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Create proposals with ease

Fast & Simple Process

Select and customize your proposal

  • Over 109 templates to choose from
  • Ready-made content
  • Flexible elements
  • Content library

Send and track all your proposals

  • How many times opened
  • How long it was open for
  • Status for each proposal
  • Email notification

Get the deal signed by the client

  • eSignature
  • Sign from any device
  • Type/upload/draw signature
  • Email notification
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Impress Your Clients With Your Proposals

Make a great first impression by sending a proposal that looks amazing on any device. Add your logo, images, videos, tables and your personal touch to any proposal.


I used to spend days on proposals and it was such a waste of time as I think most prospective clients really want something short and sweet. This works perfectly for that.

Abigail T. Director

Create proposals with ease

Your Clients Can Choose From Your Services, Sign & Pay From Any Device

Let your potential clients choose the right plan or specific services that suit them. Offer them the option to pay the first


Email notifications

Get notified by email when your client opens your proposal so you can perfectly time your follow-up


Expiry date

Create proposals with an expiry date to let clients know that your offers aren't available indefinitely



Close more deals by being more available to your clients via a WhatsApp, call, or email button on the proposal


Discount/checkboxes/option to choose a plan when signed

Let your potential clients choose the right plan for them or even specific services. Offer them the option to pay the first

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Create proposals with ease

Easy eSignature + Multiple Signers

Prospero proposals offer hassle-free eSignature options, so you can rest easy knowing your clients can easily sign from any device and browser. You can choose whether to make it causal or more formal. The signature's timestamp and IP will be added to the document as another proof layer.

  • Multiple signing options: Draw, Type, and Upload
  • More than one signer
  • Sign from any device
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Create proposals with ease

Ready-Made Templates & Content Library

Generate your proposal in record time using Prospero's built in content and element generator. Save sections and templates to your content library for future use. Not sure how to best present your offer? Prospero's ready made texts will help you get the writing done quickly.

  • Templates for all kinds of work
  • Covers that will knock your clients socks off
  • Sections for faster content generation
  • Media to better convey how you work

Work Stronger Together

Teamwork makes the dream work.

You can now add users and manage roles and permissions on your team's account. You can also see your team's proposal status and set visibility depending on the roles.


Create proposals with ease

Accurate & Simple Tracking Analytics

Know how many times your clients opened your proposal and how long they looked at it. You'll also get notified by email when your client opens your proposal for the first time.

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Create proposals with ease

Integrate with any Platform in a Few Clicks

Prospero integrates with FreshBooks, QuickBooks, Stripe, Integromat and Zapier, so you can generate an invoice and get paid with one click. You can also install 3rd party scripts like Google Analytics, heatmaps and live chats.

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Prospero not only allows me to structure all of my services well, but each and every proposal looks incredible. I have even received compliments from clients regarding the level of organization and the quality of my presentation.


Prospero is helping us to achieve exhilarating and invigorating results. We're receiving more qualified leads and higher conversion rates, followed by an explicit WOW reaction from our clients. It's a great boost to any business and it's easy to use!


Prospero helps me create high converting proposals! It has every possible feature a small business proposal tool needs to have and more but at fraction of the cost. Needless to say that it saves me hours of work.

Create proposals with ease

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