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Prepared For Mr. Christian Phan

SaaS Website Design Proposal Template


[Company] wishes to thank you for showing interest in our services. We’re one of the prime businesses in the market and have served 100 happy clients since 2018.

Our team offers high-quality service and promises efficiency, performance, and delivery. It’s our goal to make things easier for the clients, and we take that to heart. 

As a SaaS business, you know how important your website is. We hope to present our web design services and show you why we’re the best choice for the job.

About the Company

[Company] was created in 2018 because many SaaS businesses had poorly designed websites.

We realized a need and progressed gradually to become one of the top players in the market. In fact, we’ve partnered with 100 companies in the past and take pride that our clients are satisfied with the methodologies and services we offer.

Our Offer

[Company]’s goal is to offer solutions to various roadblocks and problems clients face when designing their websites. Typical issues include:

  • Increased competition that results in lower traffic
  • Failure to convert or keep mobile traffic
  • Low ranking in search engines

These problems often surface because people aren’t invested in their websites. You know you need one but are unsure what to do with it. They are rarely mobile-friendly, aren’t easy to navigate, and have other issues. We’re here to help!

Our goals are:

  • Adding more website features to improve engagement
  • Fixing performance and usability issues

We do that by adding more navigational tabs and links in easy-to-spot areas, separating SaaS products into different pages, using easy-on-the-eyes fonts and colors, and ensuring that each page on the site is viewable on mobile.

Please take a look at our development process to understand what we do:

  • Documentation – This process is often lengthy and detailed because we speak to the client and the experts. It’s crucial in determining the emotion emanating from the website and the arrangement of the interface.
  • Wireframing – We present the website’s blueprint to the client. This is a representation of how things flow and might change over time.
  • Mockups – The client provides suggestions for improvement and change, and we create them to see how they work.
  • Graphics and SEO – Our SEO team crafts content that brings more engagement and conversions. We also have a graphics team to ensure that images look their best.
  • Development – Once the blueprint and wireframing processes are complete, the technical team designs the website to those specifications and meets the client’s goals.
  • Testing – We perform full testing of the redesigned website to find any code errors or bugs. That often means going back to the development stage to work them out.
  • Deployment – Once everything is tested and the client approves, the redesigned website is deployed on the hosting site. We monitor its performance for one month after project completion.

Services and Fees

Here is a list of our service packages and the fees involved:

Plans/Services Fee
Full Redesign of One to Four Pages [Price]
Full Redesign of Five to 10 Pages [Price]
Full Redesign of 11 to 20 Pages [Price]

All prices include the one-month monitoring of the site for any inconsistencies.
You may request full-time monitoring, which comes with a separate contract.

What Our Clients Say

“My business sells SaaS products, and that means my website needs are different from other companies. I didn’t know where to turn but ran across [Company] while online. Everyone liked its style, so we called for help. It took about six months to finish everything, but our site now converts like crazy!” – Jillian W. with [Brand]

“Everyone always says it’s not hard to build a website, but my team couldn’t do it. We just didn’t have the technical knowledge to make it look good. [Company] had a good online reputation, so I called for a consultation. From the moment I started working with the team, they showed their skill level and how much they cared.” – Carolyn S. with [Brand]


Next Steps

If you’re interested in using [Company] for your SaaS company’s web design needs, the next step is to request a consultation. This is a brief, free introductory meeting where we discuss your requirements and learn about your brand and business.

We also discuss our processes in length, giving you timelines for each step of the methodology. These can be negotiated slightly. Finally, we create a contract outlining all of that information and begin work.

Terms and Conditions

1. All work completed by [Company] becomes the sole property of the client upon payment for work.
2. The contract is binding as it is once signed and cannot be modified or waived unless both parties agree in writing.
3. One-half of the full payment is required upon signing the contract. The other half must be paid once the work is completed and the website is up and running.
4. Monitoring (apart from the one month included with the contract) requires a separate agreement (ongoing). This can be written up and signed immediately, or clients can wait until the initial one month has expired.



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