Construction Equipment Proposal Template

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Prepared For Ms. Naomi Aguilar

Construction Equipment Proposal Template


Construction is an essential industry that requires a lot of the right people and equipment to get things done effectively. As far as the latter is concerned, owning the machinery and other implements needed is often not possible or not feasible. That doesn’t mean you don’t need it and its associated services.

This is where [Company Name] can assist you. With one of the largest fleets available, we are a solid choice for those who wish to rent heavy equipment.

Our team comprises industry experts who are quite familiar with our equipment and associated offerings. This is complemented by a 24/7 customer service team ready to attend to you anytime.

Company Profile

Our most significant areas of differentiation are the sheer quantity of equipment we have and the services we offer alongside them. Under normal circumstances, you may have been able to either buy or rent from a limited pool.

Should you decide to work with [Company Name], not only will we rent you the fixtures at a reasonable rate, but also, if needed, we can provide the service of project management, taking you from end to end.

We’re also aware that even with a fleet as large as ours, there may be implements that you may need that we don’t have on hand. Should this happen, we have a system that handles equipment sourcing for our valued customers.

Our interest lies in seeing you get your construction project off the ground and to completion. We stand ready to do so wherever we can fit into that equation.

Client Testimonials

What have past customers who have worked with us said? Here are a couple of examples:

  • When working on a multi-floor complex, which is admittedly always a challenge, the biggest problem is always needing aerial equipment quickly. [Company Name] stepped in with its scaffoldings, and we could get started and complete what we needed on time. [-Name, Company Name]
  • While I have a great group of guys working for me as contractors, no one here really has that much project management experience. I tried to do what I could, but it didn’t always work out well, especially for our more significant projects. It’s a good thing I learned about [Company Name] and handed them the project management mantle. They take care of all that stuff for us, and I see myself using their services for a long time. [-Name, Company Name]
  • Who knew that a company that primarily rents equipment would also be into heavy haulage? We had some pretty big pieces of equipment we needed to move to a new plant on the other side of the country. We called [Company Name], and they came in and did it pretty quickly. [-Name, Company Name]


Our service offerings span several areas. First, there is our equipment rental, which is our core service. You’d be surprised to know how many different things we carry. Just ask, because if we don’t have it, we will likely try to source it. We pride ourselves on having a large inventory of equipment to suit different client needs.

Scaffoldings are next, as is other aerial equipment. We’re here for you, whether you’re building something substantial or handling a simple task that requires elevation.

Heavy haulage is also up our alley. There is nothing too heavy for us to transport for you. On that note, we also offer container removal and rental upon request.

Finally, we do project management. Thanks to a vast pool of experience, we know the techniques and actions to keep things on track or the early side of the fence.


We pride ourselves on offering a wealth of excellent services to our clients at fair prices. On that note, pay attention to the following:

Services Cost
Equipment rental [Price]
Container removal [Price]
Equipment sourcing [Price]
Project management [Price]


You can start the process by calling us at [Phone Number] or sending us an e-mail at [Email Address]. The following steps depend on the service you are interested in.

For our rental services, you indicate what you need, start and end dates, and the intended location. Following this, we will provide you with your pricing. Once the deposit is complete, we will transport the items to the agreed point and return them for collection on the end date.

Haulage works very similarly. Give us a detailed description of the item to be moved and the date and time. A quote will be provided, and we will execute the job upon payment.

We will consult with you for project management to understand the kind of project. We’ll send you a quote that covers the first [x] hours, and you will be billed hourly after that.


1. A deposit of at least 50% is required before any service is provided. The balance is to be paid upon delivery.
2. Any changes or cancellations must be communicated no less than 24 hours in advance.
3. Clients accept the associated costs to cover any damage or theft of our equipment.



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