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Prepared For Ms. Bessie Allison

Electrical Services Proposal Template


I am contacting you as a representative of [Business Name]. During our [x] years in operation, [Business Name] has serviced over [x] homeowners and businesses across the [city] area.

We are excited about the opportunity to provide you with our professional electrical services as well.

Maintaining your [home/business] will require an ongoing relationship with a reliable electric company. After assessing multiple factors of your property, we have concluded that [Business Name] is an ideal choice for your needs.

We provide installation, servicing, repair, and regular maintenance of electrical products for residential and commercial properties.

[Business Name] uses industry-leading equipment and techniques to provide clients with the best service possible. Your [home/business] deserves top-quality electrical engineers, which our company proudly supplies.

Why Me

Our [x] years of experience have made us experts in our field. When you partner with us, we provide you with the following benefits:

  • Verifiable specialists: Everyone on our team is an expert at what they do. You can always examine our qualifications to ensure you receive work from experienced professionals.
  • Free consultation: No one should have to pay to talk. We earn our checks by providing the best services possible.
  • Ongoing communication: Many electrical service providers take a job and complete it without a word to the client. We ensure that you understand what we’re doing every step of the way. If you don’t like a decision or want to change something, we encourage you to tell us so you can get the most out of our services.
  • Industry-leading technology: We use the newest and most reliable equipment to ensure the work we do for you lasts. Faulty electrical equipment can lead to accidents, so we take extra measures to verify every box, cable, and fixture is secure.
  • Honest estimates: Our goal is never to manipulate nor con you. When we set an estimate, we work diligently to meet it. After you describe the services you need, we try to give the most accurate time and cost calculations possible, so there are no surprises later.

Client Testimonials

At [Business Name], we pride ourselves on consistently high customer ratings. View what some of our previous clients have to say about us.

“These guys are the real deal. They explained so much stuff to me that even I started to feel like a professional! I placed another order for my second building immediately.”

– Testimonial from the owner of [Company Name]. We serviced three commercial buildings across [city] by updating his old equipment and installing ceiling fans in each waiting room.

“I just bought a house and had no idea how badly set up it was until the crew from [Business Name] listed all the problems. No wonder everything kept flickering. They fixed the whole place in just two sessions. I haven’t had any problems since.”

– Testimonial from a homeowner in southern [city]. We initially visited to fix a faulty outlet and a buzzing light fixture. After noticing severe issues, the job resulted in rewiring the entire house and adding surge protection.


Each member of our team has one or both of the following:

  • A verifiable degree from an accredited institution in electrical technology or a related focus
  • Over [x] years of experience with electrical fieldwork

Combined, the experts at [Business Name] have serviced over [x] customers with a [x]% satisfaction rate.


We balance professional service with affordability to provide the highest-quality options at the most reasonable prices. Here are our most common services and their fees.

Services Cost
First Consultation[Price]
Electrical Panel Installation[Price]
Electrical Upgrading and Replacement[Price]
Light Installation and Repair[Price]
Safety Inspections[Price]
Electrical Panel Installation[Price]
Routine Maintenance[Price]
Product Large-Scale Rewiring[Price]
Circuit Breaker Update, Repair, and Replacement[Price]
Surge Protection[Price]
Ceiling Fan Installation and Repair[Price]
Emergency Services[Price]
Order Cancellation Fee[Price]


Here is what you can expect after partnering with us.

1. We begin with a free consultation to assess your needs and develop a plan to help.
2. Before beginning any work, we ensure you understand our suggested solutions and their costs. At this point, we also attempt to give an accurate estimate of how much time it will require to complete the job.
3. We begin working under the agreed-upon plan. As we discover new issues, we always communicate with you before applying new services. For example, we may discover that rewiring is required before installing a new ceiling fan. We confirm that this is a service you want before making alterations.
4. We will schedule a second visit if the project requires additional work. We may also suggest follow-up appointments to ensure the equipment is working properly.
5. At your request, we conduct regular maintenance and safety inspections for as long as you desire.
6. When the project is complete, we leave you with tips and additional resources to prevent future complications.

Terms and Conditions

When you partner with [Business Name], you accept the following terms and conditions:

1. After each visit, fees will be paid either electronically or by check within seven business days.
2. Added services will be charged accordingly and must be paid simultaneously with the original work order.
3. Any equipment rented from [Business Name] to the client remains the property of [Business Name]. The client will be charged repair or replacement costs if the equipment is damaged or lost.
4. Orders canceled after 24 hours will be subjected to a cancellation fee that must be paid within seven business days, even if the client places another order.



Prospero Team


Ms. Bessie Allison