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Prepared For Mr. Aman Tilak

Auto Cleaning Services Proposal Template


Having a clean space makes it easier to relax and get work done. Those who drive for you may live in the vehicles throughout the day.

However, they expect to get into a clean car for the day’s business. Likewise, many people check cleanliness before hiring someone to do a job.

[Company Name] is a very experienced auto cleaning service provider in [City]. We offer various services to meet your needs and are dedicated to providing our customers with an unforgettable experience. Potential clients and employees will enjoy being in vehicles cleaned by us.

We’re thrilled to provide our car cleaning services, regardless of your requirements. In fact, we go above and beyond to meet your needs.

Why Us

You receive the best service possible when you choose [Company Name]. Here are some advantages of working with us:

  • Qualified Experts – Our team knows how to clean your vehicle thoroughly and doesn’t leave anything untouched (depending on your chosen package).
  • Same-day Turnaround – Though we request that you give us a week to do the job, emergencies arise. We offer same-day turnaround for a separate fee, which we discuss below.
  • Ability to Outsource – There’s no need to hire employees to clean your vehicles or demand that current staff takes on the burden of cleaning. We can do it all for you.
  • Mobile Service Available – If you don’t have someone to drive the vehicles to us, we can come to you! Our mobile cleaning service features the same packages, though we must add a separate fee.

Services based on Automobile Type

Before deciding to work with us, it’s important to understand what automobiles we service and the packages we offer. These include:

PackagesWhat You Get Price
Economy Package
  • Hand wash/dry
  • Vacuum the interior
  • Clean door jambs
  • Clean inside and outside of windows
Premium Package
  • Everything from the Economy 
  • Clean and dress trim, vents, and dash
Supreme Package
  • Everything from Premium and Economy
  • Clean and vacuum the trunk
  • Polish and wax application
Ultimate Package
  • Everything from Supreme, Premium, and Economy
  • Hand-polished rims
  • Clay application
  • Interior stain protection
  • Clean and dress the engine
  • Clean and condition fabric and leather
  • Deodorizer or ozone treatment
  • Hot-water extract for carpets and fabrics

We also offer add-on services for a separate fee along with the packages available. These include:

  • Same-day turnarounds – Bring your vehicle(s) in by 2 p.m. any day and get them cleaned by the close of business (8 p.m.) (Cost: [price])
  • Mobile service – If you can’t come to us, we come onsite to clean your fleet. (Cost: [price])

You may also break down any Ultimate package options into add-ons to meet your needs. Prices are as follows:

Services Price
Hand-polished rims[Price]
Clay application[Price]
Interior stain protection[Price]
Clean and dress the engine[Price]
Clean and condition fabric and leather[Price]
Deodorizer or ozone treatment[Price]
Hot-water extract for carpets and fabrics[Price]

What Our Customers Say

Throughout the [X] years we’ve been in service, [Company Name] has helped countless companies and organizations. Our biggest clients include

  • Just Right Limo Service – “The company came to us to clean all limos after use. It ordered the Economy package initially but soon switched to the Ultimate package and started getting double the clients. Repeat business boomed, as well.”
  • Perfect Home Realty – “This brand has multiple cars available for its Realtors to use for business dealings. Vehicles had to look their best, so the owner contacted us. Though the Premium package was the first choice, a deodorizing treatment was necessary, so the company switched to the Ultimate package and continues to use our services.”


Auto cleaning services can be reserved directly on the website, or you may call [phone number]. Once we receive the reservation, you get a text or email confirmation (chosen during the appointment setup).

On the appointed day, we come to your location, or you bring the vehicle(s) to us (depending on your preferences.) The work is completed, and you receive a text, call, or email indicating that you can pick up the automobile(s).

Once we complete the service, we allow you to evaluate the vehicles inside and out to determine if they’re to your liking. Don’t hesitate to inform us of any issues. Finally, we receive payment. We either leave your property, or you drive the vehicle(s) away from our shop.

Terms and Conditions

  • Clients are not required to inspect vehicle cleanliness before taking possession after service is completed. However, they cannot dispute issues if they do not take this step.
  • Technicians must take photos and write detailed descriptions of current vehicular damage. If one of our staff damages your vehicle, we are responsible for repairs. However, you must let us choose the auto repair shop.
  • The client may cancel service within [number of days] of the scheduled service without accruing fees. Cancellations closer to the cleaning service date result in an additional charge.



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