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The original language of this template is English, but you can always use the translated text.

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Prepared For Ms. Virginia Medina

Skill Development Courses Proposal Template


I am a professor and a professional in [x] with the following credentials:

  • [x]
  • [x]
  • [x]

In the span of [x] years, I’ve provided my students with the resources and knowledge necessary to work in the [x] industry.

The following proposal will cover everything I have to offer your company regarding my course in [x].

Overall, I believe my course in [x] will be the right fit for your company since it will be able to get your employees the knowledge they require to become much more efficient in their work, ensuring a healthier and more effective work environment.

Develop Your Team’s Skills With Ease

I have [x] years of experience in the [x] field, which makes me a resourceful person that your team can trust.

Moreover, I have experience drafting courses in other related areas like [x] and [x], which has given me the experience to provide an insightful and fun course experience that will benefit everyone.

The course I’m proposing today aims to prepare your [x] department for any obstacles or hardships they may face while working.

Once they finish all of the content sections for my course, they will have what it takes to become better at this particular task.

Some of the factors you can expect from my work include the following:

  • Unique, engaging, and updated course content
  • Professional grammar and syntax
  • Student analysis
  • Industry-related vocabulary


Currently, many companies in the [x] industry are struggling to find solutions to [problem], and that’s where my course comes in. Without proper preparation for these issues, they can significantly affect your employees and your clients.

While the course contents are better suited for the workers in your [x] department, I’m optimistic they will also benefit other areas and departments within your company.

By strengthening your workers’ capacities and promoting teamwork, we can ensure that everyone in your company is better prepared to face the [problem] that the industry is facing today.

One of the most remarkable things about this course is that it was designed to be understood easily by anyone. I won’t use complex terminology that your workers won’t know since I aim to make it as engaging and intuitive as possible.

Still, I will keep the course contents as resourceful as possible, so they don’t have any problems. If any students ever need help in a particular area of the course, I will be more than happy to guide them through it so that everyone is on the same page.

Course Component

The following section will outline how I created my course to fit your company’s standards.

Each of these components was made with my teaching capabilities in mind.

However, we can still negotiate alternatives if you feel like they would be a better fit for your company:

Course Catalog and Content: My course focuses on [x] as its primary topic and [x] and [x] as secondary topics. Your workers will receive guidance and resources regarding the following subjects:

  • [x]
  • [x]
  • [x]

Each subject was carefully planned to cover as much ground as possible. Still, I’m sure that, with your workers’ participation during the course, we will be able to expand the information even more.

Learning Outcomes: The aim of this course in [x] is to prepare your workers to face [problem].
By having the right tools and resources to work with, they will be more than ready to tackle any unforeseen issues within the company with patience, efficiency, and transparency. 

Methods of Assessment: Generally speaking, the assessment practices for this course will include written work, audiovisual presentations, field learning projects, performance tests, portfolios of student work, and others.

Required Resources: I want to make this course as informative as possible for your workers, and to achieve that, I will need the following list of resources to make it happen:

  • [x]
  • [x]
  • [x]
  • [x]
  • [x]

If any of these resource needs can’t be met, we can arrange a meeting to discuss alternative forms to achieve the course goals.


My fees for this particular project are detailed in the table below:

Services Rate
General Resources[Price]
Audiovisual Materials and Resources[Price]
Miscellaneous Studying Tools[Price]
Teaching Fees[Price]
Access to Online App & Community[Price]


According to my ideal proposal, my milestones would go as mentioned below:

Milestones Timeframe
Initial MeetingOne week after signing the proposal
Discussing Additional Resources to Complete the Course[x] weeks after signing the proposal
Providing the Course Contents to Students[x] weeks after the initial meeting
After-course MeetingOne week after the primary course ends

Terms and Conditions

Working on this project involves complying with the following terms and conditions.

Please make sure to read them so that we can come to a better understanding of what to expect from the project:

  • The client must pay a [x]% of the final budget as a deposit before the start of the course. Then, they must pay the remaining [x]% after the course ends.
  • The company is allowed to request up to [x] revisions of the course materials before the start of the course.
  • Any additional text, pictures, or resources needed to provide the course will be charged as extras.



Prospero team


Ms. Virginia Medina