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Prepared For James Ron

Video Production Proposal Template


Video production isn’t just about using the camera to create moving pictures. t’s about telling a story and redefining memories. Video production is a very key advertising and presentation element. It further amplifies how a company or its products is viewed.

With videos, I will tell your brand’s story with a difference and give your products a new view in the market. Your online and offline engagements would increase as the video produced will spark something new about your products and services.

With the content I would create, a new movement of not just customers but fans would evolve. The project would consist of three story telling stages, revision as deemed fit and one or all three HD video stories delivered to you.

Our objective is to produce videos that will increase product engagement in the market and Support Company’s growth across all platforms.

Why Me

Compared to others, I’m the best fit for your video project. This is because:

1. understand time and value it greatly. I shall have your projects executed and delivered on time.

2. Ihave had years of experience handling video projects. I know the rudiments of modern video production.

3. I take my job with you seriously. I have two of each filming equipments, should one malfunction, the work goes in.

4. Your work is duly saved and backup twice before editing begins. Working with me gives no space for file loss excuses.

5. Deadlines are deadlines. Once decided, I always meet up.


Here’s a breakdown of the deliverables we’ve discussed and their cost:

Script writing and story boarding$2,000
Three Video sessions$1,000
Two revisions $500


Assuming that we have all necessary materials ready, here are the suggested milestones:

Kickoff MeetingASAP
Initial story telling concept revisionOne month after
Delivery on Revision8 Weeks
Second Revision and delivery16 Weeks

What’s Next

I will be looking forward to discuss and answer any question regarding this proposal. My phone numbers and email addresses are attached.

As indicated above, we meet as soon as you approve this proposal. There we can set dates and decide when to kick-off the project. Work starts as soon as the first payment is made and the resources needed are provided.


1. Resources needed for the video production, such as interview with
staff, script and content writers, models, actors/actress and stock
photos are not included in the prices above. Those will be paid for by
the client, and the rights to use them shall be theirs.

2. Payment structure: First payment is 50% of total bill, 50% after
approval of the final work.

3. Apart from the number of revisions included in the proposal,
additional time used to work for components in the project will be
charged $60 per hour.

4. New components that are not described in the scope of work will be
assessed in a new estimate

5. Business day count starts only after the client provides all resources
requested, such as images, contact details, etc.

6. Usage rights: The client will own the rights to the design only after
the work is completed and payment has been received.

7.In case of project cancellation while it’s ongoing, the client will pay
for the relative part of the work.



Prospero team


James Ron