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Prepared For Ms. Nella Collins

Audio Visual Services Proposal Template


In my [x] years as an audio-visual production specialist, I have served more than [x] independent clients and businesses. Moreover, I have provided services across several industries, including video production, music production, social media marketing, voice acting, live events, and more.

After reviewing your company, I can help you better market yourself to strengthen the connection with your audience. Compelling media requires a mix of passion and experience that cannot be faked. I use this to create a story that will evoke trust, loyalty, and awe in your customers.

Generally speaking, I will use industry-leading equipment to capture the highlight of every moment. I will also provide immediate technological troubleshooting and advise on utilizing my services for your brand best. I am dedicated to every project, no matter the size.

Why Me

Overall, I take pride in distinguishing myself from competitors:

  • I consult with you every step of the way. Moreover, I am here to provide quality service for you and your customers.
  • I consider the customer’s perspective to offer the best advice for maximizing your project. The goals and values of your brand are embedded into every action I take.
  • I commit to my estimates. Once we have established a time frame, I guarantee to have the project finished by that time, or each additional day will be free (this is not applicable in the case of reshoots, natural disasters, or rescheduling).
  • I provide reliable equipment at industry-low costs. My equipment includes 4K and 5K cameras, 360 cameras, dash cams, lavalier microphones, cycloramas, green screens, and more.
  • I offer a loyalty program. Recurring clients receive a discounted rate on all services after their second project.
  • I am professional yet personable, meaning I don’t let my work negate human interaction. If you have questions about what I’m doing or simply want a casual chat between shoots, feel free to approach me.

Previous Clients

“It was a pleasure to work with [name]. We worked together for over a year, and [he/she] remained patient and professional the entire time, even when we had to reschedule or redo the same shots. Definitely, the best I could have asked for!”

[Client]: 13-month project conducted across seven locations for a documentary.

“[Name] completed the job even sooner than the estimate. [He/She] walked me through everything and always valued my input. [He/she] even showed me comparisons of each type of camera and microphone so I could pick the best option for my video. The editing was quick, and the video was ready to showcase in almost half the estimated time.”

[Client]: Four-day project for a local dental office.

“We’re a small company on the rise, so it was a lifesaver to find someone professional but affordable. We’ve already seen an increase in business! We’ll be requesting more services in the future!”

[Client]: Eight-week project for a series of short commercials promoting a startup company.

“[Name] was a valuable asset to our brand. [His/her] expertise and advice improved our operations. Our brand is stronger than ever, and we plan to use what [name] taught us to keep improving.”

[Client]: 22-week project for a major brand’s social media rebranding.

Project Costs

Here are some costs to consider. The final price may differ depending on the needs of your project.

Services Cost
Small Project[Price]
Large Project[Price]
1080p Camera[Price]
4K Resolution (up to two cameras)[Price]
4K Resolution (up to five cameras)[Price]
5K Resolution (up to two cameras)[Price]
5K Resolution (up to four cameras)[Price]
4K Resolution (up to two cameras)[Price]
Shotgun Microphone[Price]
Shotgun Microphone[Price]
Live Streaming[Price]


Here is a list of standard fees. There may be additional fees not listed that will be included in your contract.

Standard Fees Cost
First Consultation[FREE]
Rush Order[Price]
Tech Maintenance[Price]
Long-Distance Travel[Price]
Green Screen[Price]
Rough Environment/Inclement Weather[Price]


Here is what you can expect after hiring me:

1. A free consultation to ensure your needs align with my capabilities.
2. A follow-up consultation to discuss the project in more detail and create a plan of action. You will have the chance to compare different equipment and resources.
3. A third consultation (if necessary). Assessing any off-set locations. Finalizing the time frame and plan of action.
4. Professional filming and recording.
5. Editing, 3D mapping, and other requested services.
6. Review of the finished product. You may request revisions with additional time and fees.
7. Final delivery of materials and closing consultation if necessary.

Terms and Conditions

By partnering with me, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. The client will be held liable for equipment damaged or stolen by the client and/or the client’s associates.
2. The client will be responsible for any fees and regulations related to locations and actors used. Any props, transportation, or other third-party resources are also the client’s responsibility.
3. Any changes to the action plan must be submitted in writing at least 24 hours in advance. The client may be subject to additional fees depending on the change.
4. The client owns all rights to the product upon final payment. If the client cancels the project before completion, the client must pay a cancellation fee, and I will retain the rights to the project.
5. Upon signing the contract, up to 30% of the estimated final price is due upfront. For long-term projects, I will bill services monthly. In the case of short-term projects, the remaining amount is due upon completion of the project. This includes services added after signing the contract.



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