Artificial Intelligence Proposal Template

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Prepared For Daniel Smith

Artificial Intelligence Proposal Template


Technology runs the world. It advances every day, along with humanity’s knowledge, intelligence, and needs. Artificial intelligence has been a growing sector in technology for a while. It has come a long way since the first general-purpose mobile robot was built years ago. 

Over the last six decades, AI technology has developed and has become an integral part of just about every industry and our everyday lives. There is a misconception that AI is here to make the human workforce obsolete. That is not the case. 

AI serves to make the workplace more efficient by supporting human effort. This technology shoulders some of the work pressure and frees up human resources for higher-level duties. It is here to improve the operation of your business. 

If your company has not already integrated artificial intelligence systems, you could be falling behind your competitors. The great thing about using AI is that it operates without downtime, which bolsters production.

A specialist who knows the ins and outs of AI platforms and technologies and how to implement them will benefit (Company Name). That’s where I come in. AI is the present and future, and I can help you use the technology to your advantage. 

With my skills and experience as a (industry title) and (Company Name’s) vision, we can work together to implement AI technology to take your brand to new heights. 

I will help you come up with a concrete plan to incorporate AI into your business operations. Moving forward, we will set reasonable prospects and measure the potential outcomes. I’m ready to help you gather information and improve decision-making by creating AI systems that match your business needs. Together, we can watch your business grow. 

Why Me

I’m convinced that we are the best fit for your business, and here’s

There are plenty of AI professionals out there, but I’m confident that I’m the specialist that (Company Name) needs. Let’s get into why I’m a perfect fit for your team.

1. Experience with AI technology goes a long way in determining how to best use it for a company’s progress. I have extensive experience, working in the field for (X) years. 

2. As a (insert career specialty), I’m a (insert niche experience) who (describe what kind of services you offer. – e.g I’m a skilled programmer who builds AI structures that can use a large amount of data to develop algorithms that can make predictions.) 

This foreshadowing in the business can help brands tailor their operations, so they keep up with cutting-edge best practices and surpass competitors.  

3. In my previous position as a machine learning engineer for (Company Name), I played a critical role on the data science team. My involvement with researching and designing automated AI systems helped to gather data that led to better decision-making and increased revenues. 

I can do the same for you. If you want to see what (Company Name) has to say about me, please check out (insert client review link). 

4. My aim is to delve into your business’s current operation and find ways to improve it using AI technology. Then combine the new strategy with your mission, vision, and business ethics. 


Here is a breakdown of the expected milestones for this project. I’m available to answer questions.

Initial MeetingASAP
Research, Problem Identification & Data collectionOne Week
Building AI -model4 Weeks
ImplementationOne Week
Evaluation of ModelOne Week

What’s Next

Now that you’ve decided my services perfectly fit your company’s needs, I’m ready to jump into action. I’ve joined your team to make things easier for you, so I’m available for questions or concerns you may have. Please, contact me using the provided information, via e-mail or phone. 

The next phase is to set up a meeting so we can further discuss our partnership. We’ll also review the resources I’ll need to complete your project successfully. Work will begin as soon as we’ve conducted our consultation meeting. 


1. All payments are expected to be paid upon invoicing as long as the work is completed. Accepted methods of payment include PayPal, Payoneer, and bank transfer.

2. Deliverable milestones may be altered after the consultation meeting. The machine learning process from the initial stage of research to the final phase of evaluation may reveal elements that require modification. The entire process is about creating a model tailored to your needs.

3. All resources needed to complete this project are the client’s financial responsibility.

4. The client agrees to give access to any information crucial to conducting research, creating, deploying, and assessing an AI model.

5. All client information will remain confidential. The client is free to request the signing of a non-disclosure agreement. 

6. Any additional work requested or required outside of this project is subject to additional cost.

7. The client agrees to compensate for any hours already completed in the event of project termination. 



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