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Prepared For Ms. Ashley Holden

SaaS Copywriting Proposal Template


Excellent ad copy is often the difference between potential customers finding your business or losing an opportunity to sell.

You could have the best company in the world, but it will still fail if it doesn’t attract customers and provide them with information. That’s where I can help!

Together, we can explore your business. This helps us learn about the target audience, where they hang out, and what you provide. I can then use that data to write eye-catching copy that shows your customers where you are and why they require your assistance!

The goal is to offer you a comprehensive package, including sales pages, copy for the website (landing pages and blogs), and ad copy. It’s the only way to become a success!

Why Me

I use a different approach for copywriting than most. Instead of writing pieces that could be about any company or industry, I focus on what you do and your audience. When I know who your customers are, I speak to them directly and show them why they should choose your brand.

With 10 years of experience as a professional writer, I know what makes copy excellent. Many clients have used my services, including [Brand] and [Brand.]

What You Can Get

When you choose me as your copywriter, you get specific pieces designed to attract people and bring in more business. This includes:

  • Sales pages for your website
  • About page for the website
  • Contact page for the website
  • Web copy (registration pages, online form pages, etc.)
  • Five ads (your choice of Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Product descriptions for each item you sell

Your Investment

Below, you can find the breakdown of services and their respective fees.

We’ve discussed this briefly, but I want to expand on it.

Plans/Services Fee
One Sales Page (in Word document format) [Price]
Web copy (including registration/form pages, contact page, about page) (in Word document format) [Price]
Five ads (in Word document format) [Price]

This is a one-time fee for the package, though we can work together on other advert campaigns and updates as needed. Typically, I charge $50 for five ads, and you can request that each month to drive up business as necessary.

I always offer one free revision with each package or service because I know that things happen. You’ve got the final say in what goes on your website, and I’m here to make sure it’s to your liking.

What Our Clients Say

I’ve worked with [Brand] and [Brand] in the past, and you may visit their websites to see what I did for them.

There’s also a portfolio at [website] to understand my abilities better.

Here are a few testimonials to help you decide to work with me:

“I chose Kelly’s Copywriting because she promised to deliver. She’s been my copywriter for years and works on my schedule!” – Diana S.

“Being a salesman is hard, and it’s even more challenging with the internet. It works for me, but I wasn’t seeing the conversions I wanted, so I turned to Kelly’s Copywriting. She’s been with me for five years, and I’m going strong! In fact, I’m ready to expand.” – Bill J.


Next Steps

If you are interested in working with me, our next step is to have an introductory meeting and discuss your ideal customer and requirements.

Please contact me at [email protected], and we can go from there.

Once we’ve agreed on the terms and signed a contract, I require one month to complete the first draft. You can request any changes necessary, with the final product delivered six weeks later.

Terms and Conditions

1. Upon signing the contract, I require 50 percent of the full payment upfront, with the other 50 percent paid at project completion. PayPal is preferred, but a company check is suitable.
2. I retain the rights to work submitted and can use it to advertise or include in my portfolio.
3. Clients may request extra work outside of this contract, though they are charged $0.05 per word. Alternatively, I can create a new project contract.
4. The client is not entitled to a refund of the upfront payment if the project is canceled once work has begun.
5. Clients receive one free revision with no questions asked. Other modifications are possible at my discretion if I feel they are needed.



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