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Car Rental Services Proposal Template


When traveling or even for special events, selecting a reliable car service provider can be of the essence. Transportation is such an important part of the overall experience. Whether getting transportation to or from the airport or ordering a luxurious car/limousine for a concert or sports event, [Company Name] is ready to serve you. 

[Company Name] is an experienced car service provider located in [region, city]. With a variety of different services, we are dedicated to giving customers an unforgettable experience. We want to ensure our guests make memories that will last for a lifetime. 

We are thrilled to offer our car services to you no matter the occasion or need. Our goal is to go above and beyond for each of our clients. 

Why Us

With numerous car service providers at your disposal, here are a few reasons to select us! 

Years of Experience
Our drivers combined have over [year amount] of experience. Most of our drivers have been in the transportation business for two or more decades. We only hire the most qualified and top percentage of drivers in the industry.  

Safety Is of the Essence
Our driver team is 100% committed to providing clients with the safest and most secure driving experience. [Company Name] upholds strict safety protocol, including fleet tracking and GPS usage.
Right from the beginning of their employment, all drivers are uniquely trained on [Company Name] regulations and are required to go through drug testing frequently. 

A Formula That Works 
[Company Name] is highly respected in the [city, state] community. We have built a strong reputation and are trusted by our clients. This is something of great importance and pride to us. We do not take our clients’ trust lightly. 
[Company Name] is delighted to have many happy customers who have publicly recommended our services through reviews and referrals. A few testimonials will be shared below. 

A Diverse Fleet
Our fleet includes cars of various sizes and manufacturers for ultimate client satisfaction. Different occasions or needs may require specific car types or sizes.
For example, a client may request an SUV black car for an airport trip, while another may request a limousine for a corporate event. We completely understand the importance of fleet variety and we have your needs covered. 

Main Services

We offer a variety of car rental services for you to choose from depending on your need.

Corporate/Business Transportation Lincoln Town Car, Chrysler Town and Country Black, Chevrolet Suburban, Lincoln Town Car Stretch Limo, Cadillac Escalade Limo
Special Events Lincoln Town Car, Chrysler Town and Country Black, Chevrolet Suburban, Lincoln Town Car Stretch Limo, Cadillac Escalade Limo
WeddingLincoln Town Car, Chrysler Town and Country Black, Chevrolet Suburban, Lincoln Town Car Stretch Limo, Cadillac Escalade Limo
VIP Transportation Lincoln Town Car, Chrysler Town and Country Black, Chevrolet Suburban, Lincoln Town Car Stretch Limo, Cadillac Escalade Limo

What Our Clients Say About Us

We love when our clients are satisfied. Here are a couple of testimonials of our services.

  • “[Company Name] professionally handled my transportation needs. I needed car transportation services for a corporate event, and [Company Name] rose to the occasion. My driver was very friendly and arrived even ahead of schedule. I can tell punctuality is important to [Company Name]. Thank you for the excellent service. Without question, I will use its services again.” – Peter, Business Executive, Company
  • “Our daughter’s surprise birthday gift was even more spectacular thanks to [Company Name]’s limousine services. My husband and I took her and two friends to go see Justin Bieber live in concert. VIP limo transportation made the experience so much more amazing and allowed our daughter to feel like a princess. Our driver could not have been kinder and more welcoming.” – Amy, Texas
  • The good feeling of knowing that you’re promoting an excellent product and helping your subscribers
  • The ability to showcase our product on your YouTube channel for self-promotio

Rates and Packages

Below is a breakdown of the talent package we’re offering:

Town Car LimousineTown and Country Black Car Suburban Black Car
$65 $100 to $125 depending on passenger count $85 $90


Transportation services can be reserved on our website or by calling [phone number]. Once a reservation is booked, you will either receive an email or text (chosen by request) to confirm. 

On the transportation day (s), your driver will personally communicate with you through phone calls and texts. The driver will always have their cell phone nearby for quick communication. 

After the services are complete, a post-evaluation survey will be sent. We would appreciate your absolute honesty. If there are areas in which we can improve, please do not hesitate to let us know. 


1. Clients have 15 days post the final date of service to dispute any charge on the trip invoice. 
2. Intentional or unintentional vehicle damage will result in a penalty. If a client gets physically sick and vomits on the vehicle, a $275 fine will be charged. Alcohol spilling will result in a $225 fine. Car interior tears will result in a penalty range of $450-$1000, depending on repair estimates. 
3. [Company Name] has a Zero Tolerance Compliance Policy on minor alcohol consumption, illegal drug intake, and smoking. All vehicles are smoking-free. 
4. Reservation Termination: [Company Name] restricts the right to refuse service to any client who misbehaves, causing potential harm to the driver and passengers. If a client brings illegal substances on board, [Company name] will deny services.
5. Cancellation Policy: You can cancel within [number of days] of scheduled service without a fee. Any cancellation closer to the service date will result in a cancellation fee.

What’s Next

We look forward to handling your car transportation needs. Once a reservation is booked, we will be in contact shortly. [Company Name] is appreciative of your business and trust. 



Prospero team


Honey Kee