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Prepared For Ms. Cey Fazil

Scholarship Grant Proposal Template


[School Name] is a prestigious university, well-known due to the many academic opportunities it offers. Since you are an outstanding student from our partner institution, it would be our pleasure to provide you with a scholarship to enroll.

With more than [x] years since we began, [School Name] is characterized by offering students the best in terms of research opportunities, so you may expand your knowledge in the field of your choice and grow as a professional. Know all the details of our proposal, and we hope you will consider our proposal.

Why Us

We understand the importance of choosing a top university when you want to work in the research field. Here are some great reasons why [School Name] might be the suitable alternative for you:

1. Unique research opportunities with industry leaders
2. Experienced and knowledgeable teachers working in major research companies
3. A friendly and safe environment
4. Social activities you might be interested in doing in your leisure time
5. An atmosphere of healthy competition since peers can surround you with similar interests to yours
6. Choosing where you want to study can be challenging for many students. Still, if you come to [School Name], you can take advantage of all the growth opportunities and start forging your professional future.


We are proud to say that throughout our [x] years being a prestigious university, our halls have been filled with brilliant minds who’ve grown to become astounding professionals. Here are some of our most notable alumni:

[Mockup Student 1]: After graduating summa cum laude, she became an expert researcher in a huge company and a collaborative author of many peer-reviewed articles.

[Mockup Student 2]: once he graduated from [School name], he joined  Company Name] and now heads the research group that led the sales growth for the past 10 years.

Fees And Budget

Accepting the scholarship at [School Name] can provide you with different opportunities you never have to miss due to lack of funds. On the contrary, the university offers you various options to help you manage the many expenses of being a student. Here are some of the funds and resources you might have access to:

  • Part-tuition: the scholarship covers 90% of the tuition cost, around 13,725,000 per semester.
  • Accommodations: you can stay at the university dorms, all available for students who have been granted scholarships.
  • Books: the university has many books available for students, free of cost to borrow them from the library.


To accept the scholarship [Company Name] offers you, you must complete several steps.

After that, you can start enjoying the benefits of studying in a prestigious university, as it can open many doors for your future. The following schedule is what you have to keep in mind:

  • Receiving the letter: After receiving this letter from us, you have three months to answer it, clearly stating whether or not you accept the scholarship.
  • Attending the university: you may have months or even weeks before starting classes if you accept. It depends on whether you want to attend the fall or the spring semester because dates can vary.
  • Completing your degree: depending on your study career, you may spend three to five years at the university. During that time, you might relate to many people, find opportunities, and even learn essential social skills you may need in your day-to-day life.

Next Steps

If you accept the scholarship, you must formally respond to the present proposal with a clear answer. You must be formal, express your wishes, and justify your decision.

Then, you must complete the necessary steps, which significantly relate to whether you want to start studying during the spring or the fall. Dates might vary, so you must contact the [School Name & Contact] staff if you want to make sure you don’t miss anything.


1. The terms on this proposal can be modified or changed by the party who developed it if necessary.
2. At the same time, if any other resources are needed besides books, the student must buy them independently since [School Name] does not cover them. That also applies to transport and similar expenses.
3. To maintain the terms of the proposal, the student must maintain specific grades, which often have to be well above average. They also have to offer their services to their country once the program is done.



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Ms. Cey Fazil