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Prepared For Ms. Cristina Richard

Business Supplier Proposal Template


My business has been working in the [x] industry for [x] years, and we’ve specialized in supplying businesses like yours with [Materials].

After evaluating the current state of your company, I’ve determined that I would be a great fit as a supplier since, with my [Materials], I can provide your company with the resources necessary to solve [Problem].

Some of my services offered include:

  • Supplying [Materials]
  • Evaluating material and service alternatives for businesses in the [x] industry
  • Providing clients with a transparent, effective, and uninterrupted supply chain that will promote the smooth flow of your business

Our stakeholders, including our investors and employees, will ensure that your business never runs out of [Materials]. Moreover, my company works with some of the most reputable brands on the market, so you can rest assured that your company will receive only the highest quality products.

I would be thrilled to work with your company on [Project] since I’m confident I can help you boost your current production rate through my materials and services. My goal is to take all your needs, find a great proposal that will work for you, and improve your flow of business.

Why Me

Our team has worked hard to ensure that you feel confident while working with us at every step of the process. Considering hundreds of suppliers in your industry, we’ve gathered a few reasons why we think ourselves the best option for your company:

  • We specialize in [Type of Project]. We have [x] years of experience supplying businesses like yours with our materials and services.
  • Thanks to our years of experience, we’ve gathered information on many different types of companies, so we’re optimistic that we can provide you with something unique that will differentiate your company from the competition.
  • We have an excellent reputation among businesses within your similar industry. Some companies we’ve worked with include [x] and [x], and we’ve gathered many positive reviews. You can check out more about our client’s testimonials below.
  • Each team member is licensed and trained to make the supplying process much smoother and more accessible for your company. We value safety as much as we value everything else, so you can rest assured that we won’t sacrifice our quality for anything.

I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have surrounding my business or [Projects], so feel free to ask if anything is not clear.

Previous Clients

I have worked with several businesses in the [x] industry, which has given me the experience to become a reputable and trustworthy supplier of [Materials].

Most of my previous clients within your industry faced issues with [Problem], and I managed to provide them with a long-lasting solution through [Solution].

As I mentioned, my goal is to make your company flow as smoothly as possible, which is why we learn from each client to make things even better for you.

Here are some testimonials from previous clients that will give you a glimpse of what you can expect from my service:

“I worked with [Name] for [Project], and I couldn’t be happier. He was fast, responsive, and transparent. Moreover, he knew exactly what my business needed in such a competitive market. I will be forever grateful for this service” – [Client]

“There are a few suppliers out there that offer the benefits that [Name] offers. If you’re in the [x] industry, you will get value from investing in these supplies. Not only are they effective, but they made my company work much more efficiently than before!” – [Client]

“My business team and I were thrilled to have [Name] as a supplier. While we weren’t 100% sure at first, [Name] was quite friendly and answered every concern we had about the project. I recommend this supplier to anyone in the [x] industry.” – [Client]

No Conflict of Interest

Although we’ve worked with clients in a similar industry to your company, we can assure you that we aren’t currently working for competitors your business may have. 

We strive to work with people while ensuring a specific grade of exclusivity, which promotes a healthier collaboration environment. As conflicts of interest go, rest assured that there aren’t any cases you should be aware of before signing up to work with us.


In case you decide to choose us as your supplier of [Materials], please consider the following fee scheme for our project:

Task Price
[Service 1][Price]
[Service 1][Price]
[Service 1][Price]
[Service 1][Price]
[Service 1][Price]


I design each of my projects with certain milestones so that the process is as easy to understand as possible. The following timeline is a general proposal of what you can expect from us.

If you need any other service that isn’t listed here, get in touch with my team or me.

Milestones Timeframe
Initial Meeting[x]
Supplying Schedule Arrangement[x]
Progression Checkpoint[x]
Administration of the Supply Chain[x]
Second Progression Checkpoint[x]
Final Meeting[x]

Terms and Conditions

  • To proceed with the project, we will require an upfront payment of [x]%, a [x]% payment within the first checkpoint, and the rest upon the completion of the project. Our approved payment methods include bank transfers or debit/credit card payments.
  • The supplying session will begin once the client completes the first upfront payment.
  • Any supplying designs provided by my team will be our property, and the client may not reuse those designs unless we provide permission.
  • Work outside the initial agreement will require another contract and invoice.
  • If the client cancels the project before the stipulated end date, they must pay for all the work hours already provided.



Prospero team


Ms. Cristina Richard