products only from you.

Apart from that, trademark protection would also keep copycats at bay. Since you legally have the right to enforce your trademark, you can stop others from using your brand name without your consent.

Conclusion: Brand Awareness

Building awareness is not just expanding the reach of your marketing campaign; rather it is shaping the way consumers see your product and sending a consistent message that is aligned with your brand.

Overall, your brand is what defines your business. It embodies what your business is as well as your vision and mission for it in the future.


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