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Ohio, USA


App creation, data management, process automation, database consulting, Zapier consulting, and dashboard consulting


Top Challenges

The company needs a powerful proposal management solution to quickly construct professional business proposals to gain new clients.

Previous Solutions

Manual creation and management of proposals using Microsoft Word

Why Prospero

Prospero allows the company to create proposals, save them as templates, and put everything together in a very professional output.

The Company

KnackBuilders is an independent consulting company owned by Dave Parrish, providing cloud database app development and training to different companies, primarily using low-code app building platforms. Their audience is business managers looking to streamline their processes and make them more efficient.

The Challenge

The company needs highly professional-looking proposals that were easily and quickly constructed to save time. The Knack App Development team initially used Microsoft Word to manually draft their proposals. It was a tedious experience because proposals were difficult to manage back then. 

The team was introduced by a colleague to a proposal management software, Prospero. As Dave shared, “I was sold almost immediately after being introduced to Prospero. Its proposal are excellent along with the ability to save templates. The cloud-based solution is great too.”

The Solution

Three years after trying out Prospero from a random recommendation, Dave still believes that the software is one to keep.

What he loves most about Prospero is its seamless and easy onboarding and user-friendliness. Very easy to onboard. The user interface for creating a proposal is quite intuitive,” he says.

Creating your proposals for their clients is one thing Dave sees as a walk in the park. “Once you create your first proposal, you can also save that as a template, and following proposals are put together very quickly in a very professional output,” he reiterates.

Prospero is a proposal management solution that’s cloud-based, “and even the ability to provide your clients links to the proposal and notification when they opened it” is also another thing that made it a perfect companion for closing new clients as per Dave.

Although generating proposals is not something the company do on a daily basis, when demands call for it, Dave uses Prospero. “I definitely put together the proposals much faster, probably about 1/3rd of the time,” he shares.

I come from a marketing and sales background, and know the importance of being ultra professional during the whole sales process. Prospero delivers there.

Dave Parrish

CEO, KnackBuilder

Tal Moskovich Safe School Prospero Case Study

Incredible Results That Speak Volumes


increase in closing rate and overall KnackBuilders revenue.


impression on clients to Prospero proposals & contracts.


faster generation of proposals that results to better productivity.


turnaround time of clients’ approval and feedback.


open rate from all published proposals of KnackBuilders.


learning curve with Prospero’s
user-friendly UI.

It is a no-brainer to move to a platform like Prospero. The cost is incredibly low for what you get out of it.

Dave Parrish

CEO, KnackBuilders

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