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Prepared For John Dinco

SaaS Funding Proposal Template


As the world moves most of its operations online, software as a service (SaaS) continues to gain momentum. At [Company Name], we intend to capitalize on this growing technology to provide software solutions to clients around the world.

We have invested in developing our new and innovative digital application that is available online. However, with your help, we hope to improve user response to our app through strategic marketing efforts and tailor-made support to help users switch their operations to our digital network seamlessly, which is the reason for this SaaS funding proposal.

Success Record and Credibility

Your funding is essential to the future of our web-based technology, which is why we want to let you know that we are a reputable brand that has accomplished several things over the past five years. 

  • [Company Name] developed [App Name], intuitive cloud-based software that offers business owners an accounting system that is convenient, easy to use, and easily accessible.
  • Since launching the product, we have had five businesses (ranging from medium to small) move their accounting operations to our software.
  • In 2021, [Company Name] was labeled a “Rising Star” by [Name of Newspaper].
  • Our overall rating on Trustpilot is currently 4.8 stars, and customers on GetApp gave us an overall rating of 4.9 stars.

The Main Idea

The truth is that business operations are moving online. Gone are the days when people stored their accounting data in physical ledgers or files saved on their desktop computers. The worldwide web has made it much easier for people to get the services they need without investing in physical storage solutions.

[App Name] is an intuitive new application from [Company Name] that combines the convenience of cloud-based technology with smart accounting services that include bookkeeping, reporting, and invoicing features.

The app makes it easier for businesses to record their daily transactions, calculate the profitability of a job, transact with multi-currency accounts, and so much more. Our software solution was created in response to a growing need for affordable accounting software with tailor-made support for small to medium-sized businesses.

Having focused our efforts on developing an innovative app, we lack the funding for marketing, which has the potential to boost our revenue. With your help, we can move our business forward and even offer customers additional onboarding services, such as data conversion, cleansing, and migration.

The Process

Should you choose to consider our proposal, we will schedule a meeting to discuss our plans for the future of our business in greater detail. After reaching an agreement on the payment terms and
receiving the funding, we will get to work putting the marketing and business solution plan into motion.

After that, you will receive progress reports monthly and attend a quarterly meeting to discuss the progress of the business.

Projected ROI

As an investor, you are probably concerned about the return you will receive on your investment. According to our forecasts, we will make a profit of [x amount] in the first year as our marketing efforts begin to increase product usage. This means that you should receive an ROI of [x] percent in the first year. 

In the second year, we predict higher returns of [x amount], which means you will receive an ROI of [x] percent as the business grows.


Funding Fee

To give you a better idea of how your money will be used, here is a breakdown of what we need the investment for the following:

Support Staff[Price]
Implementation of new support devices[Price]


To discuss this project further, we ask that you meet with us face to face before you invest in our business. Here is our projected timeline.

Introductory meeting + discussion of projected plans for the businessASAP
Testing of the app + discussion of marketing techniquesONE WEEK
Receive fundingONE MONTH
First monthly progress reportTWO MONTHS


1. A 50 percent deposit is required to secure your space. 
2. Cancellations are required 14 days before the event. If you cancel after that, you will not receive your deposit back. 
3. Should guests RSVP and not arrive, you will still be liable for their payment. 
4. A quarterly meeting will be set up to discuss the progress of the business.



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