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Prepared For Sam Daniel

IT Services Proposal Template


IT is what keeps your business running smoothly. Information technology solves all sorts of everyday problems for you, from the way your business processes and interprets data, to the handling of cash and other sensitive materials, and operating the day-to-day operations of the websites that are your company’s face to the world.

That’s why [My Company] is proud to say that we can offer you practical IT solutions that are easily implemented and tailored to your specific business needs

Together, we’ll work towards the goal of empowering your company with the IT solutions it needs. We’ll discuss how your company operates, which information technology systems are vital, and how we can help you build an IT solution for a stronger, better business.

Why Me

I’m convinced that we are the best fit for your business, and here’s

1. Our team of experienced IT professionals, with a specialty in [x], have
over [x] years of experience.

2. Looking for some examples of our work? Our clients at [x] and [x]
have positive things to say about us here [link to reviews]. If you’d like
to see what kind of solutions we specialize in, take a look here [link to
portfolio] to see some examples of our work.

3. We’re a customer-centered company, and we value your time and
your resources. We guarantee that we’ll meet our deadlines, and
quality work is our primary focus.

4. This is a business that focuses on custom solutions. If something
doesn’t work for you, we’ll find something that does.


Here is a full list of the services included within the scope of the development project. If you see anything missing, feel free to get in touch!

Code and Design[price]


In order to make sure the project is progressing the way it should be, we’ll check in with you occasionally to update you on progress. These are our basic milestones, but if you need checkups on anything outside this list, please let us know.

Initial MeetingASAP
IT Team Interviews1 Week
6-Week Check-In/Initial Reveal6 Weeks
Final Reveal/IT Training2 Months

What’s Next

We’ve established that our businesses are a perfect fit, and we’re going to work on a project together. Now all that’s left is the question of how to start. First of all, we’re partners now, so you should always feel free to contact us whenever you need to for questions.

You can reach us at [this phone number] during [business hours], or any time, 24/7, at [this e-mail address]. If you can’t reach us, we’ll respond to any voicemail or email within one business day.

When you’ve approved this agreement, the next order of business will be to schedule our interviews with you and your IT team.

Getting these perspectives helps us to develop a complete picture of what your business actually needs, and we’ll get to work right away creating a custom solution.
As soon as we receive the first payment, we’ll begin work right away!


1. Payment structure is as follows: 50% upfront, 50% after project
completion. Methods include Bank Transfer and PayPal.

2. Any information receives the client will be subject to a
confidentiality agreement.

3. All original documents obtained from the client will remain the sole
property of the client. All documents obtained by the client from [Our
Company] will remain the property of [Our Company.)

4, The client agrees to provide timely and confidential access to all IT
staff for interviews and/or surveys that contribute to the development
of the solution.

5. [Our Company] will provide training in the use of IT solutions, and
support for the product for [x] months after delivery.

6. Any additional work beyond the scope of this agreement will be
subject to a second evaluation and invoicing for the time required.

7. In the case of project cancellation, the client agrees to pay for all
work hours already completed.



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Sam Daniel