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Enterprise Sales Proposal Template


Today, having a business with the right hardware and software solutions is essential if you want to stay on top of the market. In many cases, start-ups or medium-sized businesses struggle to have the right machinery or software solutions to cater to their clients’ needs. 

Businesses that cannot have a decent rate of customer retention may get forgotten as the years pass. Considering everything we just said, our company, (Company Name) offers a wide range of state-of-the-art machinery that can increase your company’s performance rates over the following months.

The following proposal will outline everything the team at (Company Name) can do for your business. We’ve served over (X) customers over (X) years, so we know the ins and outs of high-scale sales that will help businesses make the most out of their work model.

The Problem and The Solution

In essence, keeping your work tools and software up to date is vital to keeping your company running smoothly. The goal of enterprise sales, in this case, is to provide you with the best tools possible considering your current situation. One of the most remarkable things about the work we do at (Company Name) is that we offer personalized solutions to each client.

If you feel your current equipment is out of date, you could experience poor employee or company performance shortly. Our solution involves providing you with an outline of which tools may serve a better purpose. Moreover, we’ll go over which options will provide you with a return on your investment.

Considering enterprise sales are a huge investment, we’ll show you that it will be worth it in the end.

Why is this a Good Investment

When it comes to enterprise sales, we’ll ensure to make the most out of the investment you make. First, we’ll make sure the onboarding process is as smooth as possible. Moreover, the team at (Company Name) provides support for each client even after the sales get completed.

Nowadays, automation is the key to making business teams work more efficiently. If your business is currently dealing with manual work most of the time, having up-to-date software tools that automate some of the processes will yield you many great results.

We will not impose a particular machine, tool, or software solution on you. To make things simpler, a representative of (Company Name) will provide you with an outline of what they believe will fit your company’s needs the best. Once you choose the tools that you want, we’ll go over the sales plan.

Why Us

You may be wondering why you would choose (Company Name) over any other enterprise sales company. While we’re not claiming to be the best, we do have a trajectory of (x) years that proves how loyal we’ve been to customers since the beginning.

We’re not just trying to sell you expensive equipment and software solutions to make a profit. Our goal is to make your company thrive through the usage of effective tools that work according to your current business needs. By having the right tools, you’ll be able to hold customers for longer, and you will also be able to get new customers much faster, regardless of your niche.

(Company Name) is ready and committed to giving your company and its employees the latest in machinery and software solutions. All you need to do is trust us, and we’ll make sure we provide you with a list of things that will make your company succeed for many years to come.


Thanks to our years of experience in enterprise sales, we’ve managed to develop a big list of positive client testimonials. You can read about what our clients think of us right below:

“My start-up didn’t have the right equipment to go nationwide, but thanks to the solutions offered by (Company Name), I was able to go beyond local and sell my services to many more people over the country!” – (Client).

“I was able to automate most of my company’s business model with the software solutions offered by (Company Name). Now, what took me hours to do is done under a couple of minutes!” – (Client).


Our fees and budget will primarily depend on what your company needs. Here’s an overview of the factors that may influence what you must pay:

Services Fees
Initial Consultation(Price)
Project Outline(Price)
Operating System Solutions(Price)
Small-sized Machinery(Price)
Medium-sized Machinery(Price)
Big-sized Machinery(Price)
Installation of Software Solutions(Price)
Installation of Machinery(Price)
Maintenance of Software Solutions(Price)
Maintenance of Machinery(Price)


Our project outlines involve several steps or milestones that must be completed before anything else. Below is an outline of each step of our working process. Keep in mind that, if you need any more information about our services, contact us as soon as possible:

Initial ConsultationASAP
Project Outline(Timeframe)
Machinery/Software Installation(Timeframe)
Evaluation and Feedback(Timeframe)

What’s Next?

Once this proposal gets approved, we’ll start with our initial consultation where you’ll provide us with your company needs. From there on, we’ll evaluate a list of potential equipment that may work for your business needs.


Payments: Payments must get done in the currency agreed upon via (Payment Method) once the project outline gets approved. Upon initial consultation, the client must pay at least (x)% of the total amount to begin the installation.
Consultations: The client must provide honest and transparent information about their company needs so that (Company Name) can provide them with appropriate solutions.

Testing: Upon installation, the client must test the solutions offered thoroughly to ensure they work correctly. If there’s anything wrong with the solutions, the client must notify (Company Name) ASAP.

Project Cancellation or Changes: Any changes or cancellations to the first agreement must be notified to a representative of (Company Name) under a minimum of (Timeframe). If the client fails to do so, they will get charged (x)% of the total cost of the project in fees.
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