Top Expedience Alternatives For Powerful Proposal Automation

Posted by Didi Inuk | March 22, 2023 | proposals,

If you are a business owner looking to send proposals out to new prospects or associates, you might be searching online for proposal templates or proposal software. Luckily for you, there are many resources on how to write a proposal as well as proposal software solutions online that can assist you with this task.

Creating a business proposal from scratch can be challenging for someone who doesn’t know their way around Microsoft Word or Excel.

An application called Expedience standouts out from the crowd but is a little on the pricey side. There are, however, Expedience alternatives that can be explored for those who are on a budget. Let us learn more about some of the best proposal and RFP solutions out there.

What is Expedience Proposal Software

Founded in 2012, Expedience Proposal Software is an award-winning proposal and RFP (Request for proposal) solution. The customer-based of Expedience consists mainly of midsize to enterprise B2B organizations.

These entities are within the financial sector, healthcare, business services, legal, asset management, and more.

What makes this software unique is its innovative extension for Microsoft Office and Excel. The extension includes advanced automation to assist in producing award-winning proposals. 

Expedience allows you to create appealing, branded, and persuasive proposals that get results. The software is trusted by 100’s of technology, manufacturing, legal, and financial companies worldwide.

Alternatives for Expedience


Prospero business proposal software is an excellent alternative to Expedience. The service is affordable and easy to use, making it a favorite amongst small to medium businesses. When visiting the company’s site, you are greeted by a beautifully presented homepage.

You can start a 21 day trial of the software for only $1 and begin by efficiently designing proposals while winning more projects and impressing your clients. 

The dashboard has an intuitive interface that operates at optimum speed while delivering quality proposal templates. Creating a business proposal with Prospero takes meer minutes, and you can insert your images, videos, tables, and logo.

It has built-in accurate and straightforward tracking analytics that allows you to monitor the progress of your proposal campaign. 

There are trackers attached to email proposals that are sent to your prospects. Once a client or candidate opens your submissions for the first time, a notification is sent to your email address.

The software can take care of a variety of business needs within the technology sector. Its proposal templates are beautiful and have an elegant design. These attractive proposals come to life three times fasters than if it was created on Microsoft Word.

Each proposal looks incredible and can be structured to match your business criteria. This service takes the leg work out of designing an award-winning proposal. A great reason to join Prospero would be the ability to integrate with nearly any platform within a few clicks. 

You can easily integrate Propsero with Stripe, QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Zapier, and Integromat. That allows you to generate an invoice quickly, and your client can pay you with one click.

Third-party scripts such as Google Analytics, live chat, or heatmaps are compatible with this solution, and so are many others. The options are nearly endless, and it’s a challenge to find anything that can match Prospero when it comes to compatibility.

It comes in at an excellent monthly price of $8 per month, which is a steal considering all the advanced features. You can use the service from anywhere globally, and it can work on multiple operating systems.

You can receive the complete service for $45 per year but at a discounted rate of $5 a month. To benefit from this discount, you would need to pay for a year’s subscription upfront. 

Whatever way you look at it, this software is perfect to drive your next proposal campaign.


This software allows you to streamline the RFP process by offering a simple easy to use the system. It features an intuitive dashboard that has a host of customizability options for variables and fields. 

RocketDocs gives users the option of managing and tracking their efforts through the use of analytics. It is an excellent alternative to Expedience but does come with a few downsides.

There is a documents builder interface that can be used for collaborative creation during your proposal design process. Track your progress on the dashboard with the analytical reporting tools. 

Integration is taken care of with the company’s collaborations system through which a host of rich media can be added to your proposals.

Overall it is an excellent alternative to Expedience, but the big downside is the dashboard and complicated file storage system.


Straight out of Baltimore in the United States is a company called Zbizlink. This tech firm owns a dynamic, cloud-based proposal management tool that combines various elements of business applications into one solution.

Multiple features can support the entire business development cycle. Things like a time-saving RFP parser help to boost productivity while developing your RFP.

The dashboard is responsive and takes a little getting used to, such as figuring out which setting works best for you. Its design can assist government and commercial proposal campaigns while maintaining the complete business development cycle.

There is a range of people who use Zbizlink, including Federal and State vendors.

This service is excellent for larger companies because of its high price and extensive business services.


Proposify is a software package that helps new-age teams create business proposals and track them with an analytics system. The service can manage contracts and agreements as well as e-signing winning bids.

Based in Nova Scotia, this company’s software uses assembly and approval workflows so teams can work smoothly on projects. There is also engagement tracking which informs you about your click-through rates.

You can easily add your logo and the user access management system is simple to use. The online proposal software gives you visibility and control, allowing you to monitor each deal from start to finish.

Try out Proposify for free to see if you like it. The basic package is $49, and for enterprises, it starts at $590 per month. 


Founded in 1977, Qvidian Corporation has been in the software industry for many years. It only made sense that they brought out a content management system.

The company developed this system later and called it Upload Qvidian RFP response and proposal management software. It’s a cloud-based sales software that has an RFP response enablement platform.

You can track, manage, and confirm proposals through a searchable content library that stores information in approved languages and branding. The software is capable of delivering a polished proposal that catches the attention of prospects.

It services more giant corporations and goes for $29 per user per month, suitable for a big enterprise.


These systems all have great features and options, but one stands out from the rest. That is Prospero because of the significant amount of customizability it has. If you think about the great price, it would be silly not to consider Prospero for your proposal needs.

All the benefits of creating, sending, tracking, and confirming are something you want as a business owner or manager. That makes Prospero one of the ultimate Expedience alternatives on this list.

Sign up now or give the trial version a swirl to explore the best proposal software on the market. 


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