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Prepared For Diana Banks

Marketing Proposal Template


Marketing campaigns are the backbone that supports your business. You can provide the best service in the world, but if no-one knows who or what you are, you won’t have any customers, even if you’re at the top of your field.

I want to help you find your tribe. I will take a look at what your marketing looks like now, who your competitors are, and develop for you a tailor-made plan that will put your business in the path of the people who need it most.

The goal of this project is to provide a detailed marketing plan for your business that points you in the direction of the very best channels for your specific business, along with a tailor-made strategy designed to propel you to success.

Why Me

I want to do the very best job possible for you. Here are all the reasons why you can’t go wrong with my services:

1. I know marketing. I have years of experience and a long list of happy customers, and I want to do the same thing for you that I’ve done for them.

2. Want to see some examples? I have a portfolio here [link] that will show you just how serious I am about finding the right market strategy for you.

3. I take into account all avenues of marketing that might be profitable for you, not just a select few. We’ll look at social media, print media, and everything in between.

4. My main goal is to find people who need your business, not to sell it to people who don’t. Finding a customer base that needs you is guaranteed success.


Here’s a breakdown of the deliverables we’ve discussed and their cost.

5Ideal Customer Profiles -PDF Format $500
Marketing Strategy Plan -PDF Format$1,500
Ideal Marketing Avenue Report -PDF Format$500


Here is a list of the suggested milestones we meet for this project. Let me know if you feel like we need to add any additional milestones.

Introductory Meeting + Ideal Customer DiscussionASAP
Marketing Strategy + Avenues Early Report And Overview 1 Month
Final Ideal Customer Report + Marketing Strategy + Avenues Delivery6 Weeks

What’s Next

Have any questions? Need some extra or clarifying info? No problem! I’m available to answer questions at the email and phone number provided to you. Feel free to call Monday-Friday from 9-5, or email or text at any time.

After you have approved this agreement, we’ll schedule our first meeting. In that meeting we will discuss your business and marketing – the things you’ve already tried, the things that worked, the things that didn’t, and we’ll work through the concept of fleshing out your ideal customers. Work begins as soon as the first payment has been cleared!!


1. The payment structure: 50% up front, 50% after project completion. Methods include PayPal and Bank Transfer.

2. The client will provide any previous marketing materials, including overviews of past ad campaigns and the resulting numbers, in order to gauge past successes and misdirects.

3. The client may provide previous customer demographics information to help gauge ideal customer identity ONLY if it is within the scope of their privacy policy. Names and contact info not required.

4. Any requested work outside the scope of this agreement will be charged at [price]/hour.

5. The freelancer will begin counting business days after the initial meeting has taken place.

6. In case of project cancellation after the work has started, the client will pay for work hours already completed



Prospero team


Diana Banks