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Prepared For Ms. Alexis Whelan

Landscape Proposal Template


Every property owner deserves a beautiful landscape. If you’re looking for a landscape designer who will service and maintain your property to flourish and stand out, look no further than [Company Name].

We are a reliable company that designs and implements beautiful landscape projects. With over [x] years of experience, you can bank on us to beautify your land and preserve the environment. Our team will do the job right and on time!

Why Us

When searching for a landscape designer to enhance your property, you want to be sure that you make the best choice for your investment. For quality and experience, [Company Name] is an excellent choice for all outdoor living requirements. 

Considering the variety of other organizations offering similar services, here is why we think ourselves the best fit for your landscape needs:

  • Consistency: we offer nothing but the best services every day
  • Friendliness: everyone on the team offers exceptional customer rapport
  • Training: highly knowledgeable team thanks to regular training
  • Timeliness: our team always shows up on time and leaves according to schedule

Our Previous Projects

We have worked with various property owners, which has given us experience as a trustworthy and reputable landscape design company.

Most of our previous clients had landscaping design requirements, including

  • Idea generation
  • Idea generation
  • Construction planning
  • Site analysis
  • Project management
  • Conceptual design
  • Budget creation
  • Contractor liaison

You can check out our portfolio here [link to company website] to see some of our projects. 

What Our Clients Say About Us

If you’re hesitant about hiring [Company Name], here is what our happy clients have said about us:

“We worked with [Company Name] because we liked their approach to project management. It was so comforting to know that apart from design expertise, they took care of scheduling, budgeting, and contractor management. The best part of working with them was that I did not have to worry about anything.”- John, [Location]

“I liked their professional attitude and willingness to listen to my needs and wants. [Company Name] turned out to be very good and easy to work with and extremely efficient.” – James, [Location]

“I appreciated how supportive [Company Name] was when I first met them. The whole process was very smooth and extremely well organized.” – Juliet, [Location] 

“Our landscape design was done on time, and we were delighted with the results. We don’t hesitate to recommend [name of company] to any property owner to get their landscape design done!” – Kelly, [Location]

Our Goal

Here’s a visual representation of your project.


Project Cost

Below is a rough estimate of materials, equipment, labor, and related costs for the project. 

Materials/Equipment/Labor Rate Quantity Subtotal
Landscape design[Price][x]$ [0.00]
Plants[Price][x]$ [0.00]
Hardscaping materials[Price][x]$ [0.00]
Initial set up and implementation[Price][x]$ [0.00]
Gardeners[Price][x]$ [0.00]
Monthly Maintenance[Price][x]$ [0.00]
TOTAL[incl all taxes] $ [0.00]

What You Can Get

At [Company Name], we offer a range of landscaping services. Before we give you a more accurate quote, we will sit with you and discuss a customized service plan. Here is a comprehensive list of our services and fees. 

Services CostWhat’s Involved
Concept designStarting from $1500 (front or backyard)
  • Site survey
  • Base plan
  • Overall design idea
  • Plant bed layout
  • General landscape layout
  • Inspiration pictures
Landscape master planStarting from $2,000 (front or backyard)
  • Concept design revision
  • Detailed plant plan
  • Plant list
  • Hardscape layout with dimensions
  • 3D illustrations
  • Lighting plan
  • Grading plan
  • Color rendering
  • Inspiration pictures
  • Two revisions
Complete design and project administration10% to 20% of construction budget or hourly rate
  • Drawing landscape master plan
  • Construction detail drawing
  • Specialty drawing
  • Material procurement
  • Permit handling 
  • Visits and supervising construction site


According to my ideal proposal, my milestones would go as mentioned below:

Milestones Timeframe
Initial MeetingOne week after signing the proposal
Discussing Additional Resources to Complete the Course[x] weeks after signing the proposal
Providing the Course Contents to Students[x] weeks after the initial meeting
After-course MeetingOne week after the primary course ends


[Company Name] agrees to offer comprehensive general liability, business owner’s policy, commercial auto insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance to give you peace of mind. 


If you accept our proposal, the next step is to schedule a meeting with you to discuss your project requirements. We’ll look at your outdoor space and recommend the best way to embrace nature in a predictable and manicured way. 

We’ll then send you a no-obligation quote. You’ll have to sign a contract if it’s okay with you. After paying a deposit, our professional team will start the process of giving you a visual representation and understanding of your investment. 

Terms and Conditions

Before we beautify your outdoor space, here are our terms and conditions to keep in mind.

  • Any cancellation of our services requires 30 days’ notice.
  • Clients are to pay a 50% deposit before the commencement of service and the balance after the completion of work.
  • We can’t guarantee that your computer will display the colors appropriately.
  • The design is based on the best information available when preparing this proposal.

Our team is ready to design your landscape, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!



Prospero team


Ms. Alexis Whelan