5 Scoro Alternatives for Professional Business Proposals

Posted by Abbey Claire Dela Cruz | February 6, 2023 | proposals,

Technology can help us in many ways, one of which is making working easier for everyone. While this doesn’t apply to all industries, office workers can benefit from the advantages online business tools such as Scoro give them. 

Scoro is a business management platform that allows you to organize all your tasks, emails, documents, and anything you need to keep your company running. This platform also works as proposal software so that you can send business proposals to your current clients or potential ones. 

The best thing about business proposal platforms is they can help you if you are a freelancer. While Scoro is one of the most popular proposal software you can find online, it’s not the online one, and there are many Scoro alternatives you can use if you don’t like what Scoro offers. 

Do you want to make a proposal online but need a new platform that helps you do it? This is the page for you.

Read on to learn five Scoro alternatives for professional business proposals that can give you everything Scoro offers and other unique features!

5 Scoro Proposal Alternatives

#1 Prospero


Prospero is the best Scoro alternative on the market, and some people even think it’s a far better option than it. Unlike Scoro, Prospero focuses on professional proposals, so all its features work to help you get more deals in less time. 

As with any other proposal software online, this platform has different templates you can use for your proposals.

Apart from that, Prospero also has excellent integrations, so you can link your Prospero account with any other online business tool you use to make office work more manageable.

Simplicity is one of this platform’s top priorities, which means its features fit people experienced with this kind of website and newcomers. 


Prospero allows you to create and customize your proposal anytime you feel like it. 

When you want to submit a business proposal online, you must turn in something appealing to clients and clearly shows your terms. All Prospero templates give you that, and you have 35 of them currently available. Apart from that, this company gives you read-made content and flexible elements that you won’t have trouble adjusting.

Nonetheless, templates are not the only thing this software has for you since it also gives you an optimal tracking and analytics system that gives you all the information you need about how your proposals are going. This feature tells you how many times someone opened your proposal, how long they saw it, and its current status.  

Prospero also makes things easier for clients, making them more prone to hire the services you offer them. Thanks to Prospero, clients can type, upload, or draw signatures. 

Cross-device compatibility is also one of this website’s greatest strengths, so you can sign up for an account through any device you have, whether a desktop device or a smartphone.  


As we mentioned, Prospero tries to simplify things for everyone, so it has a user-friendly interface that almost anyone can use. Its templates are also stylish, so get ready to impress all your customers and leads! 


Pricing is not a problem with Prospero since it’s one of the most affordable websites on the list. You only need to pay $10/mo to use Prospero, and it gives you unlimited proposals, analytics, templates, and even live chat support. 

Create your first proposal now!

#2 PandaDoc 


Following up with the Scoro alternatives list, we have PandaDoc. Like Prospero, PandaDoc allows you to design and send all the templates you need to get more leads. However, if this platform is good enough for your proposals, you can try its demo feature that allows you to simulate everything that happens with no problem.


As we mentioned before, PandaDoc gives you beautiful templates for online proposals. However, you can enjoy other features such as its content library, blogs, eSignatures, forms, or contracts. 


Despite PandaDoc not having any complex or technical features it can brag about, its interface is not as clear and straightforward as others on this list. However, you get the hang of it once you use it several times.


While the best plan PandaDoc offers is less inexpensive than the one you get with Prospero, it has several options to adapt to different budgets. You can start with the Free eSign Plan, which doesn’t cost you any money and gives you unlimited document uploads.

Are you looking for more features? Try getting the Essentials Plan. This option costs $19/mo and includes different templates and analytics. The business plan you can hire from this company is the most expensive. Although the Business Plan is $40/mo, it offers you many features that make it worth it at the end of the day. 

Regardless, freelancers and people with small businesses should get the Essentials account type. 

#3 Better Proposals 


Better Proposals does its best to make you turn in appealing templates you can make in a matter of seconds. Don’t you trust Better Proposals?

Well, then, you should trust all the companies that support it. Some of those companies are SHARP, Copyhackers, and even the University of the West of England. 


The main thing you can do with Better Proposals is checked how your proposals are doing and change their templates.


Looks are not one of this platform’s advantages, but that doesn’t mean they are a drawback. Better Proposals gives you an average minimalist interface that doesn’t impress people but gives them what they need for their proposals.


If you want to sign up for Better Proposals, you can pay for the Starter Plan, the Premium Plan, and the Enterprise Plan. Each plan is suited for different situations and budgets. The first of these plans is $19, the second $29, and the last one $49.

#4 Qwilr


The first thing you need to know is that Qwilr is a web-based program, so you can use it from any device with internet access you have at home. Besides that, this platform allows you to close deals faster and automate things such as sending emails, invoices, or booking appointments. 


Qwilr only has two payment plans; the first costs $35, while the other costs $59.


You don’t need to worry about using other platforms or online tools for your office since Qwilr gives you everything you need in your office. When you sign up for this software, you get content creation features and automation of different tasks, transactions, and integrations. 


This platform’s interface is one of its most outstanding features. Using Qwirl means using a platform that clearly shows you all the information you need without getting lost along the process. 

#5 Proposify 


While Proposify works its best with teenagers and small companies, you can also organize your proposals and send them to your customers. 


What makes Proposify different from others includes its features since it’s the only one on the list that offers brand and content management. This platform also provides powerful insights and top-tier customer service. 


Proposify’s interface is not particularly appealing, but it’s clear to understand and user-friendly. 

This software has an intuitive platform and an optimal web design. 


You can either try Proposify for free or pay for its Team Plan, which costs $49/mo. 

Bottom Line -What Option is Best for Me? 

As you can see, many options are available for you online, and it’s up to you to see which one best suits your goals and work style. 

All the Scoro alternatives listed here are excellent, but we think the safest pick among them all is Prospero. It has a 14-day trial which enables you to try it for free. It has a no-coding builder, various proposal templates, customization options, digital signature, and third-party integrations to make everything easy for you and your clients. So, don’t hesitate to sign up for it!


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