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Prepared For Dan Gur

Construction Proposal Template


We’re excited to be working with you on the construction of [Project]! We are [Company Name], and after reviewing your needs and assessing your budget, we’re confident we can do the best construction job available, creating a space and structure that will perfectly support your endeavors.

Our goal is to take in the complex factors that make up a construction project, factor in your specific needs, and build a space for you that you can be proud of. In this document, we’ll walk you through the particulars, but first we’d like to introduce ourselves.

Why Me

We want you to feel confident walking into a construction project with [Company Name]. Here are just a few reasons we’re the best people for the job.

1. We are experts in [type of construction], and know that we are what
you need because we’ve done it before. Here, here, and here are
some links to our previous projects. [Link to previous projects].

2. We have an exemplary reputation. The people we’ve worked for
include [name] and [name], just to name a few. Want to hear what
they have to say about us? Click here. [Link to social proof].

3. Our team consists of highly skilled and certified professionals in the
construction trade. There will be no corner cutting here – we put
safety and value at the forefront of our mission.


This is the full list of deliverables associated with your research project. If you see something missing you would like to add, please contact me.



Throughout the duration of the construction project, we will be arranging progress checkpoints to update you on the progression of our work. Here are the ones we have scheduled; additional checkpoints may be added if desired.

Initial MeetingASAP
Time & Date of Checkpoint[timeframe]
Time & Date of Checkpoint[timeframe]

Next Steps

Now that we’ve agreed on how to proceed, what comes next? After this document is approved by you, we will schedule our first meeting to determine your exact needs and examine your blueprint. Using this information, we’ll be on our way to creating the perfect building for you.

Got questions? Someone at our office is available any time at [phone number] during [business hours], or you can
reach someone by email at [email address]. Work begins as soon as the first payment goes through. We look forward to helping you find your way to the most successful project yet!


1. The payment structure is as follows: % upfront, % at project midpoint, and ¥% after project completion. The methods are credit card or Bank Transfer.

2. The client will provide blueprints, and they remain the property of the client.

3. It is the responsibility of the client to provide a clean and safe bathroom solution for the construction team.

4. The client agrees to pay all costs arising from unsafe conditions, inspector requirements, etc.

5. The client must obtain all necessary permits before the start of work,

6. The client is responsible for securing pets and personal property during construction hours.

7. Work hours begin counting the first business day after payment is received.

8. In the case of project cancellation by the client, the client agrees to pay for all work hours already completed.



Prospero team


Dan Gur