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Prepared For Cole Diaz

Real Estate Proposal Template


Everyone wants the perfect location to call home, and [Company] makes it happen for hundreds of satisfied clients. When we spoke to you over the phone, you described wanting a two-story house in the Rolling Estates area. It had to have a pool and a large backyard, and you needed at least four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

We’re here to help you find the right home. [Company] is a leading real estate agency in the area, and our goal is to provide a unique experience to our customers. This is a technology-oriented business that moves real estate into the future, and we focus on high-end properties.

If you’re ready to find your dream home, we think we have it.

About the Property

The home is 7,000 square feet, which we, in the business, call a mansion. It features two stories and is located in the heart of Rolling Estates. This property is quite large, so you’ve got a spacious backyard with a pool area. Everything is already set up and includes the patio, a diving board, and a slide. Lounging chairs are also included in the price.

While you requested at least four bedrooms, this one has a total of six. There’s also a spacious dining room, pantry, living room, and den. Consider turning one bedroom into a play area or a home office.

This property also includes a finished basement, which is ideal for storage. Consider turning it into a wet bar if you want! The space also houses a large wall safe to hold all of your valuables.

Why is this a Good Investment

While the purchase price might seem high at first, you don’t have to do anything to the property. It’s already been painted, all of the appliances are new, and the inspection showed no issues at all.

In fact, the property in Rolling Estates is selling at below market value because the previous owner wants to get out quickly. We were lucky to procure such a beautiful home and are excited about the opportunity to sell it to a well-deserving buyer like you.

You’re sure to appreciate that the home is close to restaurants and high-end shopping boutiques. 

Why Us

[Company] is a well-renowned real estate agency in the Rolling Estates area. Since 2000, we’ve been helping customers find high-end properties that suit their luxurious lifestyles. We specialize in finding unique homes in high demand and promoting them.

Our team of professionals has catered to the needs of hundreds of customers in the past. They always focus on the client’s real estate requirements and find them a suitable home that meets or exceeds those points. Whether they want to invest in real estate or settle down in a beautiful location, we can assist!

Don’t take it from us. Here’s what our previous customers have to say:

Judy says: “I’ve got a large family and wanted to move to a larger and bigger place. When I contacted [Company], they said they had a home that just came on the market I might like, so I met with a real estate agent and had a viewing. It was perfect! We started the paperwork that day!”

Clyde says: “I’m a single man and decided I needed a large home because I plan to get married someday and have kids. Most Realtors laughed at me when I told them my ideas, but [Company] took it all in stride and got me what I wanted!”


Prices for our service are based on industry standards. We often cost more because we acquire luxury homes and properties.

However, we value the relationships we have with customers and provide everyone with complete transparency.

Our fee is commission-based, so we request 10 percent of the home’s asking price if you choose to purchase it.



If you choose to work with [Company], here’s what you can expect:

Signature of proposalImmediate
Viewing of home in questionWithin one week or at your earliest convenience
Viewing of other homes if necessaryOne to two months
ClosingUp to three months


1. Payment – The customer must make the payment for services rendered by [Company]. This amount is explained in the pricing section above. The mode of payment should be online payment, cash, or bank transfer.
1. Confidentiality – The Company and its representatives and employees shall not use, disclose, communicate, or reveal any information proprietary to the customer.



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