Close More Deals With These 10 Wise Business Proposal Alternatives 

Posted by Didi Inuk | September 4, 2023 | All,
Wise Business Proposal Alternatives

Are you looking for alternatives to Wise business proposals? Maybe you’re looking to level up your game in the competitive business world. If so, this is the right blog post for you. 

Did you know that adding images to your business proposals can improve your close rates by 23 percent? That’s why interactive business proposals are important and why you should look at getting as many options as you can for your proposals. 

We’re exploring 10 Wise business proposal alternatives to empower you to win more deals. Whether you’re an agency, a freelancer, or a business owner, these alternatives can help you close more deals and make your proposal game more effective. 

How to Pick an Alternative: Key Factors to Consider 

When you pick a business proposal software, you want to consider several key factors to guarantee that the transition is beneficial and smooth for your business. 

Here are some of the factors you want to consider before making a decision:

Your Business Goals and Needs

You want to start this selection process by assessing your specific goals and needs. What do you want to achieve with this new proposal solution? During this time, you want to examine the size of your industry, business, and growth objectives. 

Your Budget 

Before picking any proposal software, understand your budget constraints. Ask yourself how much you’re willing to invest. Only select a tool that aligns with your financial resources. 

Ease of Use 

User-friendliness is a key factor you need to consider. Will your team easily adapt to this new software? What does the learning curve look like? Remember that an intuitive interface reduces training costs and saves time. 

10 Best Wise Business Proposal Alternatives

Here are the top 10 best Wise business proposal alternatives to complement your proposal strategy and have you closing more deals:


A screenshot of Prospero website

Prospero is a game-changing proposal software that’s designed to take your business proposals to another level. When you use Prospero, you’re provided with a wide range of proposal templates, business proposal features, and proposal software tools. This empowers you to create compelling proposals that help you close deals. 

Moreover, Prospero’s business proposal features include real-time notification, analytics, and e-signatures. With these business proposal tools, you know when a proposal has been viewed and accepted and can track the status of these proposals.

With Prospero’s intuitive proposal software, you can easily create, edit, and collaborate on proposals with your team. This streamlines the proposal creation process. 

You also gain a library of professionally designed proposal templates that can be customized to your style and brand. This ensures your business proposals look impressive while saving you time. 

This alternative is so great because it gives you access to a 14-day trial of its unique features without any price commitments. You can try it out for yourself here.


Screenshot of Canva proposal creator website

If you’re looking for a DIY alternative to your Wise business proposals, Canva is the right tool for you. This Wise alternative offers a great user-friendly interface and comes with an extensive template library, cost-effectiveness, customization features, and easy collaboration with team members. 

Canva is an excellent option for smaller businesses or projects where there are not many resources available for business proposal software. This Wise business proposal alternative empowers you to easily create professional and visually appealing proposals to drive more conversions. With it, you can make a strong impression on prospects and clients. 


A screenshot of DocuSign website

DocuSign is known as an exceptional electronic signature platform that’s trusted by many businesses. Although it’s primarily used for its e-signature capabilities, it also serves as a valuable alternative for managing specific aspects of the business proposal creation process. 

The platform is equipped with document preparation and management features. This empowers you to upload proposal documents and customize fields in the file for initials, dates, and signatures. From here, you can send these business proposals to collaborators and clients to review and sign. 

Zoho CRM

A screenshot of Zoho CRM website

If you want versatile CRM software that can be used to manage aspects of the business proposal process, Zoho CRM is a great Wise business proposal alternative for your team. It doesn’t offer all the dedicated proposal software features. 

However, it has powerful proposal tracking, contact segmentation, and customer relationship management capabilities. Zoho CRM is the right alternative for you if you want to streamline proposal-related activities within a wider CRM framework.

Quote Roller

One Wise business proposal alternative that excels in proposal management, customization, and proposal creation is Quote Roller. With its dedicated proposal features, Quote Roller is a good option for companies wanting to streamline proposal processes and better client engagement. 

When it comes to Wise business proposal alternatives, this option shines for its user-friendly interface for creating and customizing proposals. You’re also provided with a range of professionally designed templates that you can customize to match your specific client needs and brand identity. 

Better Proposals 

Screenshot of Better Proposals website

Better Proposals is a good Wise business proposal alternative to simplify the business proposal creation and management process. With this tool, you can easily create interactive proposals. Better Proposals aligns with its name and lets people create better proposals to close more deals

You’re provided with a library of professional templates in which you can embed images, videos, and other multimedia elements, helping make your proposals interactive and engaging. This empowers you to stand out from the competition. 


A screenshot of Nusii website

Offering a straightforward and user-friendly platform, Nusii is one of the top Wise business proposals available. This tool lets you create and customize business proposals that engage prospects and close more deals. 

The content library lets you store and reuse proposals, pricing tables, and content blocks. This helps you save time and ensures consistency when you’re creating proposals. You also have access to electronic signature capabilities for clients to review and digitally sign proposals through the platform. 


A screenshot of Qwilr web page

When it comes to Wise business proposal alternatives, Qwilr stands out for its interactive and dynamic features. You can easily embed pricing calculators, images, and videos into your proposals. This lets you capture your client’s attention. 

One well-liked feature of Qwilr is its mobile responsiveness because it empowers clients and prospects to easily review and interact with your proposals. This can be done through various devices, including tablets and smartphones. As the business world has become mobile-centric, this is an exceptional capability for any team. 


A screenshot of Bidsketch web page

Bidsketch is a good option as a Wise business proposal alternative because it’s designed to streamline the creation, tracking, and management of business proposals. You can easily create customized proposals within the platform that match your client-specific requirements and brand identity. 

The content library also lets you store and reuse your proposals. This helps you save time on your proposals while ensuring each one is made consistently. 

You also have access to electronic signature capabilities, which streamlines the approval process. Clients can easily review and sign your proposals online, which eliminates the need for physical signatures. 


A screenshot of Pandadoc website

Wise business proposal alternatives like PandaDoc are great for improving collaboration between different teams. With PandaDoc, you can easily empower multiple users to work on business proposals simultaneously. 

This is while sharing feedback and guaranteeing that proposals adhere to your messaging and branding standards. You can also easily integrate PandaDoc into CRM systems, which offers better proposal management. 

Analytics and reporting features let you measure your proposal performance. With it, you can track conversion rates while determining areas of improvement. This empowers you to refine your proposal strategy and close more deals. 

Final Thoughts

You’re missing out if you aren’t not using a Wise business proposal alternative to improve your proposal writing. The proposals you send to clients and prospects make the difference in winning or losing deals. 

Wise business proposals are good, but exploring the alternatives listed above will give you the edge you need to start closing more deals. Why stick to the same old proposal game when you can get to see your efforts return more benefits? 

The choice remains yours, but remember, adaptability and innovation are the elements that help you thrive in the competitive and ever-evolving business world. 


Idongesit ‘Didi’ Inuk is a Content Marketer at Prospero. She has a passion for leveraging content to drive meaningful conversations and help her clients reach their goals. When she's not creating content, Didi spends her time reading, watching series, or trying new cuisines.