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Prepared For Ms. Bessie Allison

Google Ads Proposal Template


[Company Name] has been in business for [x] years and has provided clients with the best video campaigns, search options, and display advantages. We create Google Ads campaigns in your master account, but you are still in control and have full administrative access and transparency. 

You can use our services to ensure that your website receives highly targeted traffic and more of it so that you see a good ROI (return on investment).

Our team uses various technologies and has different talents and strengths, which gives you a holistic approach to meeting your digital objectives. Feel free to contact [Company name] at [email] or [phone number] if you’ve got questions about our methods or issues regarding our ideas.

Our expertise can help you significantly improve onsite conversions and website traffic within a few months.

Why Us

[Company Name] is a Google partner, which means we are recognized for maximizing our clients’ campaign success. Overall, we drive client growth because we maintain your campaigns and have expertise with Google Ads. Likewise, we are Bing Accredited. 

Our goal is to continue being industry leaders to give our clients higher ROIs through our service.


We’ve done some research on your competitors. Did you know that your top competitors spend [$x] each month on paid search ads? That gives them [x] clicks and more than [x] impressions.

[Company Name] focuses on learning about your business and the online habits of your consumers to create a demographics outline to provide insight into the competition and needs of your customers.

We go in-depth into your online presence and website to determine your missing opportunities and what’s currently working for you. These steps are combined with keyword acquisition and research to create a money-making digital campaign!

You require a thorough strategy to get new digital customers, and our extensive research gives you the data you need to achieve this goal.

We utilize marketing basics, moving past that to determine consumer behaviors and reasons for spending to maximize your ROI!

We offer a detailed strategy for Google Ads, SEM, and PPC that outlines our preferred methods for launching the best campaign and reaching your target market. 

It’s impossible to have a generic campaign for your product or brand. We work with you to achieve your goals and track the success of your campaign using meaningful KPIs relating to your industry.

When you choose [Company Name], you will see these essential components in your execution and campaigns:

  • Campaign management
  • Reporting
  • Remarketing and display ads
  • Video ads
  • Landing pages
  • Bid optimization
  • Ad groups
  • Text ad development
  • Keyword research
  • Search ads

It’s nice to hear what you’ll get when you choose us, but you need data that backs it up. We’ve done the research and project this ROI for your company:

  • [x] sales each week
  • [x] new leads each week (on average)
  • [x] new clicks each week
  • [x] new views each week


[Company Name] can work within many budgets. The rates below are based on a company with a budget of $[x]:

Services Cost
Strategy development and research of the company[FREE]
Setup of the campaign and execution[Price]
Campaign reporting and management[Price]
First monthly ad spend[Price]
Second monthly ad spend[Price]
[Additional service][Price]
[Additional service][Price]


We have factored in the input for each milestone below to determine that we require roughly [x] weeks to complete the project as indicated in the scope above. There may be extra time needed for the “go live” functionality. Once you sign the proposal, we can start work immediately.

Initial consultation and meeting[Timeframe]
Audit of the website and research into the company[Timeframe]
Developing a specific strategy for your brand[Timeframe]
Presenting the strategy to company heads[Timeframe]
Setting up the campaign[Timeframe]
Go Live and work out any bugs[Timeframe]

Terms and Conditions

1. [Company Name] isn’t liable for lost profits, savings, or third-party damages.
2. Any additional requests outside the scope will have separate rates.
3. The client is required to pay 50 percent upfront upon contract signing. The remaining 50 percent is paid when the project is completed.
4. The client’s information is kept confidential at all times.
5. The client may cancel or terminate the project at any time but must fully reimburse [Company Name] for any expenses incurred.



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Ms. Bessie Allison