How to Increase Negotiation Leverage By Tracking Client Views & Time Spent On Your…

It’s essential to increase your negotiation skills with data. It’s critical to figure out how to connect with customers and follow up with them for the most significant profits.

How important is data for negotiating the best proposal? 

Data helps you understand how to talk to a client. It enables you to see the different mediums to connect with potential customers. Whenever you can understand how customers view and spend time on their proposals, you can see the potential for a deal. 

The Importance of Tracking Views and Time Spent On A Proposal

Data is Important Information in Your Negotiations


It usually requires some follow-up to make an actual sale. Many salespeople will give up after one follow-up call, but 80% of actual sales occur after five follow-up calls. 

  • 20% want to talk during the decision stage, once they’re decided which product to buy.
  • 42% of sales reps feel they don’t have enough information before making a call.

During the decision stage, a portion of people wants to talk about the product to reaffirm their decision to buy a product. A large number of people will need additional information and follow-up. Tracking the number of views and time spent on your proposal can impact your follow-up system and help you be more productive.

Prospero Tool – Getting Your Proposals Tracked

Prospero is a tool that will send proposals to clients. They will track when it’s opened and how long they view the proposal. It’s an excellent way to know when to follow up with a client. 

Data to adjust your follow up:

  • Understand the level of interest with the proposal.
  • See how much time they spent on the proposal.
  • Check your data to see how many times they clicked on the proposal.

Getting information about how many times they clicked and time spent on a proposal will give the salesperson confidence to make a phone call. If they haven’t clicked or viewed the proposal, there are different questions to ask why they haven’t looked at the proposal. 

Developing Urgency for Your Proposal

Loss Aversion Can Develop Urgency For Your Proposal


It’s essential to reach out to potential clients through multiple mediums. By following up with people, it can lead to meetings or result in a sale. Urgency can drastically improve conversion rates. Taking something away from the proposal within a deadline can drastically enhance rates. 

A follow-up email can be an excellent way to increase urgency and get a response. Whenever possible. Emails can be sent to encourage people to look through a proposal and decide if they want to move or not move forward. 

Sending an Automatic Email Sequence Indicating The Time Left


Automated emails can have a drastic impact on sales in the future. In reality, some people may not be ready to move forward with a proposal. Automated emails can offer valuable information and give you a reason to follow up with them as a potential client. 

Steps on Setting up Your Email Automation:

  • Check out a service like Mailchimp, ConvertKit, or ActiveCampaign
  • Have a follow-up system for urgency. You can have an email sent out on the number of days left to make a decision.
  • You can have separate email automation for people who end up buying the service and people who don’t end up going through with the proposal.

Information about the client views and time spent on a proposal can help you filter through the customers that are ready and not ready to move forward. Email automation and other mediums are excellent ways to connect with clients for potential future business. Over time, you will amass an extensive email list that you can use to make sales for your business. 

Clients Accept the Proposal with a Bonus

Bonuses Can Help A Person That Is On The Fence


Suppose you see a potential client spending a lot of time on a proposal. They are interested and considering their options. These are clients that you should take particular interest in. Offering a bonus can be an excellent way to seal the deal. By keeping things open and transparent, you can get to the heart of the issue and find a way to benefit the client and yourself mutually. 

  • 15% of salespeople say differentiating their product is the biggest challenge to closing
  • According to Forbes, creating an experience with personalization can deliver more impact.

Find something relevant that you can offer as a bonus. When it hits a pain point, it can help make the sale. It helps in leveraging any negotiation to provide something more than other competitors. 

Setting Up a Personalized Proposal with Prospero

By creating a personalized offer, it can stand out amongst competitors. Prospero has copywriting capabilities within their software to help you create customized proposals. Language can be adjusted to emphasize the most critical points. 

Essential Details about a Proposal:

  • Have a Good Title that Demonstrates Their Need
  • Include an overview of the work.
  • Include a Scope of Work 
  • A “Why Me” section can sell your services
  • Include a Section for Your Fees

Make sure to include all of the vital information for your potential client. It’s a way to get them to agree and move forward confidently about your proposal. Your proposal should be viewed easily from a desktop or laptop computer. Prospero can help you set up your bids quickly and professionally. 

Clients Not Viewing or Spending Time On Your Proposal

Down selling or Changing Your Proposal


Most of your revenue comes not from the initial stages of a sale. The bulk of sales comes after the initial contact. While lead generation is important, It is essential to have a follow-up system and have a strategy in place for future sales. You can save a sale by down-selling or changing your proposal. 

  • Texts are great for following up with a customer after the initial point of contact. Texting before having had a phone conversation decreases the likelihood of the prospect ever becoming a lead.
  • 50% of sales happen after the 5th follow-up.

Some people will not check your proposal. They won’t spend time looking at it. A text message is an excellent way to reach out to potential customers. It’s a perfect way to reach out to customers that you made initial contact softly. Create email and text message scripts for each stage of your follow-up: follow up 1, 2… A follow-up call with a different proposal or a down-sell can get your sale. 

Quickly Changing Your Proposal to Change The Proposal with Prospero


Prospero can help you create your proposals 3x faster. They have a setup to help you with the design and copywriting. This tool will help you look professional and help you make more sales. 

  • The vast majority of small businesses consider design critical to their success. Only 3% indicated design is “not important.
  • 74% of web readers pay attention to the quality of spelling and grammar

It’s essential to build your business on a solid foundation. Considering the design and the quality of your writing can affect your potential sales. Prospero will help you design your proposals and your copy for maximum results. 

The Objection Solicitation – How Come You Haven’t Checked the Proposal?

Using a Surveys to Clients Not Spending Time On Your Proposal


Surveys give feedback about your products and services. It’s also an excellent reason to follow up with people. By getting a survey, you can get more information about your potential customer. This information can be used to create e-books, products, and other training content. These different products are extras that you can provide to your potential customers.

  • According to American Express, Customer Follow-up with a survey reveals how well you are answering questions
  • 86% of buyers want more customer service and will pay for it.

A survey can enhance the overall experience of your potential customers. It can be an excellent way to get market analysis and find overall customer satisfaction. 

Tool for Surveys – Survey Monkey


Survey Monkey is a great tool to get feedback and put it into action. You’ll be able to use surveys, quizzes, and polls to interact with customers in a fun way. These insights can help your business target your audience and improve your sales. 

  • Get Surveys, Quizzes, and Polls on to your clients.
  • Automatically analyze your results.
  • Integrate with your other tools. 

A survey can be used for potential customers and current customers. Getting information about your market and sales processes can improve your business. Your customers can become raving fans by creating content, products, and services that benefit them. A Survey tool like Survey Monkey can help you. 


Tracking client views and time spent on your proposal can drastically improve your sales. It can give you leverage during negotiations and keep you informed if your potential client is interested or not. Following up with people is one of the best ways to increase your sales. Different tactics can be used to automate this process.

Check out Prospera for creating your proposals. It’s one of the best products out in the market for creating professional proposals quickly. It’ll give you information about your potential clients during the negotiation process.


Create beautiful proposals with Prospero. Impress your clients and win more projects.