Seven Portal Alternatives to Win Clients

Posted by Prospero Team | June 21, 2024 | Business, proposals
Seven Portal Alternatives to Win Clients

Looking for business proposal tools is difficult. There are many options online, and each of them offers different benefits. You can’t use them all. Portal, for example, is often a good choice for the job, but it’s not the only one.  

If you are looking for a Portal alternative to win clients, we are here for you. Dive into this article to know seven different Portal alternatives available online. They are all excellent platforms, so feel free to try any of them. 

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Why Should I Consider Alternatives to Portal? 

Before getting to all the Portal alternatives we will review on this page, we first need to understand why switching to another platform is a good idea. The truth is that doing it brings many benefits to the table.

According to WebinarCare, teams using professional management software have a 45% proposal win rate. However, you must use one that gives you what you are looking for.  

You need a platform that offers everything you need to work. We are talking about analytics, business proposals, proposal templates, and others. Portal is a decent software, but it lacks many features other tools have. 

Portal proposal

Pricing is often one of the reasons people switch to Portal alternatives. It’s not outrageously expensive, but there are several cost-effective options online. Big enterprises won’t struggle that much to pay for this software’s monthly fees, but startups may do. 

Apart from all that, Portal is not as popular as other business management options online. While this doesn’t need to be a problem, people often prefer to try mainstream platforms. 

What Are the Top Seven Portal Alternatives? 

As mentioned before, we are here to review the seven best portal alternatives available today. You will see options with a wide range of features and prices. Pick the one that best suits your needs. 

#1 Prospero 

Prospero proposal writing software 
Portal alternative

Prospero is the first proposal software on this page and the best overall. The first thing to know about this platform is that it’s cloud-based. It focuses on creating, sending, and tracking the progress of your proposals faster.

With Prospero you can close deals three times faster when you use it. The process to create a proposal with Prospero is simple. 

First, you choose a template from the platform. It has more than 100 options available and even includes ready-made content. After you send a proposal, you can check how many times your client opened it, how long they spent reading it, and more. 

Using Prospero is simple. You don’t need to be an expert to do it. The platform’s drag-and-drop editing tool lets you make creative and beautiful proposals in minutes. You can change your company’s branding, colors, and logos with this software. 

Prospero sends you email notifications to let you know when your client opens the proposal. If you don’t want them to take long, you can even send proposals with an expiration date. 

The whole idea of using this software is to impress your client with your proposals. Prospero lets you add checkboxes for discounts and use e-signatures in your contracts. 

Checking online reviews tells you what users think about a product or software. Prospero’s reviews are overall positive. Users often give it a five out of five or at least more than a four. They mostly like the simplicity of its interface and its analytics feature. 

This proposal writing software is affordable compared to others. The price depends on the number of people in your team. $10/mo is the most affordable it gets. However, it can be $240/mo if you have 24 people working with you. 

Prospero offers custom pricing for bigger teams. If you are interested in that, contact its support team.

#2 Proposify  

Proposify is the runner-up in this list. Similar to other options, it lets you make, track, and sign proposals to help you win clients. Nonetheless, this software focuses on giving you all the information you need about your quote’s progress. 

Proposify Portal alternative

With Proposify, you get access to document automation, integration with other CRM tools, different templates, analytics, and data reports. It has good reviews online. People love its integrations and automation features. 

All the pricing plans this company offers give you a decent number of business proposal templates. Check them out:

  • Basic – $35/mo
  • Team – $49/mo
  • Business – $65/mo

#3 Better Proposals 

If you are looking for software that addresses basic business proposal needs, we recommend Better Proposals. It focuses on simplicity, which makes it great for beginners in online marketing and sales.  

Since the goal of this company is to keep things simple, the process of making a proposal is straightforward. It uses a drag-and-drop editing tool and many templates. 

The editing tool also lets you preview your document in real time, so you know what your client will see when you send it to them. This software keeps a record of each signature’s date and time, the IP address of the signer, and their email address.

What people love the most about Better Proposals is that it speeds up the process of making and sending a proposal. Using it saves a lot of time, and that shows in its reviews. It has an average of four out of five on G2. 

These are Better Proposals’ pricing plans:

  • Starter – $19/mo 
  • Premium – $29/mo
  • Enterprise – 49/mo 

#4 PandaDoc  

PandaDoc is one of the most popular proposal platforms online. Even reputable companies such as HP Inc. support it. 

What makes PandaDoc different from others is that you can do more things with it than just send proposals. You can, of course, use pre-built templates and customize them. 

Its CRM integrations make the process of writing a contract easier. Besides that, PandaDoc lets your clients pay with different online methods when they sign the document.  

As a proposal software, PandaDoc is excellent. You can see that in all the positive reviews it has online. 

These are PandaDoc’s pricing plans: 

  • Essentials – $19/mo
  • Business – $49/mo
  • Enterprise – Custom 

#5 Qwilr  

People trying to close deals faster and get buyer data should try Qwilr. This software stands out from many others on the market due to its interactive proposals and quotes. 

When you use it, you can send clients interactive proposals and quotes. They can sign the document with e-signatures and pay for your services directly. After that happens, you can track the progress of your proposal and see valuable user insights. 

The flashiest feature this software offers is that you can make proposals, quotes, and contracts with AI. That makes the whole process even faster. 

Qwilr has some of the highest reviews among the options on the list. People love it due to how modern its features are and how easy it is to use them. 

Below, you can see the pricing plans that Qwilr offers:

  • Business – $39/mo
  • Enterprise – $59/mo
Qwilr proposal software Portal alternative

#6 Loopio

Loopio aims to have complete control of your response system. The idea of using it is to decrease your response rate and win more clients. You can use RFP answers and its content to save time. 

This platform’s key features are its AI translator, attachment storage, customizable answers, and automated responses. Although it’s more of a management software, it works for business proposals. 

The software has overall excellent reviews. People specifically like its content library and RFP assistant. Loopio has different plans, but the price depends on each business, so you need to contact it to get specific pricing. 

Loopio portal alternative awards

#7 SignRequest 

The last option we will review on this page is SignRequest. While other platforms try to cover other needs with their features, this one mainly focuses on helping you make the perfect business proposal. 

It offers all the essential features you would need in a proposal management software. That includes proposal templates, e-signatures, integrations, and team collaboration. 

Reviews show that people like SignRequest because of its simplicity and affordability. Here are its pricing plans:

  • Professional – €9/mo
  • Business – €15/mo

Final Thoughts 

Looking for a Portal alternative once you’ve used the platform gives you many benefits. You already know what you are looking for and what may work best for your company. 

All the options reviewed on this page are excellent. We recommend users try Prospero, as it’s one of the most affordable and effective proposal management platforms you will find online. 

You will get a 14-day trial if you sign up for it now, so don’t miss the opportunity to win more clients. Get started with Prospero today.


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