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The original language of this template is English, but you can always use the translated text.

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Prepared For Sam Danial

PPC Proposal Template


Are you looking for a way to reach customers who need your business the most?

At it’s simplest, a business is an organization that helps solve a problem. My goal is to help you find the people with that problem so that both your business and their lives can improve.

You’re a [industry] business, and you need customers who [x]. With a customized PPC strategy, I can help those people find you, every time.

Why Me

I think you and I are a great fit, and here are a few of the reasons why:

1. I have [x] years of experience working in online marketing, and have an in-depth knowledge of Google Ads (Adwords) and other pay-per-click services.

2. I’ve helped [#number] of businesses in [your industry] reach their traffic goals by orchestrating pay-per-click campaigns. [Specific example] has seen their traffic rise by [#number] percent.

3. I have excellent ad copy skills, and examples of my work can be seen at [link to portfolio].

4. I can tell you are passionate about your work, and I am passionate about mine. I’d love to work together with you on this project.


Below is the list of deliverables included with the project. See anything missing? Let us know immediately, and we’ll make the necessary changes.

[x] Words ad copy[Price]
[x] Keywords research[Price]
[x] numbe of keywords per month[Price]
Results Report PDF[Price]


Since this is an ongoing process, we like to keep in touch with you throughout. As soon as the agreement is complete, we’ll schedule conference calls to keep in contact throughout the process. Below is our standard use list of milestones, though if you’d like to make changes or add any meetings to the list, please contact us.

Initial MeetingASAP
Delivery of Final Keywords Research Results1 Month
Compaign Lounch2 Weeks
Results Report8 Weeks

What’s Next

I want you to always be able to reach out to me if you have questions or concerns, so please don’t hestitate to reach out via email to [email address] and I’ll get back to you ASAP. (Usually in a few hours, but no longer than two business days.)

After everyone has signed the agreement, we’ll schedule a conference call to discuss what your goals are, and where you would like to direct your keyword research. As soon as the first payment is cleared, I’ll begin work straight away!


1. Payment Structure: 50% at the beginning of [month], [50% at the end of month]. PayPal, Bank Transfer, and Credit Card are accepted.

2. By signing this agreement, [client] gives [company] the responsibility to execute public relations efforts that contribute to the positive public image of [client].

3. The payment structure is as follows: 50% upfront, 50% after project completion. Methods include PayPal, Bank Transfer, or Credit Card. Please contact with any questions.

4. Any information received from the client will be kept strictly confidential. A confidentiality requirement is available by request.

5. [Company] will remain the sole provider of public relations services for [client]. [Client] agrees not to hire any company to do the same work as [company].

6. Any documents submitted to [company] by the client will remain the client’s property. Any original documents produced by [company] will remain [company’s] property, and copies will be made for our records.

7. If any work is requested outside the scope of this agreement, a new assessment will be required. Depending on the results of the assessment, a new invoice may be required.

8. In the case of project cancellation by the client, the client agrees to pay for all work hours already completed.



Prospero team


Sam Daniel