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Prepared For Mr. Ivan Wilkins

Business Funding Proposal Template


Getting a business started on the right foot goes beyond having good ideas. In any case scenario, companies need proper funding if they want to thrive in these more complex, early stages.

Our business, which focuses on [Industry], is currently looking for reliable and effective funding options that will allow us to get all the resources needed to operate in exchange for different benefits.

The following proposal will outline everything you need to know about our company [Company Name], including business plans, investment options, and everything you can get in return after we accomplish our milestones.

[Company Name] operates in the [x] industry. Although this industry has a considerable competition rate, we can bring something new and innovative to the equation. As long as we have the funds to achieve our goals, we’re optimistic our offering will benefit many consumers.

Our target market is [x] because it’s the population that we feel will connect more with our business mission and vision. Getting the right people to invest in our business will increase our credibility and trust, which will, therefore, translate into more sales. 

Our plan to grow in the [x] industry involves additional funding and marketing processes. First, we want to shift our focus to creating a high-quality selection of [Product/Service]. Moreover, we will work alongside several experts in the marketing area to get to the best way of making our company more popular with our target audience.

While we already have a detailed plan for achieving our goals, the final thing we need is funding, and that’s where you come in!

Our Business Plan

While it looks simple, our business plan was carefully planned out by a group of professionals within our company. Overall, our project involves the following:

  • Seeking funding
  • Using the funding to create our [Product/Service]
  • Marketing our company
  • Providing ongoing customer support
  • Using the profits to re-invest
  • Using the profits to re-invest
  • Getting you the return on investment we agreed upon

To comply with all of the points and objectives mentioned above, we created an excellent offering choice for our target audience, and that’s where [Product/Service] comes in.

[Product/Service] will be [Company Name]’s mainline product. Its goal is to provide our target audience with the solution to a problem, which is [Problem]. Moreover, [Product/Service] will be accompanied by a secondary line of products that will create a reliable ecosystem that our clients can rely on.

Considering the potential appeal of our business offering, we believe our target audience will connect with the message and solution we’re trying to provide, and with the right funding, we will be able to expand that solution to new horizons.

The Market

Considering that we want to work toward providing a solution for [Target Audience], we wanted to ensure that our pipeline was simple enough to understand. In simpler terms, our channel looks like this:

  • Make the potential customer aware of the problem and how our [Product/Service] will help them.
  • Provide potential customers with a wide range of investment options.
  • Educate potential customers on all the benefits they will get from investing in [Product/Service].
  • Ensuring our final customers get post-sale help from our team of experts.

To make our business work, we will rely on several different factors. Our customers, employees, suppliers, and investors will primarily be our stakeholders. We need to have a reliable facility where our team can work, and that facility will need to have some of the following:

  • Offices
  • High-end Computers
  • [x]
  • [x]
  • [x]
  • [x]

The Opportunity

Investing in our business will prove to be an excellent choice for you, and the main reason is that we believe there’s a considerable opportunity on the market for a company like ours.

We’ve conducted a thorough market analysis before drafting our goals, and according to our findings, our competition is lacking in some areas where our [Product/Service] can thrive.

Providing our customers with what they lack will make them trust our company more, ensuring you get a return on your investment much faster.

According to our sales projections, some of the figures you could earn as a return for your investment include the following:

  • [x]
  • [x]
  • [x]

Investment Options

Our team wants to make things as easy for you as possible. In that sense, we created different packages and rates for you to determine the best approach to investing.

Currently, we work with retained earnings, equity capital, and debt capital, the three primary funding methods you will find in most businesses. As for receiving your returns on any of the investments you made, we provide you with the following modalities:

  • [x]
  • [x]
  • [x]


Our milestone agenda goes as outlined below:

First phase: Getting our potential investors to fund our company ASAP
Second phase: Holding an initial meeting to assess the business plan, market, and returns on investments One-two weeks after initial contact
Third phase: Applying the primary funding stages and evaluating the results [x] months
Fourth phase: Assessing the immediate results and holding a secondary meeting to update, adjust, or eliminate the plan [x] months

Terms and Conditions

Consider the following terms and conditions before signing:

  • According to our investment structure, you may pay through bank transfer, check, or selected online payment processors. You may pay a lump sum amount of [x] or a monthly rate of [x].
  • You will receive [x]% returns in exchange for the initial investment.
  • You’re not responsible for any schedule, production, or marketing delays.
  • [Company Name] will provide the necessary updates regarding the company’s development.
  • A previously-chosen communication channel will send any additional information surrounding the investment plan.



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