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Prepared For Trevor Brendon

Graphic Design Proposal Template


Graphic design is more than just what you get to print. Graphic design means giving your brand a face. From getting you a new logo to posters, flyers, service manuals, and other promotion materials, graphic design is a way of painting you differently to your audience. Through proper branding, your product/service would have an identity that would be carved in the hearts of your customers.

Graphic design can be magical enough to turn your customers into followers and down-to-earth fans. That’s because you have made your brand in a way that they connect personally to it.

Our team has worked on several design projects for companies in agriculture, cosmetics, and household items. These companies have been able to grow significantly and have better engagements through our re-brand. We are hoping that through our graphic design services, your company is perceived in a new light and that it translates to growth for your company.

Our team of creatives believes that every stroke, every line, every curve, every gradient, every color, in a proposed logo for you should make a statement about you. Our choice of colors, fonts, and use of design elements would give you an outstanding re-brand for your company. We understand that it is imperative that your brand connects to the end customer, defines the values of your company, and instills positivity in the minds of your targeted audience.

The objective of this project is to rebrand your company’s identity and design posters and promotion materials, all these to improve your customer base, increase engagements, and create a movement of fans who connect strongly with your company’s brand.

Why Me

My team and I are a great fit for your perfect re-branding and graphic design jobs. This is because:

1. We are a team of creative and innovative designers with skills in the areas of content writing, marketing, web design, and advertising.

2. We take time seriously. Your projects will be executed and delivered on time.

3. We have had years of experience consulting for different companies. Our portfolio is unbeatable.

4, Our team of experienced designers is ever ready to help you through your design thought processes, so we both have a full understanding of the best concept that would tell your brand story.

5. We have backups for every design project we do. Our efficiency makes us stand out.

6. Deadlines are deadlines. Once decided, we always meet up.














Here’s a breakdown of the deliverables we’ve discussed and their cost:

New Logo design$2,000
New letterhead$500
Company’s brochure$2,000
Business card template$1,500
Promotion stickers for shirts, mugs, and wristbands$1,500
Flyers and Posters for promoting your brand$1,000


To make this project a success, I suggest we meet at these times to deliberate on the progress of the project. You may contact me if you feel additional meetups are needed.

Initial MeetingASAP
Brands Research and gathering information2 Weeks
Brainstorming sessions3 Weeks
Sketching5 Weeks
Design drafting6 Weeks
Revision and refinement8 Weeks
Development of mockups and promotion materials10 Weeks
Delivery12 Weeks

What’s Next

Our team lead will be looking forward to discussing and answering any question regarding this proposal. The company’s phone numbers and email addresses are attached.

As indicated above, we meet as soon as you approve this proposal. There we can set dates and decide when to kick-off the project. Work starts as soon as the first payment is made and the resources needed are provided.


1. Resources needed for the execution of this project, such as stock photos, fonts, Adobe in design add-ons are not included in the prices above. Those will be paid for by the client, and the rights to use them shall be theirs.

2. Payment structure: First payment is 50% of the total bill, 50% after approval of the final work.

3. Apart from the number of revisions included in the proposal, additional time used to work for components in the project will be charged $60 per hour.

4. New components that are not described in the scope of work will be assessed in a new estimate.

5. Business day count starts after the client provides all resources requested, such as images, contact details, etc.

6. Usage rights: The client will own the rights to the design only after the work is completed and payment has been received.

7.In the case of project cancellation, while it’s ongoing, the client will pay for the relative part of the work.



Prospero team


Trevor Brendon