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Prepared For Mr. Aman Tilak

Commercial Lease Proposal Template


My business, [company name], is a budding entity that has thrived in its development up until this point. I launched my company a few years ago and have since built a solid reputation amongst my clients and peers.

It has always been my aim in life to create a brand that reflects my values, and I believe that I’ve successfully achieved that. The next step is opening physical premises to operate out of – which is why I want to lease your commercial property.

Your commercial space on [property address] is in an optimal location for my business needs. Having researched the property, I can see a lease agreement between us would be beneficial for us both.

Why Me

I am a home-grown entrepreneur and businessperson with a track record of setting goals and seeing them through. In my life and career, I have proven to be reliable, responsible, and realistic – qualities that make me an excellent choice of tenant.

Since launching my business, I have independently grown my consumer base online through hard work, commitment, and a lot of elbow grease. It has now reached the stage where the next step must be taken – and leasing a commercial property to extend my reach is the best way forward. My brand is strong, but it needs a place to call home and thrive – and this is the perfect place to do it.

I am a person who appreciates the value of strong working relationships- and that extends to the tenant/landlord relationship. If you were to lease me your commercial space, you would be gaining a collaborative and communicative business connection. While I would operate independently, I am respectful of the part you play as the property owner or manager.

If you accept my proposal, your property would be part of a successful entrepreneurial movement driven by a dedicated individual with a lot to offer. My company’s history and my personal history show I follow through on commitments, am well-organized, and know how to manage money. Because of this, I know I can uphold our lease agreement without fault.



I propose a lease agreement for the property, in its entirety, to run my business.

If you accept me as your commercial tenant, I would put forward the following conditions:

  • A fixed-term lease – with the possibility for extension to be discussed 3 months before it expires.
  • Independent operation and responsibility for maintenance and general upkeep of the property interior. Any structural upkeep of the building would be the responsibility of the landlord.
  • Quarterly meetings between myself and your appointed representative for the property to ensure ongoing collaboration and to discuss any relevant topics.


My timeframe is simple: I want to be up and running out of the property by [proposed date]. If you sign now, I will begin the proposed interior updates by [proposed date], allowing [x] weeks for completion.

From there, I give myself [x] weeks to get my team and all the necessary equipment and materials in place before opening the doors officially no later than [proposed date].

The rough step-by-step of my onboarding plan after the lease signing is as follows:

  • Finalize the lease agreement and get the keys.
  • Bring in an external renovation team of my choosing and under my direct supervision for an initial inspection in the [x] week.
  • Start work inside the property. I propose a meeting between us at the mid-way point in the renovations to discuss progress and keep each other informed.
  • Add my branding to the property exterior no later than [x] weeks after work commences.
  • Bring in my team for an initial walkthrough and introduction to the premises after renovation completion.
  • Have everything ready to launch within [x] weeks of signing the lease.
  • One week of pre-opening preparation with my team- including meetings, final merchandising, and safety training.
  • Open the doors officially by the [x] week after the tenancy has begun.

Terms and Conditions

My commercial lease proposal is valid on the condition that the property passes an independent inspection from a company of my choosing. I am open to a second investigation from your side.

A payment of [value] per month – with 50% paid upfront will be made at the start of my tenancy, then monthly thereafter. 

If the property sustains any significant damage before my tenancy begins, the terms would need to be revisited.

The conditions also include full autonomy over the property’s interior and the right to alter the façade to represent my brand properly.

Please consider my proposal as an opportunity for your commercial property to thrive as part of a growing business. 



Prospero team


Mr. Aman Tilak