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Prepared For Mr. Jony Ive

Branding Design Proposal Template


Pineapple is a technology company that creates innovative and well designed products for consumers.

I will transform Pineapple’s vision and strategy into an original brand and online experience that will connect with it’s customers and will disrupt the category. The brand will consist of an updated logo and visual language. The online experience will consist of a fully responsive website and redesign of the iOS.

The goal of this project is to communicate the new company strategy, and create design assets and resources that will allow the brand to grow consistently over the next few years.

Why Me

Your project and my skills are a great fit. Here’s why:

1. I respect your deadlines. My goal is to get you the highest-quality work as quickly as possible.
2. Every pixel counts, and I’m here to make sure they all look perfect.
3. Once the deadline is settled, the deadline is settled. I’m always on time.


Here’s a breakdown of the deliverables we’ve discussed and their cost:

Branding Design Update[Price]
New Corporate Website[Price]
iPhone iOS Design Update[Price]


Assuming that we have all necessary materials ready, here are the suggested milestones:

Kickoff Meeting[Timeframe]
Design and Presentation[Timeframe]

What’s Next

I will be happy to answer any question regarding this proposal. You can reach me at my phone or at my email.

Once you approve this proposal, we will set up a meeting to further discuss details, dates and milestones.

Once the first payment is in, and the resources needed arrive, we can start the actual work.


1. Payment structure: 50% upfront, 50% after approval of the final work. Payment via PayPal or bank transfer.

2. Resources needed for the design, such as fonts, stock photos, and icons, are not included in the prices above. Those will be paid for by the client, and the rights to use them shall be theirs.

3. Additional work for components that appear in the scope of work will be charged $45 per hour (e.g. beyond the number of revisions described).

4. New components that are not described in the scope of work will be assessed in a new estimate.

5. Business day count starts only after the client provides all resources requested, such as images, contact details, etc.

6. Usage rights: After the work is completed and payment has been received, the client will own the rights to the design.

7. In case of project cancellation after the work has started, the client will pay for the relative part of the work.



Prospero team


Mr. Jony Ive