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Prepared For Mr. Jim Valdez

Health & Fitness Consultation Proposal Template


[Company Name] was created in [year] to help people learn to exercise and become healthier. While health and fitness have always been important, the industry has boomed, causing my brand to compete with others. This is great because I now learn more about my clients and their needs.

Typically, I work with clients who want to be healthier, which includes eating right and working out. They come from all backgrounds, and I rarely turn people away. Generally, we focus on healthy eating because that can drop weight. Then, we turn to age-appropriate workout routines that are fun.

Why Us

I created [Company Name] because there weren’t many health and fitness experts in the area at the time. Though the industry is booming now, people continue turning to me because I use state-of-the-art equipment, listen to my clients, and help them build healthier lifestyles.

Most clients come to me to lose weight, but I teach them more than how to perform exercises. They receive education on dietary nutrition, weight-loss plans that are catered to their specific needs, and someone who makes them accountable.

Past experiences made me realize that most people were initially excited but ultimately failed. I’ve created a program that puts clients in control and offers accountability, so they stick with the plan and slowly become healthier. You won’t be successful overnight, but you will get there with me at your side!


I offer various packages that meet any business’s needs. They include:

ServicesWhat You Get Price
Corporate Fitness
  • On-site workouts
  • Membership to my gym
  • In-person support
  • Online training
  • One-on-one consultation (one time only)
Group Coaching
  • Everything in Corporate Fitness
  • Nutritional support
  • Tracking capabilities
Overall Wellness
  • Everything in Group Coaching
  • Weekly webinars on mindfulness and stress reduction techniques
  • Short reminder videos each day to de-stress
Health and Fitness Consultation One-on-one consultation with our health experts [Price]
Diet and Meal Plan Daily delivery of meal plan as approved by our dietician, based on your daily calorie intake [Price]

The packages above are set up to be all-inclusive. I bring all the necessary equipment and have team members available to prepare the space.

Companies that cannot accommodate on-site workouts can be moved to my gym for no extra cost. There will be a $50 fee added to any group package total if there are fewer than 10 participants that week/month.


What Our Customers Say

[Company Name] has helped our team become healthier, which has boosted our production rates. We went with the Corporate Fitness package, and she spoke to each participant one-on-one to get a sense of what they could do and wanted. Though they were often group workouts, everyone got personal attention!

[Client Name, Company]

I was in charge of our fitness routine at work, and I wasn’t sure where to begin because everyone was at different levels. Therefore, I contacted [Company Name] and spoke to [Trainer Name]. She walked me through her process and helped me select the Overall Wellness package. Our team is much more relaxed and happier; some have lost weight!

[Client Name, Company] 

My team works long hours, and we can’t avoid it. However, we knew our health was suffering. [Trainer Name] got us moving and made it easy to switch to the Group Coaching package. We realized our food intake was the problem and the nutritional counseling helped us immensely. Heck, we’re even getting off earlier because we’re so productive!

[Client Name, Company] 


If you were to sign up right now for my services, I would need proof at least 10 participants were willing and ready.

Then, I would schedule one-on-one consultations with them. This can usually happen in one day, as they are between 10 and 15 minutes long. 

One week after the consultations, I will present my workout routines so that we may determine a time that fits with your schedule.

You get a copy of the workout schedule to post in the building, and I also send an email to you, which can be forwarded to the participants.

This includes information on who should attend, dates, and times.

Terms and Conditions

  • Payment is required when the contract is signed. There are no refunds for participants who do not show up.
  • I am responsible for the equipment I bring and have the right to stop people from misusing them.
  • Gym memberships are part of the deal, but participants must dress appropriately, be courteous, and not use foul language.
  • I cannot guarantee weight loss success or better lab results, even when participants follow the plan correctly.



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Mr. Jim Valdez