Auto Body Repair & Maintenace Proposal Template

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Prepared For Ms. Nella Collins

Auto Body Repair & Maintenace Proposal Template


When your car breaks down, it’s a challenge. You require transportation to get to work on time, run errands, and enjoy life. Even those who don’t drive often get peace of mind knowing they can go somewhere when the need arises.

[Company Name] is a trustworthy and respectable auto body repair shop in [City]. We offer value to our clients by providing quality service that meets every need. Though we aren’t always the cheapest regarding labor and time, we make up for that by providing excellent customer service.

We want to offer you our auto body repair services the next time your vehicle is damaged or broken down. Our goal is to do more than expected for every client.

Why Me

With plenty of auto body repair shops near [City], we realize you’ve got various options.
However, here are the main reasons to choose [Company Name]:

  • Expert Technicians – [Company Name] only employs experienced and professional ASE-certified mechanics. They undergo rigorous formal training and are vetted by us before working on any model or type of vehicle.
  • Proper Tools – Our technicians have access to specialty tools that most DIY mechanics cannot afford. They’re also trained thoroughly on using them correctly. Plus, we offer the latest technology to provide services other auto body shops can’t.
  • Competitive Pricing – Most car owners consider prices before choosing an auto body repair company. We offer competitive pricing to retain customers but never sacrifice quality for low prices. If it costs more than the rest, it’s because we provide better service in the long run.
  • Convenience – If your repair will take a long time or you’ve got somewhere to be, we offer complimentary loaner vehicles to make your life easier.

Previous Clients

Our team has helped many companies and individuals handle vehicular repairs. These include:

  • [Company Name] – We repainted an entire fleet of vehicles for [Company Name] after they rebranded.
  • [Person] – [Person] came to us with cosmetic damage to the hood. We towed the vehicle to our auto body shop and got it fixed in two days.


We offer various services to meet our client’s needs. These include

  • Dent Repair – Bring your vehicle to us after a collision. Our experienced technicians have the skills to push out dents and make the car like new again.
  • Frame Repair – We work on everything regardless of your vehicle type (SUVs, cars, trucks, and vans). We can also deal with your auto insurance company to fix the frame and get you back on the road. Likewise, we handle bumpers damaged by fender benders.
  • Paint Services – [Company Name] is a full-service auto-body repair company in [City]. Our technicians can provide efficient and quality paint services, whether you’ve got a scratch or need the entire vehicle painted.
  • Collision Repair – Our team thoroughly assesses the vehicle, reviews the damages found, and provides a quote to fix those issues.


[Company Name] is a firm believer in longevity and value, so we set our prices accordingly.

We know we’ll be your go-to solution for auto body repairs in the future because of our competitive pricing.

We never hide fees and offer transparency around every turn. Here’s a generalized breakdown of our options:

Services Cost
Dent Repair[Price]
Frame Repair[Price]
Paint Services[Price]
Collision Repair[Price]

It’s difficult to provide a specific quote during the proposal phase because we can’t know the extent of the damage or scope of the work until we evaluate the situation. However, we never charge to look at the vehicle!



Please book an appointment with our auto body repair shop by calling [phone number] or using the online form on our website. Once we receive the service request, we will schedule you for that day and time. Opt in for our email reminders so that you don’t miss anything.

On the day of your appointment, bring the vehicle to us or request towing during the appointment booking process. We discuss your needs, thoroughly examine the automobile, and provide you with an itemized service estimate.

Once you approve the estimate, we will repair the vehicle. We can quickly inform you if you are opt-in for email and text notifications. When the automobile is fixed, you receive a call or text to pick it up.

Upon arrival to pick up your fixed vehicle, we will receive the full payment from you, and you may drive away.

Terms and Conditions

1. The client must pay the total repair bill upon completion of work. Therefore, the vehicle cannot be returned until payment is received.
2. [Company Name] takes various payment forms, including personal checks, debit cards, and credit cards.
4. Clients must keep all warranty information and follow the directions within the document.
5. Clients must use our auto body repair service for all warrantied work; otherwise, the warranty is null and void.



Prospero team


Ms. Nella Collins