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Prepared For Mr. Ozan Navarro

Janitorial Services Proposal Template


Janitorial services are necessary in every professional setting to prevent the spread of disease and ensure that your company’s image is protected. If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of commercial cleaning services, [Company Name] can help.

[Company Name] is a reliable janitorial service provider with [x] years of experience in residential and commercial cleaning. Whether you require deep cleaning or routine janitorial services, we can assist!

About our Company

The [Company Name] team consists of dedicated cleaning specialists who are well trained in cleaning processes and health and safety, so you won’t have to worry about dealing with a work-related injury because of our staff.

They are equipped with all the tools and cleaning agents for the job and have experience working in various industries, including retail, educational, and office settings. 
Our dedication to achieving the best possible results means that we will not stop until you are happy with the results!

[Company Name]’s proven track record is a testament to our commitment to getting the job done right every time!

Our Team

Our janitorial team consists of [x] skilled, courteous individuals that are ready to tackle any cleaning job, big or small.

We will designate our employees to certain teams as we see fit to ensure that every job is taken care of and staffed correctly.

[Company Name] was founded by an adept cleaning specialist with [x] years of experience in the industry and a commitment to keeping commercial buildings clean and ready to receive customers or serve employees.

We understand that at your place of work, distractions can reduce your concentration and productivity. 

This is why our team will work quickly and quietly with commercial cleaning equipment specially designed to be effective and quiet, so your employees can get on with their work without being distracted by the sound of vacuum cleaners and other cleaning devices.

Our Offer

It is our pleasure to offer our janitorial services to your company. Whatever your cleaning requirements are, we are ready and willing to help you reach your goals.

Our experts are prepared to provide you with advice and tips on how to keep your commercial space clean. 

We will bring our own tools and materials for the job, so you don’t have to invest in expensive equipment or cleaning agents. 


At [Company Name] we provide a number of cleaning services.

Before we provide a more accurate quote, our management team will sit with you to discuss your needs and work out a suitable plan.

Prices will vary depending on the number of staff required, the cleaning equipment, and the cleaning agents needed.

You can get in touch with us for a free, no-obligation quote!
Here’s a list of the janitorial services we provide:

Services Fees
Commercial cleaning services(Price)
Deep cleaning(Price)
Restroom cleaning(Price)
Cleaning of outdoor spaces(Price)
Floor waxing(Price)
Emergency cleaning services(Price)
Recycling and trash removal(Price)

What our clients say

[Company Name] has been in the industry for [x] years, and we have been successful because of our dedication and hard work.

Here’s what some of our clients had to say about our janitorial services:

“As a property manager, I oversee a number of buildings and rely on [Company Name] to take care of the cleaning in these properties. The results are outstanding, and I’ve never had a problem with the cleaning staff. They are respectful and work quickly to get the job done. I would recommend them to anyone in charge of a commercial building!” – Jane, [Business Name]

“I’ve noticed a drastic change in the cleanliness of my office space since receiving janitorial service from [Company Name]. The team follows COVID protocol and were friendly, respectful, and efficient.” – Bill, [Business Name]

How to Get Started

  • Should you choose to accept this proposal, we will schedule a meeting to discuss your requirements.
  • Our management team will also give you an idea of what you can expect from the team and work out a more accurate estimate.
  • We’ll draw up an agreement detailing the terms of service.
  • After you’ve signed the contract, the [Company Name] team will get to work cleaning your space at the agreed date and time.

Terms and Conditions

We will never keep you in the dark!

Here’s a list of the terms and conditions that apply:

1. The agreement serves as a legal contract detailing the terms of service. Contravening these terms could result in penalties, as detailed in the document.
2. Payment for routine cleaning services will be required by the first of every month.
3. We can work with you to amend the agreement if conditions or requirements change.
4. Any cancellation must be made 30 days in advance.
5. [Company Name] may not be held liable for property damage.



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