5 Digital Marketing Automation Trends for Businesses in 2022

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We are lucky to be modernists who have access to technology and artificial intelligence. We, as marketers, have the opportunity to automate a large part of our daily tasks and increase brand awareness much easier than before.

Here in this article, we will see why you should use digital marketing automation in your marketing plans for your business and what are the latest trends you should follow in 2022.

Why Should You Use Automation in Your Digital Marketing Strategies?

Statistics say that marketing automation expenditure will exceed 25 billion dollars by 2023. So, there are already many digital marketers who are using automation in their marketing strategies.

Being a marketer means being updated with the latest strategies that you can promote your business. If many businesses are automating their marketing tasks, why should you still step back?

Technology is taking control of every single thing in our life. Everything is moving toward facilitation and speed for better results. Insisting to stay loyal to traditions may sound admirable but that has no place in the modern world.

What Are the Advantages of Digital Marketing Automation?

Automation can help your business in many aspects. You can boost your productivity, get more brand visibility, scale your website traffic, improve your customer service, and increase your sales and revenue. In addition, it can save your time and energy and you can devote your time to the tasks that you cannot automate.

Generally speaking, there are three major benefits for digital marketing automation:

    • Increase the sustainability of your business
    • Provide agility for your digital marketing processes

5 Digital Marketing Automation Trends for Businesses in 2022

Let’s now see what the best digital marketing trends for businesses are in 2022:

1. Personalize Data

Digital marketers know that there is nothing more important than customer data and protecting it against data breaches. Personalization is a core trend that you should follow in your digital marketing strategies. Without customer data, it is actually impossible to adopt any of your digital marketing strategies. Therefore, achieving personalization is what you should focus on.

On the other hand, as data becomes more valuable in the digital world, the concerns over data privacy are increasing as well. So, as a marketer, you should care a lot about your customer data protection, whether it’s preventing breaches by using secure cloud servers or providing VPN services that your employees can use. But how do you drive personalized campaigns?

The answer to overcoming this obstacle is to regard all customers as partners. Digital experiences must match customers’ needs for control and transparency. Customer agency is now at the heart of brand interaction, and it can help businesses address many of the privacy and customization issues that individuals have.

When automating data personalization, keep these in mind:

    • By keeping up with the newest industry developments, you can keep a close eye on consumer privacy and consent.
    • Set up a meeting with the representatives from your marketing automation software to discuss how potential privacy changes may affect your pipeline.
  • Begin communicating the benefits of data collecting to clients so that they can rest comfortably that their privacy concerns will be addressed.

2. Align Marketing and Sales

The need for coordination between a company’s marketing and sales departments to get better results has long been recognized. Marketing automation provides a critical benefit: departmental alignment. In other words, marketing automation will enable better alignment between your marketing and sales departments. As a result of this benefit, more businesses are likely to use marketing automation to better synchronize their divisions.

Furthermore, there is a definite link between automation tools and the alignment of marketing and sales teams. Automation solutions and task management software assist digital marketers and sales teams in automating workflows and tasks. Simultaneously, these solutions drive sales funnels based on marketing efforts and the actions taken by leads. Both teams will be able to precisely attribute what marketing activities led to sales if you use automation. 

3. Use Hyperautomation

Hyperautomation can automate your operations using advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Whether or not there is this Covid-19 pandemic, AI will continue to play an important part in marketing automation in the future for a variety of reasons such as comfort and acceleration.

Hyperautomation in digital marketing begins with the use of robotic process automation (RPA), sometimes known as “software robots,” in three major marketing areas:

      • Marketing Operations: Any marketer’s nightmare is repetitive activities. Hyperautomation with software robots can assist in speeding digital ad placement, increasing lead automation and assignment, and maintaining and monitoring data consistency across many platforms.
      • Customer Engagement: Integrate chatbots with a variety of back-end processes to facilitate actionably and, more importantly, engaging conversations with prospects. You may be able to drive third-party data integration considerably more quickly with hyper-automation than you could with traditional API-to-API programming. In other words, by combining multiple sources of data, you’ll be able to improve the precision of your targeted efforts.
    • AI-Powered Customer Experiences: Your customers’ experiences change if you could make judgments based on their experiences? You can do so by incorporating machine learning into your decision-making procedure. Hyperautomation with AI also means you’ll have far deeper customer insights much faster because you’ll be able to mix many internal and external data sources quickly.

4. Boost Marketing Communications

AI can have a direct impact on marketing communications. According to several pieces of research, AI will play a critical role in improving the customer experience in the future. Look at these two predictions by Gatner:

    • By 2030, personal technologies like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa will be the popular tools for delivering user experiences.
  • By 2022, 91 percent of companies aim to use speech and other AI-powered technology like chatbots to deliver a frictionless experience for customers.

How customer interactions with chatbots have evolved over a previous couple of years is an example of how automation is driving conversational marketing. It will be difficult to tell the difference between human and chatbot talks as chatbots and conversational marketing devices become more human-like and smarter.

5. Make Mobile Devices More Responsive

According to Statista, mobile website traffic has already exceeded that of laptops since the third quarter of 2019. In today’s world where we are looking for the easiest way to get something, most of us would rather search for something quickly or even do online shopping on our mobile devices rather than laptops.

As mobile devices become the dominant source of content consumption and purchase activity, marketers must develop a mobile-first strategy. As a result, there will be a greater emphasis on employing tools like in-app adverts, push notifications, SMS, and accelerated mobile pages (AMP) to boost consumer engagement, retention, and experience.

Since consumers look at their phones so often, things like SMS and push notifications can really grab your customer’s attention and increase the likelihood of conversions. This Sendbird article features plenty of examples of mobile push notifications that can be automated whenever your customers complete a function. For example, Dunkin’ informs customers when they’ve received a new stock of items, while Airbnb automatically sends a notification after cart abandonment.

If you have not yet automated your digital marketing processes or you want to upgrade yourself with the latest trends, we hope that this article has been useful to you. No matter which group you belong to, you can surely increase your revenue if you use automation in your business. Remember to use all-in-one accounting software to keep track of your expenses and profits. Wish you the best of luck!

Author’s Bio: I am Parichehr Parsi, co-founder of SEO Builders, and a freelance content creator and link builder. I currently write for digital marketing websites. I love reading, writing, and doing research.


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