6 Ways to Create Real Estate Email Subject Lines

Do you wonder how to make your email subject line catching and original?

Since more and more businesses start implementing email marketing strategies to enhance their businesses, creating an impressive email becomes a real challenge. That’s where making the real estate email subject lines is a great option to reach your audience. 

When an estate subject line appears in your mailbox, it immediately grabs your attention and interest in its content. Furthermore, according to Convince & Convert, 35% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line alone. So, no matter how brilliant your content is, but without the right subject line, it is more likely to be ignored by your target audience. 

In this post, we will cover the best ideas for creating the real estate email subject lines that will certainly help you to reach your consumers and make the most of your email marketing campaign. Also, we will share some great tips on how to make your subject line catching and one that can be definitely noticed in the mailbox. Let’s get it started!

The Real Estate Email Subject Line: What Makes It Great?

The best qualities of a good email subject line mean it has lots of creativity, represents a certain value hidden in the email, and is compelling enough to get the audience’s interest. It goes without saying that all these features can greatly increase the chance of email opening. For making the most of your email subject, you have to create one that can:

  • Draw interest and curiosity;
  • Make your subject line more personalized and targeted for your audience; 
  • Increase the subject relevance by adapting it to the latest trends within your industry;
  • Propose an offer or intriguing discount through real estate proposals;
  • Include clear and catching CTA. 

So, instead of making your subject too general and formal, try to intrigue people by using some unusual words or making the line more personalized. For example, if you are presenting the cooltechzone in your email, try to provide a certain value to your consumers starting from the subject line, like: “Still using slow VPN? You’re not alone!” This way you will make the email look intriguing, human, and present the main ways you can help them with choosing the right VPN service

Best Tips to Creating an Estate Email Subject Line

So, how can you boost your email subject to reach your target audience? We have made detailed research and are now ready to present the most effective methods to draw people’s audience with your emails.

1. Follow the KISS Rule

Keep It Short and Simple – This is a basic marketing rule that helps to percept the information at the first glance from any device. According to recent research, over 85% of consumers are tending to access email using smartphones. So, as the device displays are really tiny, you have to make sure the subject line is pretty short (only 4 to 7 words), and catching to immediately get the user’s attention. 

Source: template.net

Besides, at present, the rhythm of life in our society is really fast, so now people tend to manage their time consciously. That is why they are more likely to click on the short email subjects instead of those written as complete sentences – just to save their time. By making your KISS subject more straightforward and catching, you increase the chances to reach the audience with your mailing. 

Examples to follow:  “Your next product is waiting …”, “This item reminds me of you… ” etc. 

2. Include a Certain Intrigue

However, it’s not enough to make your subject line just short to increase its open rates. By getting people’s interest in the email content, you can actually get their attention and encourage them to discover more about it! 

So, the best real estate subject lines should not only deliver a certain message but also leave something behind the scenes to drive some mysterious feeling. Offer your consumers to discover more by having just a little hint on the surface. 

Source: Mailjet

Examples to follow

  • “We’ve got you covered…”, 
  • “Here’s Your Private Invite…”, 
  • “It’s better if you didn’t know… ”, and others. 

3. Use the Sense of Urgency

Being limited in time or resources, people become more motivated about making their final decision about the offers. That’s where the real estate email subject line works best with creating a sense of momentum for boosting users’ interest. Such words should direct them to your email and make them feel the need of lighting a fire under certain questions. 

Examples to follow

  • “You’re almost there…”, 
  • “It ends today…”, 
  • “Things are heating up in…”, etc.

4. Make It More Personal

According to Oberlo, emails with personalized subject lines generate 50% higher open rates. That’s mostly because people like being appreciated and have more straightforward interactions with their brands. By adding some personal information to your email subject lines like names, activities, or direct communication, you’re more likely to draw consumers’ attention and get them interested in the email content.

Another great feature of the personalized subjects for real estate emails is that it is a more specific and unusual way of email building, which can certainly stand out from the crowd. Besides, personalized subject lines make your email look less spammy and more informative since users weren’t expected to see it. 

Examples to follow

  • “(name), One More Thing…”, 
  • “Let’s get together (date)…”,
  • “I missed you last week…” and so on.

5. Add Some Questions 

Another great method that can help you to reach the consumers with the real estate email subject lines is including the questions to it. The catching question in your subject line can trigger your audience and encourage them to find the answer. 

So, by asking a certain question related to the email topic, your consumers become psychologically engaged with the email content even before they have opened it! Even if it leaves just in their head, they will definitely leave some time for discovering more about it in the email content. 

Examples to follow

  • “Why isn’t your car selling?”, 
  • “Am I assuming correctly?”, 
  • “Need a day at the beach?” or something like that, which can trigger your audience for the interaction. 

6. Exclude the “Spammy” Words

Nevertheless, there are some words that can make your audience ignore the email or even mark it as a spammy one. Many people used to percept the subject line as a title while making the email reading decision. It is also worth mentioning that according to the statistics, just including the simple “newsletter” word can lead to an 18.7% decrease in open click rates!

That is why here are a few words to avoid for making your real estate subject line look more natural and specific:

  • Sale, 
  • Act Now,
  • Best / Lowest Price, 
  • All Now, etc. 

Create Your Real Estate Email Subject Line Right Now!

The subject line is the first thing your consumer looks at while checking his mailbox. That is why you should use all your creativity, sense of words, and different ideas to create the most effective and unique subject line for your audience. 

To engage your audience and drive the interest towards your mailings, make sure to keep the subject short and simple, drive some mystery or intrigue your receivers. Additionally, make it more personal, and add a sense of urgency to call them to the action, or include some questions to the email subject. Thus, you will increase the open click rates and get the most of your email campaign. 


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