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Prepared For Chandler Pruitt

Research Proposal Template


Without adequate research, no project has a chance of getting off the ground. Ideas are the bones of a project, but research fleshes out those bones and bring them to life. Before you embark on any endeavor, it’s a good idea to do your research, because after all, the old saying is true – knowledge is power.

When you have a digital problem you need to solve, there are many times pre-made software available to you, and these can do in a pinch. But software personalized to your goals and your company can go much further than these off-the-shelf solutions, bringing efficacy and efficiency to your workplace.

My goal as your researcher? To take your project idea – the bones – and make it into a living, breathing concept by adding the right research. Together, you and I will determine what you need to know to make your project a success, and set you up with the information needed to make your project the best it can be.

Why Me

I am one of the most talented researchers in the business, and nobody will do a better job for you than me. Want to know why that is? Here are a few reasons.

1. I have more than [x] years experience as a researcher. This means I know where to find the information that you need, and I can find it fast.

2. I have been the researcher behind [name of project] and [name of project]. If you would like more information on my previous work, please look at my portfolio here [link to portfolio].

3. I work quickly and efficiently. Each deadline will be kept, and you’ll be getting the most for your money when you choose to work with me.


This is the full list of deliverables associated with your research project. If you see something missing you would like to add, please contact me.

Research Document #1 $[Price]
Research Document #2 $[Price]
Research Document #3 $[Price]


While working through this research project, you and I will keep in contact every step of the way. These are the milestones I’ve laid out for us, but if you would like to add any, please feel free to contact me.

Initial Research AssessmentASAP
Research Plan Delivery One Week
Delivery of Final Documents One Month

What’s Next

Now that we’ve agreed on this research document, I’m sure you’re wondering what happens next. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Use the contact info provided and I will get be in touch with you as soon as possible.

After this proposal is approved, you and I will schedule our first meeting together. This is where we’ll discuss your project in-depth. In this meeting, you are free to point out research topics you want me to cover, and we’ll also cover some suggested topics you might not have thought of.

Using this information, we’ll create the perfect body of research for your project, using information to find exactly what you need, when you need it. Research begins as soon as the first payment goes through.

We look forward to helping you find your way to the most successful project yet!


1. The payment structure is as follows: 50% upfront, 50% after project completion. The methods are PayPal or Bank Transfer.

2. Any information received from the client will be kept strictly confidential. A confidentiality requirement is available by request.

3. Any documents submitted to me by the client will remain the client’s property. Any original documents produced by me will remain my property, and I will keep source copies for my records.

4. If any work is requested outside the scope of this research project, it will be subject to an entirely new project research evaluation, and a separate invoice.

5. Work hours begin counting the first business day after payment is recieved.

6. In the case of project cancellation by the client, the client agrees to pay for all work hours already completed.



Prospero team


Chandler Pruitt