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Prepared For Mr. Cody Roberson

Corporate Video Services Proposal Template


Did you know that one of the most effective ways to stand out from the competition is by telling a story through your marketing strategies?

As a videographer, I’ve been working with video production for over [x] years, and I have noticed how
important it is for small to big businesses to have an excellent visual story.

Today’s marketing era focuses on causing an emotional reaction in your potential customer.

While having a good quality product or service is also essential, you must first connect with your target audience correctly. I’m here to help you with that part of the process.

The following proposal page will walk you through my experience as a videographer and how I can work with you to create a beautiful and engaging visual story for you to tell your customers, investors, and more.

Your Trusted Video Supplier

My work as a video producer is to look for businesses that lack that emotional connection with their customers and help them through the creation of engaging corporate videos.

Corporate videos can perfectly connect people with your mission, vision, and other goals. Once your public develops more trust in your company, it will be more likely to turn leads into loyal customers.

I’m reaching out to you today because I’ve noticed that, with the right strategy, I can create a compelling story that will captivate everyone.

As many companies do, a corporate video goes beyond showing your company’s headquarters. To succeed, you must go beyond and take your public into your company’s journey.

Why Me

I believe I’m the right fit for your company. Upon research, I’ve noticed that your company primarily operates in the [x] industry.

Thankfully, I’ve worked in the [x] industry for [x] years, allowing me to gather all the necessary resources to provide you with the best video production you can expect.
To make things easier for you, I’ve compiled a list of reasons why I’m a good option for your corporate video:

Skills: Considering I’ve been working in the video production industry for many years, I’ve gathered enough skills to be able to produce a premium-quality video, including

  • The ability to operate a wide range of camera, sound, and lighting equipment
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Effectiveness

Abilities: Some of my abilities include the following: 

  • Operating cameras, lighting, and sound equipment with no extra help from third parties.
  • Proposing a wide range of photography direction guidelines to get the best look for your video.
  • Coming up with a color palette that resembles the one your business uses.
  • Using elements from your brand book the right way.
  • Editing the raw footage with a wide range of post-production tools, including Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Sony Vegas Pro, and more.
  • Being able to provide revisions promptly.

Why Do You Need a Corporate Video

Several companies in your same industry have been able to thrive in the most competitive environments.

Overall, I’ve managed to turn their companies into something more human, which allows people to connect with them more easily.

You can check some of my previous works to see how I’ve helped other businesses [Here].

Brand Loyalty: One of the primary benefits of having a good corporate video is that it promotes brand loyalty and perception. Once your potential customers perceive your company as a trustworthy and effective one, you will already have the upper hand in the market.

What To Expect

I’m committed to providing you with a full-service corporate video, and to achieve that, I will use everything at my disposal. Please consider the following benefits:

  • I value your time and company, so I will deliver everything upon schedule.
  • I have experience with modern video production, allowing me to create beautiful corporate videos for your industry.
  • I have backups for each of my production equipment, so you don’t have to worry about failures.
  • I will always meet deadlines.

What My Previous Clients Say

“[Name] created a corporate video for my company back in [Year], and it completely changed the game! My company became more human, which made it appeal more to our target audience.” [Name, Company Name]

“I was hesitant to work with [Name] at first, but once I saw what he could do for me, I was shocked. I don’t regret working with him; he did an excellent job for my company and me!” [Name, Company Name]

“Don’t sleep on corporate videos! If you don’t have one, consider working with [Name]. He has been one of the most professional people I’ve ever worked with, and I keep seeing results after so many years of working together” [Name, Company Name]


My wide range of services includes the following:

  • Storyboarding
  • Professional video sessions
  • Narration (if needed)
  • Post-production services
  • Marketing strategy plans for the final video

Considering my offering, I’m able to work successfully in your industry and the following ones:

  • [Industry 1]
  • [Industry 2]
  • [Industry 3]

Remember that creating a corporate video will not only showcase your company to other people; it will also tell a story that your customers will connect with.

Making that connection will allow you to convert deals into customers easier and increase brand loyalty.

Budget and Rate

The following is a list of the rates I charge for each of the services mentioned above:

Service Rate
Scriptwriting and Storyboarding [Price]
Video Sessions [Price Per Session]
Narration Services [Price]
Post-Production [Price]
Revisions[Price Per Session]


My suggested milestones are outlined below:

Milestones Timeframe
Initial Meeting ASAP
Initial Revision for the Script and Storyboard Three to four weeks after the initial meeting
Recording or Gathering of Footage One week after the initial revision
Post-production One-two weeks after gathering the footage
DeliveryA maximum of two months after the initial meeting
Revision and Second Delivery One-two weeks after the initial delivery, depending on the number of changes needed

Terms and Conditions

  • I’m not responsible for any third-party resources needed to produce the video, such as interview staff, models, actors/actresses, script/content writers, or stock photos. The client is responsible for paying for these resources, and they will have the right to use them as they wish.
  • Payment Structure: 50% of the final price upfront and 50% once the final video has been approved.
  • Any additional revisions aside from those included in the proposal will cost [x].
  • If the client wants to add any new factors not stipulated in the first agreement, they have the right to discuss a secondary estimate.
  • The client will have the rights to their video only after I have collected the payment and the video is approved.
  • If the client cancels the project in the middle of the production, they will still have to pay a fee depending on the amount of work already completed.



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