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Prepared For Ms. Ayra Beasley

Film Proposal Template


We have been avidly following your progress in the film industry and were very impressed, to say the least, by the quality of work your production company has managed to achieve time and time again.

In particular, the projects you released this year served to solidify something that we have believed for quite some time now regarding the possibility of a partnership between our two organizations. 

For this reason, I, on behalf of my fellow team members, write to you today to table a proposal on partnering on a film project that we have in mind and that we feel would be perfect given the nature of your past work.

Why Us

Our production company has been involved in the film industry for [X] years.

During that time, we have become well-respected members of the arts and film community, much like you and your organization.

After careful consideration, we have concluded that a partnership between our two organizations on our next film would benefit us for the following reasons:

1. Our film style and choice of projects are very similar.
2. We have access to a broad fan base whose doors will be opened to you through this collaboration.
3. By pooling our finances, we will be able to raise a significant amount for our filming budget and produce a memorable spectacle.
4. This project can start a great partnership between our two production companies.
5. We want the opportunity to learn from each other and thus build on the talent that has carried us thus far.
6. We share the same values and ideas about what the film industry should be.

Our Previous Projects

In support of the arguments I listed above, here are three of the most recent projects that our production company has released:

  • [Project 1]

Our first film of the year was [Project 1], which was well-received by the audience and garnered a lot of critical acclaims. We met our target of [X] million dollars in revenue. Our film is currently one of the highest-rated films on various review platforms

  • [Project 2]

Following the success of the first film; we were eager to try a different kind of story, which led us to approve and oversee the production of [Project 2]. This detective thriller was one of the biggest box-office attractions when we released it a few months ago. With a flurry of high ratings from the top film critics, we made a significant profit from this film and associated royalties.

  • [Project 3]

Our third and final film, [Project 3], is the one we would like to bring your attention to. Recently released for cinema, [Project 3] has had a solid opening weekend and is on course to exceed all our revenue projections. It is also unique in that it shares many similarities with the kind of films you are regularly involved in, which is why we urge you to watch it before responding to our suggestion.

Film Budget

Our estimated total for the proposed film is currently sitting at $77 million with projected revenue of $180 million in film rights and streaming platform royalties within the first three months following the official release.

Elements Rate
Cast and Crew Salaries[Price]
Film Equipment and Expenses[Price]
Transport to Locations[Price]
Film Production[Price]
Post Production[Price]


All associated fees regarding the production and promotion of this film will be shared equally between our two organizations. Should the proposed budget fail to meet the targets, we will have a budget review to determine how much each company will contribute.

This will be an equal partnership between our production houses, meaning we will have an equal share of the intellectual rights to the film and a similar claim to whatever profits and benefits will arise from the successful completion of the film project.



Our proposed film is ready for production, and should you decide to come on board; we will have the following milestones as our targets:

Milestones Timeframe
Initial Meeting[x]
Film Production[x]
Post production[x]
Promotions and Marketing[x]

Terms and Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions of the proposed partnership:

1. All costs related to the requirements for the successful completion of this project will be met equally by both production houses
2. Both companies will have equal input in terms of cast selection, film locations, choice of directors, and any other important decisions related to the making of the film
3. An equal sharing of the rights to the film and any profits it generates shall be agreed upon in writing between the board members of both parties concerned



Prospero team


Ms. Ayra Beasley