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Prepared For Winston Alford

CRO Proposal Template


You’ve got a great business in the [x] industry, but is it doing as well as
it could be doing?

Over the last few months, we’ve observed that your conversion
percentage sits at a steady [x]%. This is good – it’s a sign that you’re
doing great work! You seem to have a decent amount of traffic to
your website, and you’re making good sales, so that’s evidence you’re
doing a lot of things right. However, here at [Our Company], we
believe that we can leverage everything you’re doing right to help
your business expand even further.

That’s why we’d love the opportunity to work with you. With sales
optimization from [Our Company], we have plans to expand your
conversion by at least 5% across a span of [x] months.

Why Us

We’re a perfect fit for your business. Here’s why:

1. Our company has specialized in working with businesses like yours.
At [x]. [x]. and [x]. all long-term clients of ours, have experienced sales
increases of x% or more.

2. Our business has a 5-star rating on [website], and you can read
reviews from satisfied customers here [link].

3. We have done thorough research on your business before
contacting you, to ensure that our businesses would be the right fit.
Our companies have complementary values and missions, and we
look forward to working with you.

4, We do not provide the same cookie-cutter sales funnel to every
customer. Our sales funnels are custom designed for your business
and your business only.


Here’s a breakdown of the services we’ve discussed and the number of hours estimated.

Content Evaluation x hours
Website Optimization x hours
Funnel Design and Implementationx hours
Training on Funnel Usex hours


While we’re working together, we’ll keep contact every few weeks so that you’re updated on the status of the project. Here are the milestones I suggest, but you are welcome to add your own if you like.

Initial Meeting ASAP
Analysis Report 2 Weeks
Implementation Meeting1 Month
Optimization Meeting6 Weeks
Training Meeting6 Months

What’s Next

Does this agreement agree with you?

If you have any questions, I’m available at any time. You can either
contact me by phone number at [phone number], or by e-mail at
[e-mail address]. If you’re looking for a prompt response, e-mail may
be faster, but either way I will respond to you within 24 hours of
receiving your message.

After we’re both happy with the agreement, welll both sign it, and then
we’ll have our first conference call to discuss your needs and the
nuances of your business.

After that, i’s just a matter of getting the first payment through. Once
that’s done, work will begin!


1. The payment structure: [x] per hour, at a minimum of [x] hours per
week. Payment is due each Monday by 5 PM EST. Methods are PayPal,
digital bank transfer, or check.

2. [The Client] will be required to turn over File Transfer Protocol
information in order to facilitate the completion of the work. This
information will be protected under [Company’s] privacy policy.

3. [Company’s] work for [The Client] only includes work specifically
detailed in this agreement. Any additional work will be charged at a
rate of $x per hour.

4.In case of premature termination of the agreement, [The Client]
agrees that upon termination all hours already worked become due



Prospero team


Winston Alford