Juro Alternatives: 5 Best Proposal Management Software to Try

Your business needs contracts! You need a place to manage and create business proposal ideas for your perfect clients. Agonizing over a blank word document can be painful.

Luckily, we live in a world brimming to the top with proposal management software to help you create the perfect proposals without headaches.

Tools like Juro are here to help you and your business thrive!

Here is a look at Juro and five of the best Juro alternatives.


Juro is a popular proposal management software company based out of London. This incredible platform offers wonderous features like proposal templates, 3000 plus integration tools, and a native e-signer.

There are also revolutionary features like a visual timeline so you can see all your contacts that have been viewed, approved, and signed.

Each one of Juro’s features makes contract building more accessible than ever. With Juro, you can rest assured your business will look professional.

The plethora of different options that Juro offers is attractive to any client. However, it can sometimes feel bloated with too much going on and get extremely expensive for a small business.

Is it right for your business?

Juro Alternatives and Similar Proposal Management Software

1. Prospero

Nothing is better than checking out the new kid on the block. Prospero is a unique, simple, sleek, and professional proposal management software. In addition, it states you’ll close the deal three times faster!

While it may be young, don’t discount this massive improvement to the contract building world.


Prospero offers more than just being the hot new girl at the dance! Offering features like fully customizable proposal templates, a native signer, integration tools and, the option to make documents accessible by your whole time, Prospero is more than just a pretty platform.

There are numerous template options available with Prospero making sure you have whatever proposal you’ll need for your growing business. Each template is customizable, so you can always find the right one.

Integration options with Prospero include applications like Stripe and QuickBooks. Keeping everything in one place is a breeze! Prospero even has a place to suggest integration tools, making sure they listen to you and your needs.

The native signer integrated into Prospero makes signing easier for you and your clients. Signing is even accessible from any device to share it through different applications like WhatsApp.

You can even add multiple signers to your proposals, making it easier and quicker to get your proposals approved and closed.

Finally, Prospero wants you to connect with your whole time. Each member of your team can be given access to your documents.

The team-friendly environment gives quick and easy access to edits and signatures to each member of your team.


Prospero offers you simple solutions to your problems!

Team building couldn’t be more accessible!

Ready-made, customizable templates make it a quick process to create a business proposal.

A 14-day free trial is available to you before buying the program.


There are limited integration options when using Prospero.

Prospero currently does not have a mobile application; however, you can view documents and sign proposals on mobile devices.


Prospero makes it easy to pay for your new software. Before buying, you can try Prospero for free for 14 days. After that, it’s only $10/month to unlock all of the great features. It even offers a 20% discount for buying annually instead of monthly.

Try Prospero now!

2. Better Proposals

Better Proposals is another Juro alternative offering great proposal management software. An incredible company, Better Proposals prides itself on making you look more professional.

Offering many great features, Better Proposals has it all for contract building. 

This platform offers over 200 templates so you can find exactly what fits your company best. 

There is also an option to import old contracts, so you don’t have to create new ones from scratch. 

Better Proposals also offers all kinds of integration tools. It provides integration tools for payment, project management, contracts, and even live chat all in one place.


There are many templates.

Many integration tools are at your disposal.

You can get a 14-day free trial.


You must pay more to unlock all the features.


Better Proposal costs between $19 to $49 a month.

3. Templafy

Templafy is more than just contract-building software. It is an all-in-one document management space.


The all-in-one nature of Templafy makes it easy to see everything in place. In addition, they ensure that you don’t need multiple spaces to manage your proposals.

Templafy has a whole security team to ensure your privacy.

There is a validator option in the platform that uses AI to scan your documents to ensure no out-of-date content.


Templafy offers unity to everything you’ll need when building contracts for your business.

Many integration tools at your disposal make it easy.

This company is used across the world.


A lot is going on with Templafy! As a result, it can be hard to navigate.

Templafy is not transparent with its pricing.


You will need to request a price to get a price for Templafy.

4. LinkSquare

LinkSquare is proposal management software making it another alternative to Juro.


One great feature that LinkSquare offers is its team collaboration feature. You can have your whole team working in one place on a document.

LinkSquare uses its artificial intelligence program to analyze contracts making sure you look clean and professional.

Google, DocuSign, and Dropbox are just some of the applications integrated with LinkSquare.


LinkSquare is used by top trusted brands like Fitbit and Wayfair.

There is a whole team of experts at your disposal when using LinkSquare.


No native signer with LinkSquare means you’ll have to use a third-party application.

LinkSquare is not transparent with its pricing.


To get a price for this software, you will need to request a demo.

5. DocuSign CLM

DocuSign CLM is a proposal management software that is a part of DocuSign.


There are many unique features that DocuSign CLM offers, like the clause library. This makes it easier to search for different clauses in large documents.

DocuSign CLM offers multiple customizable templates!

The AI that DocuSign CLM uses analyzes your document to calculate risk and improve your proposals.


DocuSign is a well-known and trusted brand.

This software is accessible and convenient.

DocuSign CLM integrates seamlessly with DocuSign’s native signer.


There are limited integration options with DocuSign CLM.

You will have to pay more to unlock all of DocuSign’s features.


Offering multiple monthly options, DocuSign CLM can cost anywhere from $10-$40, depending on your needs. It even provides you to request an enhanced plan for those with more specific needs.


There are numerous options for your Juro alternative. Everyone offers excellent proposal management software, each with features and pricing based on your needs.

However, Prospero is a simple tool that is affordable and accessible to businesses of all levels.

Check out Prospero and sign up for your free 14-day trial today! 


She is the Marketing Manager of Prospero. She specializes in content writing, marketing, and SEO.