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The original language of this template is English, but you can always use the translated text.

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Prepared For Lucille Lim

Architectural Design Proposal Template


Are you looking for an architect to assist you with an upcoming building project? Do you prefer working with an architectural firm that knows how to achieve the desired results within the expected deadline? 

Well, that is where I would like to reach out and offer our services. [Company Name] has been a distinguished brand in the industry for [X] years and has been involved with countless construction projects.

Our company is an excellent fit for your requirements because we can tailor any design to your specifications. Furthermore, our professional and licensed architects can aid you in bringing your building idea or apartment complex to life.

Why Me

With over [X] years of experience, we have helped many happy clients achieve what they have always dreamed of. Our team of executive architects is willing to help you every step of the way, from design to inspection.

[Company Name] is easy to work with, and we can accommodate all our business partners and associates. No matter what challenges you face when adding to a new building or extending a pre-existing one, we can assist you in realizing your goals. 

Previous Clients

Our client list is extensive, and we have worked on many projects around the country. If you require a full report of our previous projects and significant accomplishments, please don’t be afraid to contact us for detailed information.

Moreover, our most significant achievements include multi-story buildings, apartment blocks, and sports stadium rehabilitation. [Company Name] is one of the most trusted in the industry, and rightfully so. We treat every customer with dignity and respect whenever dealing with them.

What Our Clients Say

Here is a review we received from a client that asked us to design his multi-story house and inspect it throughout the construction process. 

“[Company Name] performed a sterling job of making my dream a reality! I gave them a design that I liked, and within a few days, a mockup draft was established. There were a few things I wanted to change, so I contacted [Company Name] to ask for a revision. I had the updated version of my design within no time, and I was happy to proceed with the construction process. I recommend [Company Name] to any construction firm or real agent mogul wanting outstanding designs and professional architects.” – Al Abar Group


Below we have a list of various packages offered by our company, but if you are looking for something more customized, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to make any modifications or changes as you see fit.

[Service 1] [Price]
[Service 2] [Price]
[Service 3] [Price]
[Service 4] [Price]
[Service 5] [Price]


The design process occurs in milestones, so we have added this brief look at the timeline of the proceedings. Please get in touch with us if you require a service not listed here. Our licensed and professional architects are ready and able to answer your questions at a moment’s notice – get in touch.

Schematic design ASAP
Design development [Timeframe]
Construction documents [Timeframe]
Construction administration [Timeframe]
Final meeting [Timeframe]

What’s Next

Now that we have shown you our business model, you can feel free to reach out to us with any concerns or questions you may have. We can be reached 24 hours a day via email, or you can contact us telephonically between [X to X] [Time Zone].

Once the schematic design is complete, we can review the plan and see if any changes need to be made. During our first meeting, you can detail what you want to incorporate into your building or construction project. 

Let our experienced architects take care of the design development timeously and promptly. No matter what service you require from [Company Name], we are ready to assist you in bringing your idea to life.


1. You cannot reuse specifications or designs from [Company Name] unless we provide permission. All plans and specifications remain the property of [Company Name] 
2. Vendors who do not meet expected delivery dates is not the responsibility of [Company Name] 
3. Any work outside the agreed terms is subject to another evaluation and invoice. 
4. If you require materials for your project, we need a 50% upfront fee before placing construction orders. 
5. The payment structure is 50% after project completion and 50% upfront. You can pay by credit card, cash, or bank transfer.



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Lucille Lim