Office and School Merchandise Proposal Template

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Prepared For Ms. Bessie Allison

Office and School Merchandise Proposal Template


[Company Name] has been around for [x] years and has innovated to include trendy products and items people crave. We are a promotional and branded merchandise supplier to corporate entities and schools. These include apparel, accessories, stickers/decals, and much more.

My services involve speaking with department heads to determine your needs, designing the piece, getting approval, and creating enough for your event or promotion. This time-tested process has helped me evolve as things change.

Why Me

With countless merchandise suppliers available, you need someone who focuses on you. I work one-on-one with the department head or manager to get a complete picture of your requirements.

Then, I create something from scratch that matches your request. Other companies use a catalog that only allows you to customize certain aspects, but you get unique pieces with me.


My services are all-inclusive and begin with the ideation phase, ending with the completed product that we mass-produce to your original specifications.

I’ve worked on many projects in the past, including apparel and accessories, toys/collectibles, and stickers. Before I tackle any new task, I learn about the business and determine which items are ideal. For example, [Company] was in the healthcare industry, selling medical-grade products to use at home. Therefore, it required something professional.

The department manager, [Name], wanted clothing that could be handed out during promotional events. I used the brand’s logo colors and the motto to create something unique and sedated. 

Typically, I start with a drawing to showcase my idea. Once that’s approved, I create a mock-up or prototype to ensure I’ve got everything correct. Finally, I’m able to produce as many as the company needs. I store the design, which is never used for a competitor, for five years for repeat business.


Though this is an all-inclusive service, extra fees could be associated with specific requirements. Charges can include:

Services Cost
First Consultation [FREE]
Base Price for Service [Price]
Fabric Material [Price]
Sticker/decal Material [Price]
Other Supplies [Price]
Approval from Multiple Departments [Price]
Order Cancellation Fee [Price]

What Previous Clients Say About US

Here is what you can expect after partnering with us, coming from our previous clients:

I contacted [Company Name] for a small project to test it out and was impressed with their skills. I’ve just created a new order for 1,000 T-shirts and am very excited!” – Carol, [Business Name], [Project]

“My company was faltering, and most people were using the competition. I found out they were giving away a free shirt with every purchase. After a little research, I decided to use [Company Name] to do the same. However, [Owner’s Name] recommended I wear stress balls and stickers with my brand name. I wasn’t disappointed!” – John, [Business Name], [Project]

“I was browsing a merchandise supplier’s site and couldn’t find what I wanted. Therefore, I contacted [Company Name], and the lady helped me develop ideas that met my needs. Competing schools are now wearing our merch because it’s so ‘neat,’ and that tells me I chose the right brand!” – Jennifer, [Business Name], [Project]


I will meet you one-on-one for a free consultation if you accept my proposal. This time is used to discuss the project, your needs, and other incidentals. Expect it to take one hour.

Once I have the information about your project, you will receive a quotation within one week. Negotiations are generally not accepted, but you may call to ask questions or get more data. If you accept, we will schedule a meeting to sign the contract.

You must send the payment via check, money order, or business debit/credit card. Once it clears, I draw the design and create a prototype for approval. This should take three weeks to complete.

Once approved, I create the number of items you require, which can take anywhere from one to three months, depending on the amount you need. I can give you a set deadline after the approval process.

Terms and Conditions

Before I take on the job, you must agree to the following terms and conditions. A signed contract indicates that you accept them:

1. Before work starts, we must both sign a contract, which will stipulate the details of our arrangement, including prices.
2. I require a payment of 50 percent of the total amount before I create a prototype or drawing. Once the work is finished and approved, the other 50 percent is due before the items are presented to you.
3. You can request copies of the bill or contract at any time by calling [phone number] or emailing [email].
4. You will not be charged for the consultation or the estimated quote. 
5. You may cancel the contract once work has started but forfeit the down payment.
6. Refunds are not available. However, you can return defective items and either receive credit for a future order OR have them produced once again to be correct.



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Ms. Bessie Allison