Request For Salary Raise Template

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Prepared For Ms. Esther Sung

Request For Salary Raise Template

About This Letter

I am formally writing to request you to review my current salary. As a Software Developer with 10 years of experience working with [Company Name], I believe it is the right time to request this. I believe by reviewing my track record, performance, and recent achievements with the company, my request is justified.

I’m requesting an increase of at least [number%]. I believe this shall put me at par with the average annual industry salary. This request is also equal to my current duties and responsibilities at the company.

What I Have Achieved

My roles have evolved with time since I joined [Company Name].

Some added duties now include managing the software development team, onboarding and training new staff, and determining operational practicality.

In the past working years, I have managed to accomplish some of the following tasks distinguishingly:

  • I have continuously developed and improved company software that has led to increased productivity, thus saving time and resources.
  • I’ve managed to oversee the successful development and launching of new products on the market.
  • I have always strived to deliver excellent tasks while observing the set company rules and regulations.
  • Continuous company assessment shows that I’m doing better among my peers, who look up to me for inspiration. There is a trend of sustained development and quality production as indicated by the reviews.


The average annual industry review conducted by employee salary review institutions shows that my position’s annual salary is [Amount].

Referring to that data, my current pay of [Amount] is less by [Number%]. A raise of my current salary by [Number%] would put me at par with the prevailing average annual salary.


Should my request be granted, I shall endeavor to deliver the following parameters to the company:

I shall embrace the continuously changing technology to keep the company abreast with the production of quality products. Expect time and cost-saving software meant to better the company operations.
Since I also manage the software development team as an added role, I shall ensure that everyone gives their best to the company. I shall train, motivate, and nature the talents under my care.

I shall conduct due diligence on any software introduced to the company by various developers. This role may serve as my responsibility in securing the company from potential threats from outside.



1. The salary increment should be tied to an increased target. My current output stands at [Number%]. The target should go up to [Number%] with the increased salary.

2. Confidentiality to the increment agreement shall remain intact. There shall be no disclosing or sharing of the discussed information with other employees.

3. All agreements shall be captured in writing, and all involved parties sign the documents.

4. There shall be a monthly performance review to track the targets and performance indicators as agreed during the increment discussion.

I’m grateful for your attention to this matter. It is my wish to note that I’m open to discussion about the request. In case there is an existing company plan, amount, or suggestion, I am open to negotiation.



Prospero team


Ms. Esther Sung